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Rob Dyrdek
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Rob Dyrdek is one American actor, producer, reality television personality, entrepreneur, and also former skilled skateboarder born in Kettering, Ohio on June 28, 1974. That is ideal known because that his truth television shows Rob & Big, rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, and Ridiculousness. he is also the creator of the animated present Wild Grinders. Dyrdek started skateboarding at 11 year old and also by 12 he was sponsored by alien Workshop. He moved to California and started riding because that Droors Clothing, i beg your pardon eventually ended up being DC Shoes. In 2010 he started Street league Skateboarding, a skateboard vain enterprise. In 2006 he started starring in the fact television display Rob & Big and also in 2009 rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy manufacturing facility started airing. In 2009 the made a movie titled Street Demons. Dyrdek founded the production firm Superjacket Productions and started producing his present Ridiculousness and the CMT series The Dude Perfect Show. when filming his reflects Rob & large and Fantasy manufacturing facility Dyrdek set a number of Guinness civilization Records, including longest 50-50 rail grind, longest plank slide, highest skateboard ramp jump right into water and others. In 2003 he founded the rob Dyrdek foundation. The structure builds legal ice scating parks in communities.

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