Method 2: On your instrument cluster, via the multifunction buttons ~ above the steering wheel.

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In this article, we provide step by action instructions on just how to check the engine oil level top top Mercedes-Benz cars.


It is finest to test the motor oil level as soon as the auto is warm. Turn off the engine and also wait at the very least 5 minutes before you proceed. To accurately examine the oil level, park the car on a level ground.

Method 1: check oil level using the dipstick

Park the auto on a level surface and preferably inspect the level through the engine at common operational temperature.

Open the hood.
Pull out the oil dipstick native the engine.
Clean the dipstick through a clean cloth.
Reinsert the dipstick. Make certain to press the dipstick every the way in, till the dipstick sits in dipstick tube. As soon as you totally insert the distick right into the tube, wait four seconds prior to you remove to get an accurate reading.
Remove the dipstick and check the oil level. Look in ~ the Low and also High marking. If the level is between the Low and also High marks girlfriend don’t need to include any more oil. If the engine oil level is below the low mark include oil until the level shows between Low and also High.

If the engine oil level is above the High/Max mark, you have to remove oil from the engine to avoid damages to your car. Watch notes below on exactly how to remove oil from the engine if girlfriend overfilled it.

Method 2: inspect oil via the instrument cluster.

To inspect the oil level park the vehicle on a level ground.Turn turn off the engine.Wait at least 5 minutes.Turn the crucial to place two. All dashboard light must turn on. Vital position before you start the engine.Press the switch on the multifunction steering wheel until “Engine Oil Level – measure up Now” blog post displays.Press the up and also down buttons on the multifunction steering wheel and you need to see a message saying “CORRECT MEASUREMENT only IF automobile LEVEL.”

How to check engine oil level ~ above a S-Class W220

S430, S500, S600, S55 AMG, CL500, CL600

How to examine engine oil level on a CLK-Class W209

CLK320 CLK500 CLK350 CLK55 AMG

Reduce Engine Oil Level

Do not overfill the einge through oil. If the oil level is above the top max mark or you get Reduce Engine Oil Level warning on your instrument cluster, oil have to be drained or siphoned out. Engine overfilled v oil can reason damage come engine and also catalytic converter.

The easiest method to remove oil native an overfilled engine, is to use a a oil fluid extractor. You have the right to use the electric 12-volt oil extractor or a fluid Removing Pump System and insert the tube into the oil dipstick tube.

Remove fifty percent a quart and check the oil level again.

If girlfriend have shown that the oil level is correct, yet you still get the warning girlfriend should think about replacing the Engine Oil Level Sensor.

Article: how to replace the Engine Oil Level Sensor ~ above Mercedes-Benz engine. 

Messages on tool cluster:

ENGINE OIL LEVEL – ok – Oil level is correct.

ENGINE OIL LEVEL – include 1.0 QUART – add one quart or roughly one litter of oil.




MEASURING NOT possible – This error blog post will screen when the oil level can not be measured properly. Try measuring the oil level again in ~ a last time.

ENGINE OIL LEVEL – NOT when ENGINE on The automobile needs to be turned off and you need to wait in ~ least 5 minutes before the engine oil level have the right to be checked making use of the steering wheel regulate via the instrument cluster on her dashboard.

ENGINE OIL LEVEL – IGNITION on PLEASE” displays, make sure the crucial is turned to postion II, every instrumen swarm lights shoud it is in on.

CHECK ENGINE OIL LEVEL AT next REFUELING – Add half a quart the oil at your earliest convenience.

Add Oil to Mercedes-Benz Engine

To include oil to her Mercedes-Benz engine is really easy. Make sure to usage the exactly oil brand and oil visocisty. Mercedes-Benz recomended oil is Mobil1 0W40 oil.

Do not overfill the motor through oil. If girlfriend add more oil 보다 required, review the section listed below on how to remove excessibve oil.

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Reasons for Engine Oil Consumption

High mileage vehicles may burn oil and need continual oil level checks. If engine is moved at high RPMs frequently boost in oil usage may be noticed. There could be numerous reasons bring about oil consumption. Here is a good article that explains the key reasons that cause engine oil consumption. Reasons for motor Oil consumption – Technical company Bulletin through AMSOIL

External Oil LeaksFront or Rear key Bering SealsWorn or damaged pole or main bearingsWorn the end camshaft bearingsWorn the end cylinders or piston ringsClogged PCV valve

Fix Oil Leaks

The best technique to address oil leaks is to resolve the trouble by instead of or repairing the defective parts. We understand that in some instances those repairs might cost more than what the auto is worth. Utilizing oil aditives doesn’t constantly fix oil leaks, and also in some situations it can cause problems. Yet there have been many owners the report to have success with oil additives. Often times making use of oil leak additive will just slow down the leak or ultimately the leak may come back. One product that has received many positive reviews is the ATP AT-205 Re-Seal protect against Leak, i beg your pardon is additionally compatible with fabricated oils provided in Mercedes-Benz engines.