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INTRODUCTIONI'VE always BEEN FASCINATED through spiders. I supplied to collection them when I to be younger. I'd spend hours rooting through the dusty old burned at the bottom of our garden, hunting the cobwebs for lurking eight-legged predators. When I uncovered one, I'd carry it in and also let it loosened in my bedroom.It provided to drive my mom crazy!Usually, the spider would slip far after no much more than a work or two, never to be seen again, but sometimes castle hung approximately longer. I had actually one that made a cobweb over my bed and stood safety for virtually a month. Going come sleep, I used to imagine the spider creeping down, crawling into my mouth, sliding under my throat, and also laying loads of eggs in mine belly. The infant spiders would hatch ~ a while and also eat me alive, indigenous the within out.I loved gift scared when I was little.When i was nine, mine mom and also dad provided me a little tarantula. It wasn't poisonous or really big, however it to be the biggest gift I'd ever received. Ns played through that spider virtually every waking hour of the day. Provided it every sorts of treats: flies and cockroaches and tiny worms. Spoiled the rotten.Then, one day, i did something stupid. I'd been watching a cartoon in which one of the characters was sucked up by a vacuum cleaner. No harm came to him. The squeezed out of the bag, dusty and dirty and also mad together hell. The was really funny.So funny, ns tried that myself. With the tarantula.Needless to say, points didn't happen quite prefer they go in the cartoon. The spider was ripped come pieces. Ns cried a lot, however it was as well late for tears. Mine pet to be dead, it was my fault, and also there was nothing I can do around it.My parents virtually hollered the roof down as soon as they found out what I'd excellent - the tarantula had expense quite a many money. They stated I to be irresponsible, and also from that day top top they never ever again permit me have actually a pet, not also an simple garden spider.I started with that tale from the previous for 2 reasons. One will become noticeable as this publication unfolds. The other reason is:This is a true story.I don't mean you to think me - i wouldn't think it myself if ns hadn't lived it - yet it is. Everything I define in this book happened, just as i tell it.The thing around real life is, when you do something stupid, it normally costs you. In books, the heroes deserve to make as countless mistakes together they like. That doesn't issue what they do, because everything functions out in the end. They'll to win the bad guys and also put things right and also everything end up cool.In real life, vacuum cleaners death spiders. If you cross a busy roadway without looking, you obtain whacked through a car. If you loss out the a tree, girlfriend break part bones.Real life's nasty. It's cruel. The doesn't care around heroes and happy endings and also the way things must be. In actual life, bad things happen. Human being die. Fights space lost. Evil often wins.I simply wanted to make that clear before I began.One an ext thing: my surname isn't really Darren Shan. Everything's true in this book, other than for names. I've had to readjust them because... Well, by the moment you acquire to the end, you'll understand.I haven't used any kind of real names, not mine, my sister's, mine friends, or teachers. Nobody's. I'm not also going to tell you the name of my city or country. Ns don't dare.Anyway, that's sufficient of one introduction. If you're ready, let's begin.

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If this were a made-up story, the would begin at night, through a storm blowing and also owls hooting and rattling noises under the bed. However this is a actual story, so I have to start where it yes, really started.It started in a toilet.