When utilizing a slow cooker it yes, really is all around convenience and a tender meal at the finish of the food preparation time.

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Using a Proctor Silex slow cooker is easy, follow this steps. Have all your ingredients reduced to size, sear or brown any type of ingredients if the recipe calls for it. Set the timer come the required cooking time with low or high. Once the cooking cycle is complete set the cooker come keep warmth until girlfriend are ready to serve.

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How to use a Proctor Silex slow-moving Cooker

So there you have it exactly how to usage this slow cooker.

Bear in psychic that giving the slow cooker is about 4-quarts, no issue the brand. Aso as long as it has a dial temperature control switch you will usage it the same way as the Prcotr Silex brand.

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Proctor Silex sluggish Cooker Recipes

You deserve to see recipes that have actually been designed because that various types and sizes of slow-moving cookers right here on the Proctor Silex Website.

The page is really easy to use and well to adjust out.

You can pick recipes by utilizing an inbuilt filtering system.

IngredientsMeal kind – browse by courseOccasion – browser by occasionAppliance form browse by appliance

Proctor-Silex 33043 4-Quart slow Cooker Review

Click the photo to view this slow-moving cooker for yourself…

Slow cooking is a warm topic, but you additionally need great gear, and that could be expensive. If girlfriend don’t want to pay complete price, however still want to get excellent service, when you’re purchasing a Proctor-Silex 33043 4-Quart Slow Cooker, then check out on.

This will not only save friend money. It will also save girlfriend time.

This sluggish cooker is among the great ones out there, and it has actually a big number of hopeful reviews online.

The stainless steel lid that comes with this cooker deserve to be used just as for sure on the insert if friend are cooking in your stove as when you have actually the insert in the cooker.

Another amazing feature of this job-related of arts is the silicone handles, which deserve to be removed if necessary, that enable the cooker come be moved from benchtop to tabletop to make serving simply that small bit easier.

The lid and the insert, as you would expect, space both dishwashers safe, and also this cooker has actually a removable strength cord.

You will uncover this to be a vast plus in the “benchtop come the tabletop because that serving” saga, and also you will find it to it is in a little bit of a godsend when the time involves pack it away, especially if an are is in high demand.

As well together the physical design, the brushed stainless steel housing is wherein the “Art” part of it come in. It actions in at a sizeable 18.2 x 11.5 x 9.2 inches and also comes v a 12-month restricted warranty.

Pro and ConsProctor-Silex 4-Quart sluggish Cooker

When comparing the pros and also cons, i feel that there room much much more for 보다 against. Ns have provided some but not all here.

The insert have the right to be used on the stove-top The insert is aluminum, allowing for an extremely uniform heatingThis slow cooker is on the little side
This product is really easy to cleanYou will require to think about the quantity of food you desire to prepare
The silicone handles allow the insert come be relocated from cooker come tableSome advise that your lids perform not sit flush to the pot
Roasting rack had with purchaseContact customer organization if this happens to you
Timing functions (timer, countdown, programmable, etc)
High warmth is high, can reason overheating if no attended to

Best functions of the Proctor-Silex sluggish Cooker

Attractive stainless-steel housingAn simple to read flat panel digital display basic push-button controlsIt has actually protection against power-interrupt protectionRemovable pot and also tempered glass gasket lid the clips strict down, both space dishwasher safe and can also be washed by handClip-On spoon, a clip-tight gasket lid, and totally graspable handles, for relocating safelyMeasures around 10-2/5 by 16 through 16 inch in sizeComes through 1-year restricted warranty

Easy and basic to use this sluggish cooker:-

Simply add your selected ingredients into the stoneware pot, ar it right into the electric base and let it make prepare her dinner when youare liven doing other things.

This 4-quart slow-moving cooker is ideal for roasts, stews, soups, curries, casseroles, also desserts.

It comes with a user manual, and some recipes are additionally included.

Frequently inquiry Question’s

How large Is a 1.5 Qt slow-moving Cooker?

The sizes and dimensions below are because that a 1.5 quart round and also a 1.5-quart oval slow cooker. This size slow cooker is an ideal to feed 1 come 2 people.


Capacity – 1.5 quartsServes – 1/2Dimensions – 8.8 x 8.8 x 6 inchesWeight – 4.69 pounds


Oval – 1.5-quartsServes – 1/2Dimensions – 7.75 x 10.5 x 7.12 inchesWeight – 5 pounds

See mine in-depth post that goes right into detail about this size slow cooker here.

What size Slow Cooker Is best for a single Person?

A minimum the 3-quarts is the finest size sluggish cooker for a solitary person.

This size sluggish cooker will offer you many of room to make any kind of dish even if the is only for one person.

Any smaller and you will be limited with the cut of meat you can prepare. Remember that is all about making soft meat of any kind once slow cooking.


To finish – how to use Proctor Silex slow Cooker

You now know just how easy the is come use one of these manual slow-moving cookers and also a little an ext information to assist you prepare perfect slow-cooked meals every time.

It is a perfect enhancement to any kind of kitchen. A good idea as a gift for the civilization who choose to cook and eat healthy and balanced food yet do no have sufficient time.

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If girlfriend still require a little more information about slow cookers prior to you purchase to take a look in ~ my short article on that lists the point you need to look for prior to buying a sluggish cooker!!

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To acquisition or see an ext click here to inspect out this slow cooker, that is price, and also further reviews because that yourself.