Stylish sleuthing involving the location character and also his PI partner, Laura Holt, that team up after she invents a boss, "Remington Steele," to entice clients who can be otherwise wake up to hire a woman. Eight year later, star Pierce Brosnan started playing a more iconic (but no much less debonair) hero, James Bond, beginning with the film "GoldenEye."

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Episode 1

Steele Searching

Wed, Sep 25, 1985 60 mins

In London, Laura and also Scotland Yard are both in search of Steele, who is warm on the trace of a guy who holds a clue to his past. Part 1 the two. Lombard: Julian Glover. Chalky: Jeff Rawle. Felicia: Cassandra Harris. Laura: Stephanie Zimbalist.

Episode 2

Steele Searching

Tue, Oct 1, 1985 60 mins

Conclusion. Radical miners failure Steele for the assassin Daniel Chalmers (Efrem Zimbalist Jr.) hired to death the Earl of Claridge. Laura: Stephanie Zimbalist. Felicia: Cassandra Harris. Earl that Claridge: Simon Oates. Katherine Galt: Angharad Rees.

Episode 3

Steele Blushing

Tue, Oct 22, 1985 60 mins

once Laura"s likeness shows up in a porno magazine, she insists on protecting the photographer (Kenneth Mars) from clients who desire the man"s files---and native the FBI. Stephanie Zimbalist. Rhodes: chris Mulkey. Colby: Richard McGonagle.

Episode 4

Grappling Steele

Tue, Oct 29, 1985 60 mins

Laura and also Steele safeguard a pro wrestler who"s been receiving fatality threats and also has had actually a series of "accidents." Crunch Kramer: Gary Kasper. Steele: Pierce Brosnan. Whitney Chambers: Kim Ulrich. Molinski: Lawrence Tierney. Laura: Stephanie Zimbalist.

Episode 5

Forged Steele

Tue, Nov 12, 1985 60 mins

during a 36-hour period that Steele can"t remember, it appears that he gambled far the company in a high-stakes poker game. Norman Keyes: James Tolkan. Laura: Stephanie Zimbalist. Saltzman: Richard Minchenberg. Cranston: Ron Masak.

Episode 6

Corn Fed Steele

Tue, Nov 19, 1985 60 mins

Laura and also Steele (Stephanie Zimbalist, Pierce Brosnan) try to uncover the swine who stole $2 million worth of reproduction porkers. Call Hayes: take care of Groener. Sheriff Clifford: Joe Dorsey. Candid Willard: wilhelm Frankfather. Jessica: Joan McMurty.

Episode 7

Premium Steele

Tue, Dec 3, 1985 60 mins

"The reports of my fatality have been considerably exaggerated," or so insurance claims farmer Lester Shane (James Staley) when a phony obituary intimidates to destroy his life. Monroe Henderson: Richard Lawson. Maxwell: mark Withers. Laura: Stephanie Zimbalist.

Episode 8

Coffee, Tea or Steele

Tue, Dec 10, 1985 60 mins

The human body of a killer pops up on the baggage carousel that a luxury airline. Meanwhile, Mildred doesn"t check out eye come eye through an intern (John Zarchen) who Steele wants to hire. Mildred: Doris Roberts. Ace: George Coe. Steele: Pierce Brosnan. McBride: terry O"Quinn. Laura: Stephanie Zimbalist.

Episode 9

Dancer, Prancer, Donner and also Steele

Tue, Dec 17, 1985 60 mins

three Santas take Laura and also Steele hostage in ~ the office Christmas party and also threaten to punch up the structure if they"re not given $2 million. Scabbard: Larry Gelman. Donner: man Del Regno. Steele: Pierce Brosnan. Prancer: Tom Everett.

Episode 10

Steele ~ above the Air

Tue, january 7, 1986 60 mins

2 disc jockeys space the suspects in the fatality of a traffic reporter, however they have an alibi: they to be on the wait at the time of the murder. Bud Tyler: George Pentecost. Norman Austin: man McCook. Jack Lyman: Sanford Jensen. Steele: Pierce Brosnan.

Episode 11

Steele Inc.

