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You can’t have the last name “Palmer” and also be a PGA Tour pro without at least receiving the question around being regarded the an excellent Arnold Palmer. The golf icon is recognized as among the biggest to ever play the game and also has an event with his name on the (Arnold Palmer Invitational), together with a drink called after him.

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While the man well-known as “The King” passed in ~ the age of 87 year old top top September 25, 2016, he has a family members which has a wife and two daughters. He additionally has a grandson on the PGA Tour, however it is no Ryan Palmer. This would be Sam Saunders, who reportedly spent many of time with his grandfather over the years.

Saunders, who’s right now 31 years old, has actually posted a few solid outcomes throughout his career yet has however to break through and also win his very first event. He did article a second-place end up once, which came in 2015 in ~ the Puerto Rico Open.

Sam Saunders Recalls historic Moment through Arnold Palmer

Saunders was 16 at the moment his grandfather played the 18th hole at only Hill, the ar of the Arnold Palmer Invitational, for the final time. The came back in 2004 when Palmer to be 74 years old, and also as revealed via AP’s Doug Ferguson, Saunders to be his caddie because that the event. He offered a storage of the step on the day and the last hole, stating the “I psychic the shot for this reason well.”

The existing PGA Tour pro spoke around the connection he had actually with Palmer, per, speak he’s “forever grateful” because that it.

“We had actually that kind of relationship, also as a 16-year-old, which is pretty neat,” Saunders said. “I don’t think the a the majority of 16-year-olds can be in that situation with their granddad, obviously, so I’m forever grateful for it.”

There’s no inquiry the golf gene passed along from Palmer to his young grandson, and also Saunders is quiet in the middle of fine-tuning his own game as that grows as a player.

Sam Saunders’ PGA tourism Results

Prior to the end of the 2019 Honda Classic, Saunders had made 63 cut out the 133 complete events in his career, per He’s made more than $3.139 million in job winnings when posting a career-low round of 63. As previously mentioned, Saunders’ best result came in 2015 in the type of a second-place finish.

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Palmer’s nephew had 4 top-10 finishes throughout the 2018 season, consisting of a fifth-place result at the army Tribute at The Greenbrier, saturday at the Barracuda Championship and also eighth at the CareerBuilder Challenge. Over the expectations of his career, Saunders had actually posted ripe finishes within of the top-10 and also is coming turn off by far his best year.