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James Patterson"s bestselling preferably Ride collection is ago . . . And also Max and her i cry are ready for their most daring rescue mission yet.
Someone -- or miscellaneous -- is decimating ships and sea life off Hawaii"s coast, and Max and her flock find themselves sucked right into the Navy"s top-secret examination of the catastrophe. Your objective: Rescue Max"s activist mom from a wicked subterranean enemy. The hitch: They need to dive deep into dark waters, wherein gruesome evil dwells . . . And for high-flying maximum Ride, can there it is in anything an ext terrifying than being trapped in the good abyss?
With high-flying thrills, this soaring adventure take away Maximum Ride and the Flock right into terrifying new territory -- fans, host your breath!
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The idea of kids with superpowers should be terrifying. It’s not, or at the very least not in this series. This novel manages to have actually comic book imagery without being a graphic novel. Imagine six-year old Angel through her beautiful wings and gills flying gracefully or swim in the ocean. Imagine the fashion mindful Nudge. I keep gaining beautiful photos of these kids at times like once they have a water balloon fight. The writer manages to weave in lessons abut the threats facing earth Earth and also how crucial it is to save it and ourselves. The message is subtle and also the publication stays enjoyable. It has actually been as well long since I review the last book in the series, therefore it take it me a minute to capture up v the bird kids and their dog, Total. The kids now have gills for this reason they have the right to survive under water and in the sky and also Total now has actually wings. Cool. Yet they store developing new powers come cope with each danger. Is that playing fair v readers that expect personalities to cope v what they already have - also if what they have are super powers. Possibly the kids already have too many super powers. It’s tough to keep track of castle all. I even have to take it notes on the characters. Iggy is blind; Gasman is handy v bombs. Fang is Max’s love interest, and Angel is evolving quicker than the others. Complete the dog has actually a crush on a pure bred Akita. Ns loved the component where the U.S. Navy tried to teach the kids an easy training. After what these kids have been with in the novels therefore far, over there isn’t much much more about survival that they can learn. Challenging survival instructors got a lesson from a 6 year old. The flock always seem an ext than as much as whatever threats that challenge them.