Tue, january 14, 1986 60 mins

George E. Mulch (Michael Constantine) opens up an not authorised branch of Remington Steele Investigations and also botches a situation so badly the the upset clients want to kill Steele (Pierce Brosnan). Reverend Rawlinson: john Considine. Mrs. Underwood: anne Seymour.

Episode 12

Steele Spawning

Tue, january 28, 1986 60 mins

A spoiled importer (Louie Anderson) must find a absent shipment that caviar before the president of the company returns native abroad. Pierce Brosnan, Stephanie Zimbalist. Ivan Strelnikov: Allan Kolman. Boy name Rome: Peter Jason.

Episode 13

Suburban Steele

Tue, Feb 11, 1986 60 mins

Laura"s sister (Maryedith Burrell), who"s vulnerable to exaggeration, can"t convince anyone that there was a dead guy on she kitchen floor---until Steele finds a body in the trash. Pierce Brosnan, Stephanie Zimbalist. Terry: Laurie Burton. Donald: Michael Durrell.

Episode 14

Santa Claus Is comes to Steele

Tue, Feb 18, 1986 60 mins

one of the Santas who organized the sleuths hostage ~ above Christmas night is the end on bail and eager come "persuade" the witnesses no to testify versus him. Dancer: Don Gordon. Wally: Michael Horton. Steele: Pierce Brosnan. Laura: Stephanie Zimbalist.

Episode 15

Steele Blue Yonder

Sat, Feb 22, 1986 60 mins

A woman hires Laura and Steele to investigate her father"s eccentric behavior, yet the sleuths uncover there"s a technique to his madness. Cooper: Andrew Duggan. Duncan Harlow: Dennis Patrick. Miss out on Cooper: Susan Strasberg. Steele: Pierce Brosnan.

Episode 16

Sensitive Steele

Sat, Mar 1, 1986 60 mins

Laura and also Steele (Stephanie Zimbalist, Pierce Brosnan) are required to research their relationship while investigate "accidents" at a spa. Steinmetz: Stewart Moss. Sonia: Dorothy Fielding. Maxine: Susan Scannell. Ursula: Yuliis Ruval.

Episode 17

Steele in the Spotlight

Sat, Mar 8, 1986 60 mins

Laura and also Steele (Stephanie Zimbalist, Pierce Brosnan) room hired by a TV present to find a singer (Rose Marie) who vanished 30 year ago. Jake Slater: George D. Wallace. Windsor Thomas: Rebecca Holden. Mildred: Doris Roberts. Lou Mackler: Charles Woolf.

Episode 18

Steele at her Service

Sat, Mar 15, 1986 60 mins

Steele poses together a butler to a wealthy household after the previous manservant, threatening to expose the family skeletons, is murdered. Charles: Dan O"Herlihy. Katherine: Neva Patterson. Harold: Granville Ames. Steele: Pierce Brosnan.

Episode 19

Steele in the Running

Sat, Mar 22, 1986 60 mins

Laura is accosted while running a triathlon after an additional woman (Alison LaPlaca) surreptitiously switched numbers v her prior to the race. Allan Kendall: john Driver. Sondra: Deborah Wakeham. Thomas Ivory: Rif Hutton.

Episode 20

Beg, lend or Steele

Sat, Mar 29, 1986 60 mins

Laura and Steele (Stephanie Zimbalist, Pierce Brosnan) return from new York to discover police barricades around their apartments, and also grisly accounts of their murders on TV. Detective Jarvis: Gary Frank. Pittsburgh Phil: Antony Ponzini. Harrigan: Ken Swofford.

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Episode 21

Steele Alive and also Kicking

Sat, may 3, 1986 60 mins

when thought to be terminally ill, one escaped felon (Donovan Scott) who claims he framed self for killing so his wife can collect the reward now wants his named cleared. Zweigenhoff: Arthur Taxier. Nedra: Pippa Pearthree. Laura: Stephanie Zimbalist.

Episode 22

Bonds the Steele

Sat, may 10, 1986 60 mins

Laura has her hands complete with a case, if Steele (Pierce Brosnan) is make plans to marry---a contact girl? Alessandra: Rebecca Street. Clarissa: Nancy Everhard. Norman Keyes: James Tolkan. Mildred: Doris Roberts. Andrews: Daniel Ziskie.