RCA SystemLINK remote - password Search Programming

Reported to occupational with models 3 and also 4+ and maybe more.

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Make sure the maker you room programming is turned off.Press and also hold password SEARCH.Press and release TV, VCR, or CABLE equivalent to the an equipment to be controlled. The indicator light willflash as soon as to suggest the find is enabled.Release CODESEARCH.Press OFF/ON continuously until the device turns on.Press CHANNEL V (channel down) because that verification. Do NOT press any kind of other buttons at this time.

If the channel changes on the device, the code is valid. Press ENTERto complete the search. If the channel does not change, turnoff thedevice (withoutattempting to use the remote). Then continue search through repeating measures 5-6. As soon as all password havebeen searched, the indicator irradiate willflash double andthe far will return to the typical mode.

More submitted programming info from Tom:

Thanks for her site. Ns did have some trouble with the instructions."Press and hold password SEARCH until indicator irradiate lights."On my far this never ever happens!

However pressing CODE SEARCH and TV (make sure TV is on at this point),release and also then press ON/Off untilTV turns off go work. Press get in after TV turns off.Same works for VCR.

Indicator light comes on as buttons are being pressed yet never comes on inresponse come holding code SEARCH and also does not flash after pushing TV, VCR orCABLE

Yet more submitted programming details from Robert:

Thanks for the clues on your web site. For the RCA SytemLink 3 v the vital pad,I might not gain the sequences explained to work. Yet they did allude me in adirection which operated for my remote:

With the TV off (for TV)Press and hold code search unit the light remains onPress TV (for TV) switch oncePress the on/off switch once

There after, the light will remain lit and also every couple to three seconds, it willblink twice indicating the is trying an additional code. I could accelerate this bypressing the on/off button instead that waiting.

When the TV rotate on, ns pressed enter. After that the unit worked. Keep in mind that ifI pressed the channel down vital instead that enter, the unit would revolve the TV onand off, however not regulate the channel. Only pressing go into after the TV turnedon would certainly work.

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Note that I uncovered this operated for an old zenith TV, a Samsung VCR, and a Yamaha+DVD.

Yet even an ext submitted programming information from Walt:

A sports from any of the 3 the you currently have for RCA"s Systemlink3was the just one that functioned for mine 1986 Sony TV:

with TV Off, organize down password Search till red light comes on.Press On/Off button repeatedly until TV comes onPress TV button(Optional) press channel increase or under to verify that Channel changesPress Enter