Your destination: Camden, Maine. You recognize you want to start in Portland on your method through Downeast Maine, but where else? There space so numerous destinations 보다 the ones anyone knows about! obtain yourself off the to win path and also check out some of these other highly anticipated destinations, both because that tourists and locals. Make your Maine holidays or household adventure an significant journey that you’ll never forget and you never understand what surprise secrets you may come across!

The World’s largest Rotating Globe, Yarmouth as soon as driving v Yarmouth, be sure to do a stop to visit Eartha. Eartha, stand 3 story tall, is the world’s largest rotating globe. Located at the DeLorme Center, girlfriend can uncover yourself immersed in not just Maine’s geographic society but also the world’s! inspect out the DeLorme map store and also gift shop after checking out Eartha. Don’t have actually time come stop? save your eyes peeled top top the highway, as the route to Camden takes you right past this highlighted destination!

L.L. Bean Stores, Freeport This stop may be a given, but a lot of of human being don’t know that yes sir much an ext to Freeport than simply L.L. Bean. In fact, L.L. Bean has multiple shop there, native the factory store come the residence store, to the main store, come the outdoors shop! It’s no joke that you could spend whole day experimenting what this huge Maine-based brand needs to offer. From interactive nooks come beautiful displays, stopping by this stores room a must! In addition, there are numerous other outlets and also factory shop in Freeport’s village Station and the bordering malls such together J. Crew, Patagonia, Vineyard Vines, Calvin Klein, Cole Haan, and also more!

Bowdoin College, Brunswick If you finish of avoiding in Brunswick, make certain to take it a stroll v the beautiful Bowdoin College. Bowdoin is Maine’s premier and nationally renowned college of for free arts and also science. Hired in 1794, Bowdoin College has a the majority of history! The campus landscaping is impeccable and provides a beautiful 200-acre summary of what the setting Maine has to offer important looks like. The Bowdoin Museum of art is also a must see when visiting this campus.

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Red’s Eats, Wiscasset As stated in ours previous blog featuring the top 5 lobster roll in Maine, Red’s Eats is precious the point out once again! Boasting being the “Home of Maine’s #1 Lobster Roll,” this tiny, cash-only restaurant has been up and running in Wiscasset because 1938 and also family owned because 1977. However, yes a lot an ext than lobster roll on the menu! Their classic Maine twist to American quick food, sandwiches, and seafood is well worth the wait and also a Wiscasset lunch stop, no matter what you finish up ordering.

Morse’s Sauerkraut, Waldoboro Morse’s is just one of Maine’s best-kept secrets. Slightly turn off the beaten path in Waldoboro, this tiny German Restaurant and European Deli looks and feels choose it’s directly out that the German countryside. You deserve to sit down and eat having lunch or brunch, or take it a look and see what they have actually in their market. You can uncover candies, chocolates, and other delicious goods that you deserve to really only find in Europe! not to mention, their sauerkraut and also pickles are locally famous.

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Is over there something we missed? did you take place upon a noteworthy ar on her trip? Let us know! For other suggestions of stop on the means to Camden from Portland, feel complimentary to call our knowledgeable concierge in ~ 1-800-236-4266.