We’re being askedto determine the molecule geometryofCBr4. The feasible molecular shapes are:


To do so, we very first need to attract aLewis structure for CBr4. Because that this, we need to do the adhering to steps:

Step 1:Determine the central atom in this molecule.

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Step 2:Calculate the total variety of valence electrons present.

Step 3:Draw the Lewis framework for the molecule.

Step 4:Determine the molecule geometry the the molecule.


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Q.Determine the exactly molecular geometry (from left come right) around each interior atom in CH3CH2OH.
Q.The ion CH5+, can type under really special high-energy problems in the vapor phase in a massive spectrometer.Predict the geometry for CH5+.

What scientific principle do you require to know in order to settle this problem?

Our tutors have indicated that to resolve this difficulty you will need to use the Electron Geometry concept. You have the right to view video clip lessons to find out Electron Geometry. Or if friend need an ext Electron Geometry practice, you can also practice Electron Geometry practice problems.

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Our tutors rated the difficulty ofDetermine the molecular geometry of CBr4....as medium difficulty.

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Our skilled Chemistry tutor, Sabrina took 4 minutes and also 6 secs to fix this problem. You have the right to follow their actions in the video explanation above.

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