Kristina Georgia eye is the version daughter. She does fine in school, she doesn’t reason trouble, and she keeps come herself. When she visits her father one day, every little thing changes. She is exposed to the monster: crystal meth, or “crank.”

Under the influence of the monster, Kristina doesn’t exist anymore. Bree, one alter-ego, takes her place. Bree does every little thing that Kristina wouldn’t, and also she’ll carry out anything to keep a steady flow of crank coming in. What began as a wild adventure easily turns right into a nightmarish struggle as the monster takes control of Kristina’s life.

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In Crank, author Ellen Hopkins produced the personality Kristina ~ above her very own daughter, who knowledgeable real-life decision meth addiction. This #1 new York time bestseller is a teacher’s selection for the ethical depiction of the results of medicine addiction. Kristina’s story is one that will certainly stick with you for years come come.

Margaret K. McElderry Books
Jun 20, 2008

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Ellen Hopkins

Ellen Hopkins is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of many young adult novels, and the adult novels together as Triangles, Collateral, and Love Lies Beneath. She lives with her family in Carson City, Nevada, where she has actually founded Ventana Sierra, a nonprofit youth real estate and resource initiative. Follow her on Twitter in ~

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Crank - Ellen Hopkins

Cover: Crank, by Ellen Hopkins

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Crank, by Ellen Hopkins, Margaret K. McElderry Books


To best preserve formatting of facility poems and elements, us recommend the this publication be check out at a smaller sized font dimension on her device.


This book is specialized to mine family, and all family members whose lives have been touched by the monster.

With special thanks to Lin Oliver and also Steve Mooser and also their exorbitant SCBWI, which guided mine way.


While this work-related is fiction, the is loosely based upon a an extremely true story—my daughter’s. The monster did touch she life, and the stays of her family. Mine family. That is difficult to clock someone you love loss so deeply under the assignment of a substance that turns him or her right into a stranger. Who you don’t even want to know.

Nothing in this story is impossible. Lot of it occurred to us, or to family members like ours. Plenty of of the characters are composites of actual people. If castle ring true, they should. The infant at the finish of the publication is currently seven years old, and my husband and also I have embraced him. He is growing now, but it take it a most extra love.

If this story speak to you, ns have completed what I set out to do. Crank is, indeed, a monster—one that is difficult to leave behind when you invite it right into your life. Think twice. Climate think again.