If you"ve ever played a Pokémon game, and you probably have actually if you"re analysis this, then you should recognize all about the legend Pokémon. Legendary Pokémon space rare Pokémon in the game, and also they deserve to only be caught in precise circumstances. They offer greater base stats and greater tiered moves compared to continuous Pokémon, and also having distinct abilities. Together a unique treat, in Pokémon X and Y you have an ext than the usual number to collect and we"re going to tell you where to find them, just read top top below.

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4 Bonus legend Pokémon
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Xerneas is the mascot that Pokémon X and is a level 50 Fairy kind Pokémon. As soon as caught, the will currently have the special ability "Fairy Aura" and also the exclusive move, "Geomancy".



Yveltal is the mascot of Pokémon Y, and also a level 50 Dark and also Flying form of Pokémon. This Pokémon will have actually the Dark Aura capability when caught, which enables it to an increase the strength of all dark kind moves in battle.



Zygarde is the third brand-new legendary because that Pokémon X and also Y. Girlfriend can uncover it in Terminus cave after you have actually finished the key storylines and defeated the upstream Four. Zygarde is a Dragon and Ground type Pokémon, and also will be level 70 when you conference it. When caught, that will currently know the Aura rest ability, which deserve to reverse any type of aura impacts in battle.

Bonus legendary Pokémon


Aside native the above brand-new Pokémon, there are also four past favorites consisted of in the game. Due to the fact that they"re native previous title they"re not considered as rarely here, however if you don"t currently have them, or girlfriend don"t want to carry them come the brand-new game, then review on below to capture them all.

Articuno, Zapdos and also Moltres
These legend birds are legendarily difficult to catch in Pokémon X and Y. You will encounter every one of them at among the complying with locations, ~ you"ve defeated the elite Four. Zapdos will be uncovered on path 22 and Route 18, Moltres on route 18, course 4 and also Route 5 and also finally Articuno on course 19 and Route 15.
After your first encounter, the Pokémon will instantly flee, however you deserve to now monitor them from your Pokédex map. Just go to her Pokédex and you will now see the new location. For each that them friend will require to have encountered castle a total of 9 times before they will certainly all show up in Sea Spirit"s Den.
A an excellent idea when searching for them, is to usage Max Repel with a Pokémon at the prior of her party. Max is listed below level 65. This will certainly stop any kind of other wild Pokémon encounters. So you"ll just see the legend Pokémon.
Mewtwo is among the initial Pokémon favorites indigenous the series, movie and of food the game.
Mewtwo won"t be difficult to find once you"re in the Unknown Dungeon at the Pokémon Village. Mewtwo will be level 70 when encountered, for this reason you can use a Max Repel through a level 65 Pokémon in ~ the prior of your party, in order to ward off any other wild Pokémon around.

Do ns go up the stairs external to battle with Zygarde?

You require to get inside the cave and travel under to the shortest level. The travel might be worthwhile if you choose up part fights along the way. Make certain that you conserve some of your sources for the battle with Zygarde, together this Pokémon is quite an overwhelming to fight. You must note that Zygarde has a an extremely low catch rate, so having actually a master Ball is constantly the finest option. Dusk sphere would be the following priority if you execute not have a master ball. Bring at the very least 15 Dusk Balls through you simply to it is in sure. This way, the time you spend going come the reduced levels would be wasted if friend don"t loss Zygarde.

Questions and Answers

To capture Zygarde, perform I go up the stairs external or what?

Zygarde is situated on the lower-most level of the cavern so you need to get inside the cave, fight through Pokémon"s (if you favor to), and also go under the stairs. Going external the cavern will not carry you any nearer to this an effective Pokémon.

Make sure you have enough supplies, and some master Balls top top hand to be able to successfully weaken and also capture this legend monster

How can I get a Rayquaza, Kyogre, and Groudon?

I need to obtain a Rayquaza Kyogre and also Groudon for my friend Alistair. Have the right to you please help me?

These three Pokémon are pretty an effective and make a good addition to any type of trainer"s roster. Unfortunately, you can"t catch any kind of of those three in the wilds that X or Y - they can only be discovered in Ruby, Sapphire, heart Gold, and also SoulSilver.

To acquire Rayquaza in HG or SS, you need to an initial get a Groudon (HG) and a Kyogre (SS) by happen a Red Orb and Blue Orb, respectively, come the installed Tower. Keep in mind that only one shade orb exists per game.

Once you"ve recorded both, you"ll should trade one end to the other game, and then bring both Groudon and Kyogre to Professor Oak. He will then give you the Jade Orb, which you can lug to installed Tower to record Rayquaza.

If you"d prefer, girlfriend can likewise wait till Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire room released. These gamings will it is in of the same generation together X & Y, and also it will likely be much easier to capture the Pokémon you"re looking for in those games. Groudon and Kyogre will also be sporting new "Primal Reversions" in the games, making lock even much more powerful 보다 before.

I desire to catch a Mew. What should I do?

I"ve been wanting a Mew because that a really long time.

Follow the suggestions from the article and also the answers on this page. There room several video clip tutorials that you deserve to watch for much better success while gaming in Pokemon.

Where execute you catch Arceus, Diancie, and also Lugia without mystery Gift?

If so, with secret Gift, how do you usage that, and where carry out you get the Pokébank?

<1> You could find this video clip helpful.

Can you obtain Arceus close to the game? I want one by secret Gift but it said the password I entered was wrong.

The password was ARCEUSVOTE. To be it the day off?

These codes expire regularly. You will need to do a find for particularly what you want, the game and then functioning code for an enig Gift. There room websites that upgrade the functioning codes top top a continuous basis and also users will up or under vote the codes.

How to capture Genesect in Pokémon Y?

I really like Genesect since it"s for this reason cool, but finding the on Pokémon is really super ultimate hard! that stresses me out. Can you help me? I have actually tried: I have actually tried looking the internet however nothing is working. I think it was resulted in by: i think the Genesect is a yes, really rare legend Pokémon. Ns think that Pokémon Y is hiding Genesect somewhere making it really difficult for football player to find it.

You acquire Genesect v a an enig gift i beg your pardon is defined in this Youtube Tutorial.

I"d like to understand where to gain Zekrom and also Reshiram.

I"ve been in search of them for hours. You re welcome help. You can watch how to capture Reshiram in Pokemon X with this Youtube Tutorial. This works for Pokemon X only. This Youtube Tutorial mirrors you how to catch Zekrom in Pokemon X and also Y.

How perform you gain Uxie, Shaymin, Ho-Oh?

do you recognize where any of the legendary Pokémon are. I have tried: Nothing. Ns think it was brought about by: Pokémon

Uxie, Shaymin, and Ho-Oh space not accessible in Pokemon X/Y.

How to acquire on x beginning after I captured the legend Pokemon?

i don"t recognize to obtain out ~ above x origin.

It is the second mystery cave on success Road. Friend will have to complete several battles first before it appears.

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If girlfriend have difficulties with any kind of of the steps in this article, you re welcome ask a concern for an ext help, or article in the comments ar below.