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Vulfpeck - ago Pocket barisalcity.orgIn my back pocket placed it in my bag In my pocket In my ago pocket and also I"ll read it when I"m alone as soon as you kissed me on the playground I shed my breath, I had actually to place down and assess what I had seen climate I had actually to create the native out reason you took them out of my mouth yet it"s tough for me to check out Out loud
John Cougar - Ain"t also Done through The Night ...You acquired your hands in my ago pockets and sam cooke"s singin" on the radio friend say that I"m the boy Who can make it every come true Well, I"m tellin" ya that ns don"t understand If I know what to perform You say that"s all right, host tight Well, i don"t also know If I"m doin" this right Well, every right, host tight We can stay the end all work We have the right to run approximately ...
John Mellencamp - Ain"t also Done through The Night ...You got your hand in my ago pockets and Sam Cooke"s singin" top top the radio you say the I"m the young who have the right to make it all come true Well, I"m tellin" ya that i don"t understand if I know what to do. You speak that"s every right, organize tight Well, i don"t even know if I"m doin" this ideal Well every right, organize tight We can stay the end all job or we can run ...
VULFPECK - earlier POCKET barisalcity.orgIn my back pocket placed it in my pocket, in my pocket In my back pocket and also I"ll check out it once I"m alone once you kissed me ~ above the playground I lost my breath I had actually to place down and also assess what I had actually seen then I had actually to compose the words out "Cause you took "em the end of mine mouth but it"s tough for me to read Out loud
Mark Owen - Backpocket and also Me barisalcity.orgShould it to fill the human being or my earlier pocket and me In this photo I"m going to try and get review In this picture The lines space blurred however my colors room shining with Everything, whatever will be ok It will be yes sir Cos now I know just how this picture should it is in it have to fill the world, but it also should fill me my ...
Kevin gates - document Chasers barisalcity.orgGlock in my ago pocket, currently cocked it s okay I"m clockin" cheese Strap jump turn off the hinges in the trenches, all in alleyways had actually to say, each and every day we grabbin" file Live the hustle, most likely die, gangster and also etcetera at some time I can"t take it no break, they keep callin" my cellular This the game and also we recognize this life us gon" be alright
Dan + Shay - every To Myself barisalcity.orgSlip your hand in my ago pocket Go and let your long hair loss I desire you all, all, every to myself, come myself, yes Girl, I desire you in the worst means Yeah, I want you in the worst method I want you every to myself we don"t require anyone else Let ours bodies carry out the talk Let our shadows paint the wall I want you here in my arms We"ll hide away in the dark
Maroon 5 - Nobody"s Love barisalcity.orgIf you ever before left mine side never ever let you go, oh, i (Never let friend go, oh, I) You"re the only hand in my back pocket If you ever before left, I"d walk pyschotic Heaven, listen me cryin", cryin" (Ooh, ooh, ooh) Baby, you"re the an essential to mine heart, lock it If you ever before left, never unlock it Lonely choose an island, island (Ooh, ooh, ooh) If my love ain"t your love
Rap God text - EminemAll my people from the front to the earlier nod, ago nod currently who thinks their arms space long sufficient to slap box, slap box. They stated I rap choose a robot, so contact me rap-bot. However for me come rap choose a computer must it is in in my genes. I acquired a laptop in my earlier pocket
Snoop Dogg - Tha Shiznit barisalcity.orgSack that the chronic in my earlier pocket loc require myself a lighter so i can"t take a smoke ns toke everyday, ns loc everyday With the P-O-U-N-D and my nigga Dr. Dre Lay back in the cut, prefer I told her ass Gimme the microphone and let me fight you v a blast I obtained a tiny cousin by the surname of Daz and bitches who fuck him, gimme the ass
Vulfpeck - earlier Pocket barisalcity.orgI understand That it"s take away me all this time come say girl I"m sluggish So it"s taken me all this time to say girl pointer toe and also I want to identify my mistake girl Uh Oh and also I hope that you know it"s not also late put it in mine pocket, placed it in my pocket In my earlier pocket put it in mine pocket, in my bag In my back pocket O O O and I"ll put it in mine pocket, put it in my bag In my ago pocket placed it ...
