Recruiting a Pokemon in Pokemon secret Dungeon may be an much easier task for some: it just requires the target to be knocked out, along with the main player having their girlfriend area unlocked.

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....unless you counting this following Pokemon...

In the Red and Blue Rescue Team games, It may not count as a legendary Pokémon but the problems to recruit it are too much beyond any other recruitable, non-legendary Pokémon.

Although they are known for being notorious shop owners, this Pokémon has actually circumstances far too too much for a newcomer, yet rather for an experienced player prefer myself.



By the way, this may only work in the Red and also Blue Rescue Team games. So there shouldn\"t be any type of need for dislike comments the quote noþeles to execute with this method not working in other secret Dungeon games.

Also, there room various various methods that deserve to be provided to recruit one. This is the one the I supplied in the past.


Kecleon\"s Background details and role in the Red and also Blue Rescue Team games.

In the overworld, The Kecleon Brothers run a basic store in the Pokémon Square. The left Kecleon sells your straightforward items like apples, seeds, projectiles, drinks and held items (just to name a few). The purple Kecleon come its right sells Technical machines (TMs) and Orbs.


In Dungeons, that is somewhat comparable but different. In specific dungeons, prefer Mt Blaze, a Kecleon will collection up shop through items for players to buy: TMs, food, and also on part occasions: evolutionary items. This can occur multiple times in one dungeon.


You\"d think it would certainly be easy, but NOPE; I\"m just obtaining started.


The conditions to recruiting Kecleon

So we\"d assume that recruiting a Kecleon is just as simple as recruiting some various other random mon favor Stantler; however it\"s no true at all. The takes the word \"complicated\" to a whole brand-new level.

You see, you need make Kecleon hostile... shoplifting.

Yes. Shoplifting

Easy right? HEHE....NO! :fearful:

Shoplifting may seem easy, but successfully pulling it off is actually quite challenging. They are actually countless ways to carry out a shoplift:

- The Simplist: refuse paying for an item

- making use of a trawl orb (preferably near the stairs)

- A catch or Pokémon using Self-destruct or Explosion next to the shop to ruin the shop (even though it was not you setup it off, you\"d still gain blamed)

- Using/someone throwing a warp seed in ~ you whilst you\"re purchase (happened double to me)

That\"s the very first bit done... However what happens after you do Kecleon hostile?

* The music alters to this soundtrack:

037 Stop! Thief! (PMD Blue Rescue Team OST)

* every wild Pokémon come to be hostile towards you

* Kecleon is at twin speed

* Kecleon start to create clones of itself to come after friend / calls upon other Kecleon

* to escape Orbs space rendered useless and also are disabled


The following things are crucial for this method:

- friend Area unlocked: Overgrown Forest

- A level 90-100 Pokemon v max IQ and twin Team (i\"ll list my instance further right into the blog)

- Compulsory: Diamond or Lucario Rank


- 1x X-ray Specs

- 1x girlfriend Bow

- 18x Reviver Seeds

- 1x escape Orb

What\"s with the essentials?

Firstly, in order to have the opportunity to recruitment Kecleon, you require its friend area: Overgrown Forest. You deserve to buy it at the begin of the game for 600 Poké from the Wigglytuff Club. A level 90-100 Pokémon through max IQ and with kind stats is a identify must.

You see, Kecleon is level 90. :fearful:


Yep... It renders things simply much more difficult.

But why Max IQ though? once you max the end your IQ through gummis, girlfriend character have the right to learn a number of new skills. Some have the right to include: wade on all water tiles, clouds, lava tiles and digging with walls (Super Mobile), not setup off traps immediately (Trap Seer) and resisting sleep (Nonsleeper). For the high location level, it boosts the possibilities of recruiting Pokémon.

On peak of that, you\"re additionally dealing with its countless amount that clones and their ongoing attacks. I beg your pardon is why the Pokémon you choose to lug must have double Team. ~ 10 dual Teams, the Pokémon\"s evasion is maxed out and also won\"t be impacted by attacks as often as lock should. But what about hunger and also PP? Simple. The gets replenished as soon as a Reviver seed is used, which is why I have actually a bulk of the item crate filled with reviver seeds. The more, the merrier. The X-Ray specs can reveal all foes, teammates and also unclaimed items, and also the X-ray Specs reveal the whereabouts of Kecleon\"s keep using this pattern:

You might wonder why I have an escape Orb in the bag, since it becomes disabled as soon as you shoplift. Correctly it is true, yet it i do not care undisabled as soon as you leaving the floor. So you can use it then.

