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Hello guys.Remington list the twisted to it is in 1 in 12, but I store seeing articles all over the place about it being 1 in 10...What gives? How deserve to you phone call without entailing a smith?

Dont stress about it, it is most likely 1-10 yet need some much more info on i m sorry rifle you have. Ether twist will certainly shoot most common ammo, what are you planning to shoot? Both will certainly shoot 150, 165, 175. But yous gun may not like particular bullets. I have actually a 1-12 twist it will certainly shoot 125 gr, 165 and also 175gr well under 1 inch. I really want this rifle to shoot 155"s but the best I can obtain 1 1/2 groups. I have actually found one more guy indigenous a visiting club has actually the same rifle and also he has actually the exact same problem. So in the end buy some various ammo go to the variety shoot them decide which one girlfriend like and have a blast.
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See because that you self

Is the barrel by opportunity a 5R barrel? If so, lock work great with 175/178 gr bullets. More tough to get the lighter/shorter bullets come shoot well in that barrel.
To my knowledge, every barrels that not 1:12 twist are STAMPED v their certain twist. Mine AAC is stamped 1:10. Therefore i would bet the financial institution yours is 1:12.

Is the barrel by possibility a 5R barrel? If so, they work good with 175/178 gr bullets. More tough to acquire the lighter/shorter bullets to shoot well in that barrel.

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How true, exactly how true! 178 Amax is favor a laser return I have been may be to gain the 168 Nosler practice Comp to shoot fine too.The barrel/throat/twist in that rifle was supposedly "optimized" for the M-118LR round so it stands to reason that lighter/heavier wouldn"t carry out as well.
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