RCA SystemLINK Remote - Code Search Programming

Reported to work through models 3 and also 4+ and probably even more.

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Make sure the device you are programming is turned off.Press and also host CODE SEARCH.Press and release TV, VCR, or CABLE corresponding to the tool to be regulated. The indicator light willflash once to indicate the search is allowed.Release CODESEARCH.Press OFF/ON repeatedly till the device transforms on.Press CHANNEL V (channel down) for confirmation. DO NOT press any type of other butloads at this time.

If the channel alters on the device, the code is valid. Press ENTERto finish the search. If the channel does not adjust, turnoff thegadget (withoutattempting to usage the remote). Then proceed search by repeating actions 5-6. When all codes havebeen searched, the indicator light willflash twice andthe remote will certainly return to the normal mode.

More submitted programming details from Tom:

Thanks for your website. I did have actually some trouble with the instructions."Press and also organize CODE SEARCH till indicator light lights."On my remote this never before happens!

However Pressing CODE SEARCH and TV (make certain TV is on at this point),release and also then push ON/Off untilTV turns off does occupational. Press enter after TV turns off.Same functions for VCR.

Indicator light comes on as butlots are being pressed yet never before comes on inresponse to holding CODE SEARCH and also does not flash after pushing TV, VCR orCABLE

Yet more submitted programming information from Robert:

Thanks for the clues on your web website. For the RCA SytemLink 3 with the vital pad,I might not gain the sequences defined to occupational. But they did allude me in adirection which worked for my remote:

With the TV off (for TV)Press and also hold code search unit the light continues to be onPress TV (for TV) button oncePress the on/off switch once

There after, the light will certainly stay lit and eincredibly couple to three secs, it willbconnect twice indicating it is trying one more code. I might acceleprice this bypressing the on/off switch rather of waiting.

When the TV turned on, I pressed enter. Thereafter the unit operated. Note that ifI pressed the channel dvery own essential instead of enter, the unit would certainly revolve the TV onand also off, however not manage the channel. Only pushing enter after the TV turnedon would certainly job-related.

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Note that I discovered this operated for an old Zenith TV, a Samsung VCR, and a Yamaha+DVD.

Yet even even more submitted programming details from Walt:

A variation from any kind of of the 3 that you currently have for RCA"s Systemlink3was the only one that operated for my 1986 Sony TV:

With TV Off, organize dvery own Code Search till red light comes on.Press On/Off button repetitively until TV comes onPress TV button(Optional) Press channel up or down to verify that Channel changesPress Enter