Cassie Logan

Cassie is the first-person narrator that the novel. At ten years old, she is the 2nd oldest and the just female son in she family. Cassie is intelligent, outspoken, and also self-confident, even when those characteristics threaten to gain her in trouble for speaking her mind in a white-dominated world. Over the course of the novel, Cassie directly experiences racism and also learns the real risks of being black in the southern in the 1930s. At the start of the novel, Cassie is proud the herself and also her race yet unaware that the possible consequences the this pride. She is witness to the violence and injustice the the south as she becomes conscious of lynchings, that the curtailment of she father and mother's freedom, and of the major punishments meted the end to blacks accused the wrongdoing. Cassie grows up over the food of the year, learns part sad truths, and experiences the strength and also love of she family.

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Stacey Logan

At twelve year old Stacey is ~ above the brink the adulthood. Together the oldest child, he bosses his brothers and sister around and also is the leader of their little group. That is old sufficient to disobey his parents however not old enough to totally appreciate the after-effects of act so. His dawning awareness of racism leads him to make difficult choices, choose pushing far his white girlfriend Jeremy. In the end, the proves his bravery and loyalty by risking danger and by attempting to help his estranged friend, TJ. He additionally uses his ingenuity to protest versus injustice. For example, it is his idea to develop a trench in the rain-filled road to stall the white children's institution bus.

Christopher-John Logan

At period seven, Christoper-John is a short, chubby boy that is the quietest Logan sibling. That is constantly cheerful however frequently reminds the other children that they space breaking your parents' rules. Despite his misgivings, he commonly ends up following his various other siblings to protect against being left behind.

Clayton Chester "Little Man" Logan

Little Man, age six, is a smart boy v a highly arisen sense of right and also wrong. Able come read before he started school, the partakes in his older siblings' adventures and in doing for this reason learns a good deal about the racism South.

David "Papa" Logan

A tall, handsome man, Papa is big Ma's 2nd youngest son. He functions from the finish of planting till Christmas top top the rail in order come pay because that his land. The was increased on the same farm on i m sorry his family now lives. Ready to wake up for himself and also his family, the does what that "gotta do" come survive and also respect himself. He threats his life to institute a boycott against the Wallaces, save owners who shed a black man to death. His leg is broken and he is shot at in retribution for the boycott. He likewise comes close to losing his land as soon as the bank, affected by Mr. Granger, calls in the keep in mind on that in. He is ready to use his shotgun to safeguard TJ however ultimately offers his resourcefulness to prevent the lynch mob and also save TJ's life, even though his strategy loses him a quarter of his own cotton. Papa believes the his family and also the land have to be defended at all costs.

Mary "Mama" Logan

A thirty-three year old mrs from the Delta, Mama visited high institution in Jackson and also was sent out to the Crandon Teacher college by she tenant-farmer father. She father passed away during her final year in teacher school, and she married Papa as soon as she was nineteen. She has taught at the an excellent Faith school for fourteen years, and has four children of she own. Her solid pride in she race and also her feeling of justice lead her to paste over the within covers that the schoolbooks, whereby the "very poor" problem of the book is detailed next to the gyeongju of the black students. This outspokenness results in she being fired by the white college board. Though she do the efforts to keep stories the the violence and injustice roughly them from her children, she ultimately cannot shield them from the truth.

Caroline "Big Ma" Logan

Papa's mother is a mrs in she sixties. She holds the deed to the Logan land, which was bought by she late husband, Paul Edward. She married him as soon as she to be eighteen, and they elevated their six children, just two of whom survived, ~ above the 4 hundred acres of land that he bought between 1887 and also 1918. Huge Ma is the voice of history in the book and tells stories around the past to Cassie. She love the the land leads her to sign it over to her 2 sons to safeguard it native Harlan Granger. She has actually medical knowledge and also is often called upon to tend those injured by white violence, including the Berrys. She is very spiritual and is a resource of comfort to Cassie who shares a room and also bed with her.

Hammer Logan

Hammer is large Ma's just living son other than Papa. He lives in the North and drives a Packard favor Mr. Granger does. He visits the Logans throughout the Christmas season and also brings gifts. He has a strong temper and also wants to strike Charlie Simms after his negative treatment of Cassie. Ultimately, the quells his temper when he must and sells his Packard in stimulate to defend the land, happen the money to his brother by hand and leaving prior to his presence deserve to fuel an ext tensions.

Mr. Morrison

Mr. Morrison is one extremely large and solid older male whom Papa brings house from the railroad. Mr. Morrison obtained in a fight through some white men and was fired indigenous the railroad. He help to safeguard the Logans, watching exterior their residence at night, and stays on v the family also after he hurt the Wallaces when they assaulted Papa. His own household was brutally murdered through a lynch mob throughout Reconstruction and he says that the Logans room like family to him.

