Ryobi’s RY34440 4-cycle cable trimmer promises, amongst other things, quieter operation and also greater fuel efficiency. It’s a “green” product (in an ext ways 보다 one) that delivers less fuss as soon as fueling since you don’t have to pre-mix your oil and also gas. It also works with Ryobi’s Expand-it heat of attachments – i m sorry are also backwards compatible with products I bought over 10 years ago. The 4-cycle trimmer come with simply the wire trimmer attachment, however does include both a bang head and also a pro-style head that facilitates easy string replacement and also will handle bigger diameter string (and much more efficiently to boot).

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It’s summer. In Florida that way copious quantities of perspiration and many hated weekends invested trimming up the grass and edging the lawn. What, you assumed all we did here was walk to Disney World? If 2-cycle trimmers are the cat meow, climate 4-cycle trimmers need to be better, right? ns mean, they’re two more, aren’t they? Well, the Ryobi 4 cycle trimmer supplies a couple things its 2-cycle equivalent doesn’t. First, reduced noise output during idle drastically reduces exhaustion on the ears when you’re spending an extended amount that time less than a yard from a hard-working motor. Second, the 30cc engine is much more powerful than most, which method you won’t bog down in special patches the grass… which wouldn’t be all the thick if girlfriend weren’t therefore lazy and got the end to trim an ext often – however I digress. The last point a 4-cycle motor supplies is different gas and also oil (engine lubricant). This method there’s no more need because that pre-mixing your fuel.

The Ryobi 4 cycle trimmer RY34440 promises, amongst other things, quieter operation and greater fuel efficiency. It’s a “green” product (in much more ways than one) that indeed delivers less fuss as soon as fueling since you don’t must pre-mix her oil and gas. It also works v Ryobi’s Expand-it heat of attachments – which are also backwards compatible with products I bought over 10 year ago. The 4-cycle right Trimmer come with simply the string trimmer attachment, yet does include both a bump head and also a pro-style head the facilitates simple string replacement and also will handle larger diameter wire (anything from 0.095 to 0.105 in.) Using bigger diameter string will make your job easier and also we highly recommend going because that the biggest you can find that fits the line In Pro reduced II cable head.

Ryobi 4 cycle Trimmer construct Quality

The Ryobi 4 bike trimmer is a beautiful feather product. We love the brand-new green styling. That reminds us of the plastic panels uncovered on a cool motocross bike. The system is accessible as a right or bent shaft. We favor straight as it works much better for higher people and also facilitates cut underneath decks and other tights paces. The mechanism works with Ryobi’s Expand-It system by which the single 4-cycle body can be offered with lot of attachments. Right now the firm has 7 attachments available:

Edger (RY15518)Blower (RY15519)Pruner (RY15520)Cultivator (RY15550)Brush Cutter (RY15702)Hedge Trimmer (RY15703)

The expanded Reach Trimmer attachment (RY15522) is virtually identical come the one consisted of with the 4 bicycle Straight tower trimmer (except that its pillar is yellow to complement the Expand-It line of trimmers). Us actually provided an old Edger attachment from circa 1998 the fit perfectly onto the shaft and permitted us come edge our lawn after we had actually made quick work the the weed-whacking. Accessories are adjusted quite easily and the procedure is completely tool-less. You merely twist the accessory knob to ease it up, boring the spring-loaded coupler mechanism and remove and also replace the Expand-It accessory. It’s so easy, also a Caveman can do it…


The included Extended reach Trimmer attachments comes through both a bump head and a agree head. After experiencing through countless bump heads in mine time I observed no reason not to quickly disassemble and also remove the bang head (on by default) and substitute the much far better pro style head. This took all of two minutes and now I can buy bulk line of too much thickness wire (up to 0.105 in in fact) and also cut that to length as needed. Replacing string is as simple as sticking each side’s size in place. You can even reduced them a tad lengthy as the trimmer head includes a item of metal that will make fast work of any type of excessive line.

Looking in ~ the motor you will check out that the gas tank, i m sorry holds simply under a tenth that a gallon of gas, is oriented such the the trimmer have the right to be refilled while sitting on the ground. The trimmer needs to be operated and even save in this position to stop oil leaking the end of the carburetor or muffler.

On the left side, just above the tank, you’ll view the throttle lever and also priming bulb. The bulb looked to it is in well-made and is a machine you will mean to change after several years as result of the fuel acquisition its toll on the synthetic material. Just in prior of the throttle is the starter grip and rope which friend will without doubt become an extremely familiar with once using this tool. This is a half-crank design with just a solitary bearing top top the crankshaft. Greater quality trimmers often tend to have actually the starter rope anchored come the earlier of the unit so that it can make use of a complete crank column that is sustained by a bearing on either side.

