To transform a quart measurement to a cubic foot measurement, multiply the volume through the conversion ratio.

since one quart is equal to 0.03342 cubic feet, you deserve to use this an easy formula come convert:

Quarts and also cubic feet space both units used to measure up volume. Keep analysis to learn an ext about every unit that measure.

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The us liquid quart is a unit of fluid volume equal to one fourth of a gallon, 2 pints, or four cups. The liquid quart have to not be puzzled with the dry quart (US) or the royal quart, i beg your pardon are different units.

The quart is a us customary unit of volume. Quarts have the right to be abbreviated together qt; because that example, 1 quart have the right to be created as 1 qt.

Cubic Feet

The cubic foot is a unit the volume that is equal to the an are consumed by a cube having sides one foot on every edge.

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The cubic foot is a us customary and also imperial unit the volume. A cubic foot is sometimes likewise referred to as a cubic ft. Cubic feet have the right to be abbreviated together ft³, and also are additionally sometimes abbreviated together cu foot, cu ft, or CF. Because that example, 1 cubic foot can be composed as 1 ft³, 1 cu foot, 1 cu ft, or 1 CF.

shot our cubic clip calculator to calculation the volume that a space.

Quart come Cubic Foot conversion Table

Quart dimensions converted come cubic feet Quarts Cubic Feet
1 qt 0.03342 ft³
2 qt 0.06684 ft³
3 qt 0.10026 ft³
4 qt 0.133681 ft³
5 qt 0.167101 ft³
6 qt 0.200521 ft³
7 qt 0.233941 ft³
8 qt 0.267361 ft³
9 qt 0.300781 ft³
10 qt 0.334201 ft³
11 qt 0.367622 ft³
12 qt 0.401042 ft³
13 qt 0.434462 ft³
14 qt 0.467882 ft³
15 qt 0.501302 ft³
16 qt 0.534722 ft³
17 qt 0.568142 ft³
18 qt 0.601562 ft³
19 qt 0.634983 ft³
20 qt 0.668403 ft³
21 qt 0.701823 ft³
22 qt 0.735243 ft³
23 qt 0.768663 ft³
24 qt 0.802083 ft³
25 qt 0.835503 ft³
26 qt 0.868924 ft³
27 qt 0.902344 ft³
28 qt 0.935764 ft³
29 qt 0.969184 ft³
30 qt 1.0026 ft³
31 qt 1.036 ft³
32 qt 1.0694 ft³
33 qt 1.1029 ft³
34 qt 1.1363 ft³
35 qt 1.1697 ft³
36 qt 1.2031 ft³
37 qt 1.2365 ft³
38 qt 1.27 ft³
39 qt 1.3034 ft³
40 qt 1.3368 ft³