TJ Avery

An emaciated-looking, thirteen-year-old boy, TJ is foolish however provides a source of information about racial incidents for the Logan children. The is repeating the seventh grade, cheat on tests, it s okay Mama fired, and also hangs the end at the Wallace save which at some point loses him Stacey's friendship. His "friendship" through the older, white Simms brothers leader him come commit a crime and almost causes that to it is in lynched. That is the catalyst because that an eruption of gyeongju tension and at the finish will most likely be sent out to a chain corridor for a murder the the Simmses committed.

Claude Avery

TJ's younger brothers does not say much but is additionally a girlfriend to the Logans. That is an ext afraid that TJ than of your mother and generally does what his brothers tells him to do. That is win by the mob when they come for his brother.

Mr. Avery

TJ and also Claude's father is a sharecropper top top Harlan Granger's land. The participates in the boycott of the Wallace store but backs out when Granger intimidates to absent him off the land. The is tiny and sickly and also can't regulate TJ. He also is treated violently once the crowd comes because that his son.

Mrs. Avery

TJ and also Claude's mommy has tiny control over she sons. When she make the efforts to safeguard her kid from the mob, she is thrown back versus her house.

Jeremy Simms

Jeremy is a towheaded white boy, probably about eleven, who wants to be friends v Stacey. While the various other white children ride the bus, he constantly walks come school. The is whipped by his father because that associating through the Logans. That dislikes his older brothers and sleeps in a treehouse to obtain away native his family.

Lillian Jean Simms

Aged twelve or thirteen, Lillian Jean is Jeremy's larger sister. She has long blond hair, i m sorry Cassie renders use of as soon as fighting her. She is shrill and also bossy. She father forces Cassie to contact her "Miz Lillian Jean" and apologize after ~ bumping into her in Strawberry.

RW and Melvin Simms

Jeremy and also Lillian Jean's older brothers are around eighteen or nineteen year old. Lock pretend to be friends v TJ, that steals things for them, and for whom they purchase things. As soon as he help them break into the Barnett Mercantile to steal a gun, they death Mr. Barnett and injure Mrs. Barnett. Afterward, lock beat TJ and also lead the mob the breaks into the Avery house and tries to hang him.

Charlie Simms

The father of the Simms household is a "mean-looking man, red in the face and bearded." He twists Cassie's arm behind her ago and forces her come apologize to "Miz Lillian Jean" once she bumps right into her ~ above the sidewalk in Strawberry. The is not connected in the strike on the Avery house, yet is woken increase by Jeremy that smells smoke from the tree-house. Cassie and small Man check out him functioning side-by-side with Mr. Lanier to put out the fire at the end of the novel.

Harlan Granger

Granger own a ten-square-mile plantation i beg your pardon is worked by sharecropping families. The Logans' land had belonged to the Granger family prior to it was sold to a Northerner during Reconstruction, and also Mr. Granger's desire to obtain it earlier from the Logans leads him come threaten huge Ma and to use his authority in city to pressure the financial institution to contact in the note on the mortgage. He, Kaleb Wallace, and also a third man, representing the college board, fire Mama because that teaching background that isn't in the books and for defacing the school's books. When the boycott top top the Wallace save begins, he recognizes the possibility of gaue won loss to himself since he owns the land the the save is located on. That decides to take it sixty quite than fifty percent of his sharecroppers' cotton and threatens to kick out those who continue the boycott. On the night the the assault on the Averys, Granger allows Jamison call the crowd that he doesn't desire a hanging top top his land yet does small to prevent the mob till the fire threatens to engulf the forest and his crops. Only then walk he pressure the mob to fight the fire rather than to hang TJ.

Kaleb, Thurston, and also Dewberry Wallace

These 3 white brothers very own the Wallace store, the just store in town. They offer alcohol illegally and also host a room where black teenagers dance. The store is ~ above Granger property, make it profitable for Harlan Granger and also the Wallaces. The Wallaces burn the 3 black Berry men, death one and also severely injuring the various other two, after drunk white men accuse john Henry Berry of flirting v a white woman. When the Logans kinds a boycott on their store, the Wallaces attempt to ambush Papa top top the method back indigenous the market in Vicksburg. Mr. Morrison beats up two of the Wallaces badly, practically breaking Dewberry's back and laying up Thurston because that a couple of weeks as well. The Logans cannot press charges versus the Wallaces due to the fact that to perform so might an outcome in Mr. Morrison acquiring put top top the chain gang or worse. The Wallaces are connected on the strike on TJ and the various other Averys, and also Kaleb leads the cry to hang TJ.