Reviewer’s Note: watch our short article on 2-cycle vs 4-cycle engines.

On the behind of the trimmer you’ll uncover the recessed oil cap. The cap also serves as a dipstick come let you understand the oil level. It must be checked v the trimmer placed horizontally ~ above the ground. The trimmer take away 10W-30 oil and holds 75mL that lubricant (oil) when full. Checking it is just a matter of cleaning off the dipstick and then making certain the oil falls within the hatched area that the stick. It’s vital to no overfill the oil, so it is in careful and also use a funnel (a file one is listed for an initial use). Us didn’t find the unit come leak all that lot oil throughout our use, detailed we preserved it horizontal throughout storage. Us did shot hanging that vertically with both the engine and also blade political parties up. Both created leakage from the carburetor. Together a result, the just “safe” storage place for this device is lie horizontal ~ above the ground, correctly oriented. That’s a shame together this takes increase much more room than hanging the from a twin hook through the engine next up (two bicycle engines have the right to be save in this method since the oils and also gas are combined together and also sealed in ~ the engine). The oil needs to be readjusted after every 25 hours of use.

Testing the Ryobi 4 cycle Trimmer

The biggest challenge you are likely to encounter as soon as using this device is beginning it up. That takes a few more pulls than we were supplied to. OK, I’m gift generous… you’ll pull on it almost a dozen times prior to it starts. It’s no necessarily complicated per se – simply tedious. The beginning order involves verifying the throttle setting, priming the bulb and then pulling the starter cord. Girlfriend don’t apply any type of gas come the throttle until the unit has been to run for 6-10 seconds. This ensures you don’t stall (or flood) the engine. We obtained used to starting up the trimmer and also after a when it simply seemed prefer old hat to us, however it definitely took an ext energy than any type of of the 2-cycle trimmers we’ve used. This is not a tool we’d introduce for most women or teens looking to cut lawns.

Here space some exciting stats we gathered when making use of the device over the food of a pair weeks:

Average number of pulls come start when cold: 10Average number of pulls to start as soon as warm: 1Average number of stalls during use: 1 (mostly throughout idle)Average time top top single collection of string: will depend on her string!

We edged a decent sized lawn v this tool number of times and really obtained a feeling for the weight and also power that possesses. That note, the trimmer feels fairly light and the 30cc engine makes easy job-related of trimming even tall grass. It to be a full 2 lbs heavier than our tradition Ryobi 2-cycle trimmer. We never felt the motor bog down (not also once) and in reality had to store reminding ourselves to “goose that up” throughout use because the trimmer walk a decent job once the accelerator wasn’t even fully engaged. This is a powerful trimmer. What us did experience was a tendency to flood easily. Flip the choke into the wrong location while pulling top top the starter cord, priming the pear too lot or any number of other points would reason the trimmer to run at much less than complete capacity.


Vibration ~ above the Ryobi 4-cycle directly Trimmer was considerably greater than v our recommendation 2-cycle trimmer. The raised piston activity and extr mechanical construction really bring away its toy fee on her hands. Going ago and forth in between 2-cycle and also 4-cycle was prefer night and day and we recognize why 2-cycle might still it is in the an initial choice for many professionals and homeowners.

Noise output throughout idle indigenous the trimmer was below anything we’d heard indigenous a comparable 2-cycle motor. We measured the idle noise calculation from 3 feet away at 80 db SPL. Compare this come our contending 2-cycle which measured 85 dB SPL (around 50% enlarge in terms of perception). At maximum throttle, the 4-cycle measure up 101 dB SPL and also our compatible 2-cycle (using the exact same string and also Extend-It attachment) measured 102 dB SPL. We were disappointed to see the noise difference go away once the throttle was depressed. As with any kind of noisy device – if you are using the for prolonged period, or it’s her profession, we recommend listening protection.

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We were impressed with many aspects of the Ryobi 4-Cycle straight Trimmer. In fact, many of our difficulties were not with the tool itself however the natural limitations that the 4-cycle technology. If you space all around the environment, then this Ryobi 4-cycle’s fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions are going to stand out. The defect are restricted storage options (must save it flat) and also a more an overwhelming starting process, yet this is no various than for other 4-cycle trimmers. Treat them right and they will carry out years of constant use. Luckily, Ryobi has both 2-cycle and 4-cycle commodities available, therefore you’ve acquired some choices. We provided the Ryobi 4-Cycle Trimmer a 6/10 for performance because it it is intended a many power in ~ a small kind factor. The complicated starting process, vibration, and tendency to leak oil as soon as not completely upright left part room for improvement. We determined to referee this trimmer against other 4-cycle trimmers because Ryobi renders both. For worth we provided it a 7/10 because this trimmer supplies slightly much more power and also features for less than the price that many completing 4-cycle models.