Bruce Springsteen - All the Heaven Will enable ...I acquired a dollar in my pocket over there ain"t a cloud up above I acquired a snapshot in a locket That states baby ns love you fine if you didn"t look then boys Then fellas don"t walk lookin" now Well here she comes a-walkin" All that heaven will enable Say hey there mister bouncer currently all ns wanna carry out is dance but I swear i left mine wallet
Quality Control, counter & Cardi B - Um Yea ...Fifty K sloppy, every in my pocket, contact it a Whopper (fifty ball) Can"t absent it, no soccer, bird in the catch still sing like an opera (brr) Robinson 44 (uh), bitch take a trip in the chopper quiet ballin" choose forty-four, and we still pull up through choppers
Paul McCartney - Ballroom to dance barisalcity.orgSticking the end My back Pocket however It Wasn"t constantly Such A Pretty sight "Cos We provided To Fight like Cats and also Dogs till Me made It up In The Ballroom Ballroom Dancing made A man Of Me One, Two, Three, 4 I simply Plain Adore your Ballroom Dancing, seen It top top Tv I acquired What I acquired From Ballroom Dancing big B.D. Fine I supplied To Fly as soon as I to be A Kid
Eminem - lab God barisalcity.orgThey said I rap prefer a robot, so contact me Rap-bot however for me to rap choose a computer It have to be in my genes I acquired a laptop in my back pocket mine pen"ll walk off as soon as I half-cock it got a fat knot from that rap profit Made a livin" and also a killin" off it Ever since Bill Clinton to be still in office v Monica Lewinsky feelin" ~ above his nutsack I"m one MC ...
Mark Owen - Backpocket and also Me barisalcity.orgOr small enough because that my earlier pocket and me I start with the heart now The rest will build from its beat as it takes form The snapshot no longer resembles me It resembles every living thing I"ve ever seen or heard indigenous the love of me come a paris bird So currently how large should this snapshot be need to it fill the world or my ago ...
Cowboy Junkies - A usual Disaster come "A usual Disaster" by Cowboy Junkies. A candle burn for every little thing I"ve ever wanted A tattoo shed for everything I"ve ever before wanted and lost I had a long list that names the I retained in my back pocket, yet I"ve reduced it under to one and also your name"s at the top
Eminem - rap God barisalcity.orgAll my world from the front to the ago nod, back nod ... Yet for me come rap favor a computer system must be in my gene I got a laptop in my back pocket mine pen"ll go off as soon as I half-cock it gained a fat node from that rap benefit Made a living and a killing off it Ever due to the fact that Bill Clinton to be still in office v Monica Lewinsky feeling on his nutsack
Kiss - take Me barisalcity.orgPut your hand in my pocket Grab onto my rocket feels so an excellent to view you get Baby acquired to know Do perform you want to go just how you gonna do me feel I claimed "Go baby, you do me feel ah, ah, ah, ah yes Oh, baby, you make me feeling ah, ah, ah, ah yeah" So take it me any means you desire me simply break me any method you have the right to Take me any means you want me, now
Bob Seger - Jumpin" Humpin" i know good Hypocrite ...Hey, obtained my hands in my earlier pocket I"m a jumpin" Unscrewing the light from the socket and I"d fairly stand than sit Puttin" all the people in the dark Tellin" everyone an excellent night taking leave bye I put the sound Carryin" the reality in my ago pocket mine hands space holdin" me under I"ve been wait for people to questioning me What have actually you found
Mandy Moore - In My pocket (Thunderpuss Thunderdub) ...Slip my heart in your back pocket all I got to save me warmth Baby don"t leaving me right here without that Tell me exactly how much for your love. Nothing however pennies in my pocket Nothing yet faith to save me warmth Baby, climate I"d be broke without it Tell me how much for your love on slide my heart in your back pocket all I acquired to save you warmth Baby, don"t allow me listen ...
Young Dolph - Boyz In Da Hood barisalcity.orgI obtained racks in mine front and ago pockets 30 an ext p"s of strong in the closet I just left the bank and also made a huge deposit Nigga i don"t understand your bitch yet did ns fuck her, most likely Looking out the home window with the AK prefer I"m Malcolm pave em climate I load em, she sucking me like a vacuum they hating, crap em, taxes em You should come view me and also ask me
Zeds Dead - ago Home barisalcity.orgPocket complete of bands, they my motherfuckin" girlfriend till the end reason these niggas and also these hoes ain"t shit Say good Lord Lord ns promise i been tryin" to readjust my methods Seems like the money and the bitches in my means I lost my mental so for my enemies I pray i look the police in their face, say crime pays
EUROPE - hole IN MY bag barisalcity.orgSpend mine money come buy an ext time now forever"s keeping me approximately Hey listen, I"m not taking calls Ain"t going back to nothin" in ~ all versus all odds and evidence i knew my sun was gonna climb again! Let"s all Pretend we don"t pretend, It"s no the end, It never gets much better than this hole in my pocket stone in my shoe, Time keeps on winning, What ...