Mr. Wade Jamison

A lawyer whose household was originally from Vicksburg, the inherited soil that had actually once belonged come the Grangers indigenous his father and also sold it come Paul Edward Logan in 1918. Cassie likes that for always calling her mommy "ma'am." He provides to back the credit of those that boycott the Wallace store and also shop in Vicksburg, and he stands opposed to those who want to cave TJ, arguing with them and also even blocking them indigenous driving far by putting his automobile in the center of the road.

Mr. Montier

Mr. Montier is a plantation owner. The youngsters of his sharecroppers to visit the good Faith school, though many select not to do the three-and-a-half-hour walk after they end up fourth class in Smellings Creek, i m sorry is nearer come his estate. He also raises the portion of cotton his sharecroppers owe him and threaten come evict them if they continue the boycott.

Mr. Harrison

Mr. Harrison is one more plantation owner whose sharecroppers' youngsters attend an excellent Faith. He is a "decent man" and also doesn't advanced his percent of noodle or threaten come evict his sharecroppers due to the fact that of the boycott.

Jim Lee Barnett

The owner of the Mercantile in Strawberry cheats his black color customer, Sam Tatum, and when Tatum accuses that of lying, "night men" tar and also feather Tatum. When TJ tries come buy items for his mommy at the store, Barnett stops serving him and ignores him for an hour while waiting on white customers. Once Cassie politely tries to repeat him the they space waiting, that calls her a "little nigger," and also throws her out of his store. When the Simms brothers and TJ break into his store, that comes down to investigate and also RW hits him over the head with the flat component of an axe. He die the following morning.

Mrs. Barnett

Mrs. Barnett is the mam of the owner that the Mercantile. Hearing her husband scuffling through the Simmses, she goes under to investigate. RW pushes she back against the stove and also she is knocked out. She thinks that the 3 intruders space all black since RW and also Melvin wear stocking hat over their faces.

Little Willie Wiggins

A saturday grader at an excellent Faith Elementary, small Willie speak Cassie, Christopher-John, and tiny Man exactly how Stacey was whipped through Mrs. Logan once he was recorded with TJ's cheating notes. He likewise tells them that TJ called Kaleb Wallace around Mama pasting end the book covers in stimulate to get her fired.

Mr. Wiggins

Little Willie's dad owns forty acres of land 6 miles far from the Logan farm.

Moe Turner

Another saturday grader at great Faith, Moe stands at the crossroads ~ above the job Stacey is whipped for having TJ's cheating notes and also points Stacey in the direction of the Wallace store as soon as he desires to uncover TJ. He stays on the Montier plantation and must go three and a half hours each means to and also from school.

Gracey Pearson, Alma Scott, and Mary Lou Wellever

These snobby girl in Cassie's class are all friends and don't desire her to sit v them. Mary Lou is the principal's daughter and also the only girl put on a new dress top top the first day of school.

Miss Daisy Crocker

Her fifth grade teacher has great contempt for Cassie Logan. She whips both Cassie and tiny Man once they object to the provided "very poor" publications that have been offered to black students top top the an initial day that school.

Mr. Wellever

The major of good Faith elementary school and an additional School is powerless to carry out anything yet stand and watch as Harlan Granger, Kaleb Wallace, and another school board member fire Mama.

Mr. Silas Lanier

Another black tenant-farmer, Mr. Silas Lanier got huge Ma to often tend to the Berrys the night the they to be burnt. The pulls the end of the boycott the the Wallace keep after Mr. Granger's threats. Cassie and tiny Man check out him working side-by-side with Mr. Simms to put out the fire in ~ the finish of the novel.

Mrs. Lanier

The children learn the details that the Berry family's burning by overhearing big Ma talk with Mrs. Lanier and also Mrs. Avery after church.

John Henry, Beacon, and also Samuel Berry

These space members that a family members that stays by Smellings Creek. Man Henry, that owns a model T, is accused by some white guys of flirting v a white mrs while obtaining gas with his brothers Beacon in Strawberry. The night, they are shed alive in addition to their uncle Samuel through a group of white men led through the Wallaces. John Henry dies and Mama bring away the children to visit Samuel Berry and also his mam as punishment because that going come the Wallace store. Mr. Berry is burned past recognition and also cannot also speak.

Sam Tatum

A black guy who resides on Jackson Road close to Strawberry, that calls Mr. Barnett a liar after he denies cheating him. In retribution because that this accusation, the white "night men" tar and also feather Mr. Tatum.

Mr. Grimes

Mr. Grimes cd driver the Jefferson Davis school bus and takes sadistic satisfied in forcing black students off the road. The Logans look for revenge on that by digging a trench in the muddy, merganser road.

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The sheriff does every little thing Mr. Granger says he should and turns a remote eye to violence against blacks. He makes no move to stop lynch mobs.

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