Hello, can anyone give me any info. on a remington .22 pump rifle. gun has no model # just has 2 pat. of 1902-1912, any info. on this gun would be a great help. oh it is in great shape. thanks

if this is the gun you are talking about, then why are the patd. 1902 and 1912. there is no model # anywhere on it although is looks alot like the one in the link you gave me but it is a little different.

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I was recently told these rifles if aplicable range from 1500.00 to 2500.00Not a 100% which is why I have posted a similar question


They can look slightly different because there are different models of the 12, for example the 12a has a round barrel and the 12c or cs has a octagon barrel. The stocks may or may not be pistol gripped. If there is no model on it and it"s a pump Remington it has to be a early model 12. By the time they started the barrel date codes in 1921 they were all marked.

Someone mentioned prices in a reply, a new in the box 12a is around a 1,200 gun and 12c maybe a 1,500 and you have to have LOTS of condition to get their value over $800. The only ones with higher values are D,E,F"s which are engraved and they (in original condition) can easily go up to $10,000 in value.


12 years ago

much much appreciated

11 years ago

i recently inherited one of these guns from my grandfather. i can not find the numbers on the left side of it either. i do however notice that there is a small letter p on the left side. it is almost completely covered where it goes into the reciver and i cannot find a way to take it apart. could this be somthing? there is what looks like another letter or possibly a number that is bellow it but is almost completly covered by the reciever is this where the id number is supposed to be?

11 years ago

I"m guessing it is a model 12 pump. google remington model12 and see if the pics match. If so most are not worth a lot of money but few are if they have the octagon barrel and all original which means it doesn"t work very well but they are great pieces.

M Picetti
11 years ago

most arent very valuable however dependant on how many shells you can put in it, and exact length of barrel determines the true value , I got one that was made at the interarms factory in the us b4 they moved to italy , with a 13 round under barrel magazine, andan odd length wich are the expensive ones.

ron jackson
11 years ago

I have a remington field master model 121 with numbers 156559 and left side of the triger number38

11 years ago

yes left side of barrel right in front of receiver, post a serial I can also tell you at least the year it was made.

11 years ago

field master model 121 with numbers 156559Manufactured 1951.

10 years ago

I have the same gun and it is worth $300 or more

10 years ago

hi there have a remington pump .22 excellent condition do you have any info and how old is this thx in advanceserial number 370 586 over the number RW remington arms jan5 1909 oct 12 1909 mar 8 1910 nov 2 1911 apr 16 1912 remington trademark.22 short long or long riflethere are no letters on the side at all this gun comes apart at the butt thanks in advance

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10 years ago

RW is Remington Works they all have that.

370587 was made in 1916 before they were date coded, they were also not marked Model 12 until later.

In truly EXCELLENT condition they is a large collectors market for them. C"s (Hexagon)and B"s (Gallery - short only, Hexagon) bring more then A"s but no-one will pass on an excellent A at the right price either.

I have at least one of each A, B, C, and F"s mint including a gold inlaid. I haven"t found a mint D or E, and probably couldn"t afford one anymore anyhow