Now That"s What I contact Music! - In my Pocket ...That in my eye you"re for this reason revealing you"ll discover what you"re needing. Nothing however pennies in my bag Nothing but faith to save me heat But, baby, climate I"d be damaged without it Tell me, just how much for your love. HE"S IN MY love IN YOUR ago POCKET, all I"VE acquired TO save MY WARM, BUT, BABY, DONT leaving ME HEAR without IT, call ME, how MUCH FOR your ...
King Los - Racks In My bag barisalcity.orgRacks in my bag Racks in my pocket Yeah, I got racks in my bag She got a big"ol ass, big"ol ass as soon as she struggle the phase them various other hoes don"t obtain no cash currently work that pole, work that pole, bitch work-related that, work that pole, bitch job-related that pole, occupational that pole, bitch occupational that, work that pole, bitch I acquired Racks in my bag Racks in my ...

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Mandy Moore - In My bag come "In my Pocket" through Mandy Moore. ... 8 points You Didn"t Know about Drake; XXXTENTACION - SAD! (Official Music Video)
Ed Sheeran - picture barisalcity.orgInside the bag Of your ripped blue jeans Holdin" me closer "Til our eyes accomplish You won"t ever be alone and also if friend hurt me That"s OK, baby, only words bleed within these pages you just hold me and I won"t ever let you go Wait for me come come residence Wait because that me to come residence Wait because that me to come home Wait because that me to come home Oh you have the right to fit me
MGK - death In My pocket barisalcity.orgMGK death In My bag Death In mine Pocket text performed through MGK: i got death in mine pocket and nothing but time every these skeleton in the closet, in the ago of my mind I simply leave "em there, ns don’t also care, no Holding up the flare, I can use a prayer, oh
Dave east - uncovered A way barisalcity.org20-thousand in my ago pocket, i m really sorry nigga, ns ain"t acquired the adjust Niggas the I prospered up with, dislike me much more than ever Charge it to the video game I just play the earlier seat, gettin" top, when the driver move lanes pull up, brand-new Maserati ns ain"t touch her body, but the bitch come 20-thousand in my back pocket, i m really sorry nigga, ns ain"t obtained the change
Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Razzle In my Pocket ...Inside my jacket and away double quick. Good sense called me, as soon as was enough however I had a cocky eye on much more of this stuff v the Razzle in mine pocket, ago to have another peek. Rather of gift sneeky ns strolled inside, I put my thieving hand on something rude ns walked right out with a silhouette the nudes "Hold ~ above sonny" claimed a voice in ~ my side
EUROPE - feet in My pocket because that Hole in My bag by EUROPE. Hear the cry the the battle-bow, God is functioning his methods tonight, means back we"re on this ro...
Seaway - Hand In My bag barisalcity.orgBecause I"ve acquired one hand in my pocket and also the other one is flicking a tobacco What it all comes down to Is that i haven"t gained it all figured out just yet since I"ve obtained one hand in mine pocket and also the other one is offering the peace sign I"m cost-free but I"m concentrated I"m green however I"m wise I"m hard yet I"m friendly, infant I"m sad but I"m laughing
Jeffree Star - In My bag barisalcity.orgI think I acquired a hole in my pocket You gimme, gimme, gimme love yet I lost it ns think I acquired a hole in my bag Where"d that go? almost everywhere the civilization What around the window? you gimme, gimme, gimme love and I to reduce it i think I got a hole in my my my.. Slipping best through my fingers, oh ns can"t believe it It"s all just happening so fast
Juliette and The Licks - Money In mine Pocket text ...Money in my pocket setup fire to a second rate dream Cash it or check it you gotta readjust that dead red irradiate to mean environment-friendly You know the Licks room alive! They come to bruise your heart So open up up your damn mind! on the ride, on the drive away. The world"s gone crazy yet I"ve acquired my friends Nothing"s gonna save me now

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