You ever before wondered…. Does wrecking or crushing prenatal vitamins in shampoo for hair development work?

You’ll find the real answer today, return you may not prefer what ns tell you.

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The fact is important though and will help you avoid wasting time on her hair growth journey.

Here’s the issue:

Some folks speak that placing prenatal complement pills in shampoo or soap may assist grow hair, while this really isn’t true at all.

Why is this false?

Because in order to thrive hair through prenatal vitamins, the nutrient from the hair expansion vitamins need to be absorbed by life cells below the surface of your scalp and also at the bulb of her hair follicle, scientifically called the “dermal papillae”. 


Prenatal nutrients should reach the dermal papillae because these cell not just regulate hair follicle development and growth yet are additionally thought to it is in a reservoir of multipotent stem cells. 

Dermal papilla cell are likewise important regulators of the hair follicle pigmentation.

How To use Prenatal Vitamins because that Hair expansion - The right Way

So, ns know… I just burst your bubble by telling you that crushing prenatal vitamins in shampoo for hair expansion won’t carry out a dang point for you.

That’s kinda messed up…


Prenatal vitamin can help your hair development by just swallowing those bad boys! and we have the before and after hair growth pictures to prove it!


Prenatal supplements need to be took in inside your digestive system. The is with your stomach and also guts the the vitamin will find the body’s distribution center and also get sent out to every part of her body the is in need.

This is exactly how prenatal vitamins are eventually successful, by traveling v your bloodstream to her scalp and promoting much faster hair growth. 

And listen:

Even if friend aren’t having actually a infant you can take prenatal vitamin orally because that a hair development boost.

These prenatal nutrients space meant to be taken orally so that your body can ingest and also distribute them, PERIOD. Simply putting prenatal vitamin in shampoo for hair development does not have the same result as them being inside her body.

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FAQs around Prenatal vitamin in Shampoo for Hair Growth

There room a many topical remedies you can turn to as well as prenatal vitamins in shampoo for hair growth, plenty of different growth oils and also serums normally penetrate and boost growth.

So if you room specifically looking for a topical hair expansion solution you deserve to look right into oils like Hairfinity botanical Hair Oil or Wild growth hair oil and there are also some powerful hair development serums that you have the right to directly use to your scalp or include to her shampoo.

Why Prenatal vitamin in Shampoo because that Hair expansion Don’t Work

One factor that putting prenatal vitamin in shampoo for hair development will not work-related is because one that the main active hair growth nutrients in prenatal vitamins is folic acid.

And topically-applied folic mountain breaks down into a much less active, less efficient substance once exposed to the environment too long.

It simply doesn’t organize up well sufficient or long enough to it is in effective.

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Fact is, Ultraviolet radiation can degrade folate and folic acid into its less active form. And please believe, girlfriend don’t have to be sitting directly in the sunlight to get UV rays, Ultraviolet radiation is a continuous in ours environment. 

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