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host it togetherBirds of a featherNothing however lies and crooked wingsI have actually the answerSpreading the cancerYou space the belief inside meNo, Don"t, leaving me to dice hereHelp me make it through here, aloneDon"t Remember!Remember!Put me to sleep, evil AngelOpen her wings, angry Angel (Ahhh)I"m a believerNothing can be worseAll this imaginary friendsHiding betrayalDriving the nailHoping to discover a saviorNo, don"t, leaving me to dice hereHelp me survive here, aloneDon"t Surrender!Surrender!Put me come sleep, evil AngelOpen your wings, evil Angel (oohh)Fly over me, evil AngelWhy can"t ns breathe, evil AngelPut me come sleep, evil AngelOpen her wings, evil Angel (oohh)Fly over me, evil AngelWhy can"t ns breathe, angry Angel
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