One of the most annoying points that can take place when we room driving ours vehicles is once we get the reduced engine power light. Many of the time, reduced engine power doesn’t make commuting home possible since the max rate your GMC Envoy will certainly reach is no going come be sufficient to keep you safe on the highway.

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If your Envoy has obtained this lessened engine strength warning, it method that one of its engine management sensors or the ECU have gone bad. It’s efficiently “in the dark” there is no enough an important telemetry to manage the engine properly. Without sufficient data, the ECU will just provide you sufficient power to no leave you completely stranded, and may run the engine in one entirely different way.


Reduced Engine strength Causes: GMC Envoy

If you have actually the lessened engine strength light, then there are going to be some diagnostic trouble codes save on computer in her OBD II system. This is an excellent news, because it helps narrow down whereby the ECU thinks the the difficulty is. A great code scanner is yes, really cheap and also can do the process a whole lot smoother.

Here are several of the most common problems that have the right to make your Envoy’s lessened engine strength warning come on:

Throttle Body

This is one of the most usual reasons the reduced engine power light come on. If the ECU isn’t getting the proper voltage an answer from the accelerator body, that can’t be certain of just how much it’ll really accelerate her Envoy from the gas pedal input.

At this point, it turns on the decreased engine power setting in bespeak to store the car from to run away native you.

O2 Sensors

Your Envoy’s oxygen sensors measure up the lot of oxygen in the exhaust to help insure that the appropriate air/fuel mixture is realized. If they totally go negative they commonly don’t trigger the reduced engine strength mode, yet if girlfriend plug your password scanner and it come up v an oxygen sensor related code such asP0160, it’s definitely worth taking a look in ~ them. While they don’t often na


Throttle position Sensor

The throttle place sensor is one of the most an essential sensors in your Envoy. If it’s not responding, the ECU has actually no means of telling exactly how much gas gas you’ve given it. The TPS data also helps identify when the transmission will shift.


Another common cause of a reduced power problem is , if the ECU goes bad it can create the diminished engine strength condition. It is responsible for taking the data from all of the sensors above, and combining it with the data from many other sensors to regulate the engine.

Should you Drive your Envoy with the lessened Power Light

The idea behind the diminished engine power problem is to allow you to limp her Envoy into the shop or ago home. It is not supposed to sustain long periods of automotive operation. No being able to go 40MPH (which is nearly always the case) is a safety and security risk.

When the engine power has actually been reduced, the engine and transmission deserve to operate in totally different ways. This leads to jerky shifts, unstable acceleration, and horrible gas mileage.

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Good luck diagnosing her Envoy’s reduced engine strength light. If there is anything the you would favor to add, please feel totally free to leaving a comment below.