Its a romantic song around a male who loves this girl but he cantever have her reason she does choose him. Its a truly lovely song.

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A autumn in the s a change in the weather simply praying thatyou and me will finish up together its choose wish because that rain as i standin the desert reason I"m holding girlfriend closer 보다 most cause you aremy heaven.

I don"t desire to garbage the weekend if girlfriend don"t love me pretent afew more hours and its time to go and also as my train rolls down theeast coastline i wonder exactly how you keep warmth to late to cry to damaged tomove on.

And still i cant let girlfriend sleep most nights ns hardly sleep don"tfeel what you don"t should hear.its simply a autumn in the ocean achange in the weather.

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I have actually a tear in my eye..This track was do in 2000 by RonPope.


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