Shark tooth island is just one of the earlier and also easier island adventures in Poptropica. In this mission, you have to rescue Professor Hammerhead and a young boy who have been trapped on an island in Booga Bay. A giant shark is impede the means so you’ll require to obtain the assist of the regional medicine male to come up through a plan to take treatment of the shark and perform the daring rescue. This video clip shows you just how to do the complete island really quickly. If you desire the written instructions, keep analysis below!

Poptropica Shark this Island Walkthrough

When you arrive on the island, head automatically all the way to the right and also follow the sign to the ancient Ruins. You deserve to stop by and also visit several of the structures like the Shark Museum on the way, however they’re not important for perfect the mission. Go with the next quick room and also head come the right. You’ll arrive in the old ruins. Walk all the method to the right and watch out for the dropping coconuts together you go. Go to the end and you’ll see a authorize for Booga Bay. Go right again and also head because that the bay.

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Go right through this short room and also then you’ll arrive in lover Booga Bay. Talk to the an initial guy you watch at the Grass Skirts stand. He’ll provide you a grass skirt so that you will look like a indigenous islander. Placed on the grass skirt and also then head earlier left to the ancient ruins. As soon as you come in the ruins, jump over the big stone in the middle so the you space standing ~ above the left next of it and also then press it come the appropriate until that is under the vine right alongside the palm tree. Currently jump up on the peak of the block. Watch the end for falling coconuts and also then jump up again to catch the vine.

Continue climbing up the vine and also jumping increase on the platforms on the tree until you obtain to the really top, whereby you’ll uncover a medicine man. He will certainly talk come you due to the fact that you look choose an islander in your grass skirt. Click on him and also ask him, “What else deserve to you tell me?” He will tell you that deep in the temple there is a wall carving the will present you what you need to bring to the so the he can make a potion that will put the large shark come sleep.

Jump turn off the platform and also keep walking down till you reach the ground. To walk a short distance to the left and you’ll check out the entrance to the temple. It is in the mouth that the big statue and also has spider web in it. Walk inside and also then jump down the communication in the first area.

Soon, you’ll be standing top top a platform and there will be a swinging communication to her left. Time her jump so the you soil on it and also then keep moving to the left. You’ll with a wall surface and then will should go every the method to the bottom. Watch out for the purple bats, that will knock friend over. As soon as you gain to the bottom, go left and then jump every the method up again. Soon you’ll view a big green regulate panel in the upper left corner. Run up onto that platform and click on the panel.


This dashboard will open up the door to the left, but only if you press the correct teeth in the mouth. Counting indigenous the left, you require to click on the 3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th teeth. Then push the huge triangle above the teeth and between the 2 eyes. The door will certainly open and also you have the right to go v it come the left. Store going with the following passage and you’ll arrive inside a large chamber through a green vine hanging down. This one functions a lot favor the room before. Simply jump top top the vine and drop every the way down come the bottom. Walk left some an ext and you’ll come up to a big gold statue of the shark. Jump up on height of the statue and then over it. At this point, you have the right to either run up onto the swinging panel over you and also keep going left, or simply head straight across. If you jump up, you’ll gain to a small pit through spikes in the walls. Jump under here and you’ll land next to an old skeleton with a bone in its mouth. Walk over to the bone to pick it up.

Now head right and also go back to the shark statue. Climb earlier up come the top and also jump on the swinging platform and also go left until you get to the pit v the spikes in the walls. Wait right here for the sliding platform to come close and also then jump on it. Ride it come the various other side that the pit and also then jump off and also exit come the left. Go v the passageway and also you’ll come in an additional chamber v a environment-friendly vine. Just jump under here and run throughout the floor till you obtain to a gigantic pedestal with an urn stop some green stuff in it. Run up on optimal of that and also you will gain the crucial Ingredient. There’s a vine here. Jump up ~ above it and also climb approximately leave the chamber. You’ll it is in in a small room through platforms. Save jumping as much as the top and then exit.

You’ll appear out the a hole in the sand ideal at the beginning component of the island alongside the man selling shark fins. Girlfriend can get one from that if friend like, yet you don’t require it to settle the mission. Now walk come the ideal a small and speak to the guy standing alongside the booth outside the Coconut Cafe. That will offer you some carbonated coconut milk, which is the 3rd and last ingredient you require to carry to the medicine Man.

Now go to the right and head for the ancient ruins. Press the stone in the middle ago underneath the vine alongside the tree and also go back up come visit the medicine Man. He will take all of the ingredients and also create a potion because that you. You’ll gain the Calming medicine from him, which can be supplied to patience the an excellent Booga Shark. Jump off the tree to the right and also head to Booga Bay.

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After you come in Booga Bay, walk to the ideal until you happen a fisherman and arrive in ~ a cannon through a sign alongside it the says, “Feed the Shark.” click on the cannon and allude it up in the air and then click again come launch the coconut v the medicine in it right into the bay. As shortly as it lands in the water, the an excellent Booga shark will appear and eat it. He’ll turn green and also then fall asleep below the water. Click the “Back” button in the upper-right corner of the video game to return to the main screen. Currently you have the right to safely cross the water while the shark is sleeping. Cross the island and also you will pertained to a little island. Go appropriate at the end and you will certainly then arrive beside Professor Hammerhead.

Talk come Professor Hammerhead and also he will thank you because that rescuing him and the boy and also ask girlfriend to lead them back to the mainland. Head to the left again and also back across the water. Both the professor and the boy will certainly follow you. When you arrive ago to where the crying mrs is standing, she will say thanks to you for rescuing she son. Professor Hammerhead will certainly then provide you a yellow medallion and you have actually completed the adventure. Congratulations!