Normally, Kecleon\"s recruitment price is -34%: the lowest recruitment rate any type of recruitable Pokemom has. Yet if you include the extra +33% that comes from the girlfriend Bow, the price becomes 0.1%, which is still very low.

You can find the friend bow of the 30th floor ~ above Mt. Faraway by utilizing a key on a locked door.


My twin Team Mon.

There are numerous Pokemon that can learn twin Team. But I had actually a double team mon the I can use since the an extremely beginning

My starter: Raichu

Already maxed, both in level and IQ, Raichu has a great moveset: Of course including double team, Thundershock hits one mon and has high quantities of PP. Shock wave, even though it has actually low PP, never ever misses and also Thunderbolt access time all neighboring targets. When all PP operation out, it have the right to 2KO Kecleon with its continuous attack.


The ideal Dungeon

Many dungeons have actually a possibility of spawning in a Kecleon shop. However the main things ns look for in the right dungeon are:

* How frequently a shop spawns

* The quantity of floors in the dungeon

* Water or Lava tiles?

Option one: Mt. Blaze

Mt. Blaze is a good an initial choice: 12 floors filled through low levelled Pokemon with a chance of a Kecleon shop spawning. Unless your key Pokemon is a fire type, the magma will certainly be a hassle, together it burns non-fire type Pokémon. The burn damage will begin stacking increase after a few turns. I provided this an approach in the past with an Articuno together my main... Not a good idea...

The latter option is far an ext preferred

Option two: Wyvern Hill

The opportunities of a Kecleon shop spawning is higher in this dungeon, and also there are twice as more floors than Mt. Blaze. Over there is also accessibility to an abundance of water to walk on come evade strikes whilst setting up evasion wit dual Team.


Now through that all the end of the way, let\"s get started on the method



First that all, make certain you have all the items and essentials. There is no them, you\"ll it is in wrecked in a matter of seconds. Also make sure to save before you venture through the dungeon because that the Kecleon shop, just in case it doesn\"t go according come plan. I also advise that you don\"t quicksave within the dungeon for the very same reason.

Now, I decided to shot and recruit an additional Kecleon with this method, utilizing my Raichu, whilst taking pictures of what occured and also some tips.

My items:

To be clear, I had actually to undertaking through Wyvern Hill twice because a Kecleon shop didn\"t generate the very first time round. Ns was lucky to uncover one on the 4th floor in the room that i spawned in.

- - - action one - - -

Find a Kecleon shop

The best method to carry out this is by making use of the X-ray Specs. If you watch a pattern the resembled the one that i showed prior to (Red period in the center surrounded through blue dots), climate you\"ve found one.

- - - action two - - -

Make Kecleon hostile

The best ways to perform this is through taking an item without paying (the way I did it) or by making use of the trawl orb close to an area where you have the right to freely collection up twin Team without taking damage.

- - - step three - - -

Find a small area, collection up and also camp

After setting Kecleon off (and hopefully beating it), you need to collection up your dual teams. Ten double teams need to max out your evasion. It is wanted to carry out it top top a water tile away from land, whereby you can\"t take any kind of damage. At the very same time, friend should consider finding one area where you can safely loss Kecleons and collection up again if girlfriend faint.

- - - Step four - - -

Wield the girlfriend Bow and Defeat the clones

As shortly as Kecleon becomes hostile, the clones must start spawning rapidly. Here\"s a \"before and also after\" shot\"

Yes, all of them are Kecleons.

Ensure that your Pokémon is in a good spot wherein you\"re not totally surrounded by Kecleons and also can easily move away from your attack variety if you need to set up the evasion stat again. As soon as you find one, equip the girlfriend bow come ensure a increased chance the recruiting a Kecleon.

This is an example. Kecleons shouldn\"t be attack you from behind, however rather the three tiles in prior of you. If your Pokémon faints and also gets revived, you can move out of their attack range to set up with double team.

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Start making use of your various other offensive move to take out the clones, till you recruit one. You desire to inflict together much damages as possible. Psychic to usage your regular assaults aswell to conserve PP. If girlfriend faint, the reviver seeds will certainly revive you, replenishing hunger and PP so you can set up top top evasion and also take more clones on.

>============================Daphne for the killer TPL

Just to it is in clear, a majority of the images were from my gameplay, if you didn\"t currently figure it out :sweat_smile: