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“Cafe Whitney is the intersection of casual and elegant, hip and classic, downtown and midtown. Merely put - café Whitney is a must-try clues in Reno! We newly treated ourselves to…” more


“I to be so excited to shot this place. I'm constantly afraid I'm walking to be disappointed. However, this restaurant is every little thing you could want in a Tapas place. If you're acquainted with…” more

“ sprouts. Also, it took nearly an hour and also a half to acquire it to us . I guess that's another Thai restaurant in Reno to cross off our list.” more

“ appetizers. Miso soup is a small watered down yet then again it's prefer that at every every you can eat restaurant. Great service and an excellent chefs.” more

“ to be the start of the weekend dinner rush when I come in to place my order, therefore the restaurant” more

“ she a choice of restaurants. E we constantly have at least one enjoy the meal head. We have never been disappointed.” more

“I don't understand why ns haven't do the efforts this restaurant before, but boy am ns glad i did! They open at noon” more

“My family and also I have consumed there countless times and also would introduce this restaurant if you like steak and also top notch food and service.” more

“ is one of the ideal restaurants in Reno. It's additionally some that the finest Chinese food I've ever had (my” more

“. The service was good and us loved the theme of the restaurant. The cinnamon role french toast” more

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“This restaurant has the totality package that a great and memorable dining experience; very first impression” more

“I dubbed ahead and also asked if they to be dog friendly as I was through my dad and his dog. The other that answered the phone said there was outdoor seating and we were an ext than welcome…” more