Pokemon mystery Dungeon DX functions Eevee as among the 12 starter Pokemon - here"s our guide to this lovable Kanto Pokemon!

Pokemon mystery Dungeon DX includes Eevee as one of the 12 starter Pokemon the you can select to start with.

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One Pokemon has actually stood over the rest with the Pokemon community, and that, of course, is Eevee.

The furry Pokemon has actually been a staple of the franchise for years now and also fans can not wait to use Eevee in mystery Dungeon.

If the well-known Kanto Pokemon is your selection in the new mystery Dungeon game, here"s our overview to this Pokemon.

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Eevee Guide

The Generation 1 Normal-type is accessible as the player or partner through the key game.

Usually, Eevee is liked if the personality outcomes are one of two people Hardy (for male) or Brave (for female) in nature.

It has normal mobility, meaning it cannot traverse with water, lava and cloud tiles and walls without the aid of a mobility-enhancing article or a certain IQ skill.

Eevee is a typical type, which method it is weak come fighting types, so you need to pair it through a paris type. Unfortunately, there room no flying form starters - the closest is Torchic who doesn"t learn Peck until later in the game.


Most Pokemon friend will face early on are flying types, so pairing Eevee through Pikachu is a an excellent option.

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How To acquire Eevee

Eevee can be chosen at the start of the video game as either the player or partner.

Eevee can likewise be uncovered in the center floors of Joyous Tower and also Purity Forest and has a recruit price of 10.2%.

In the Joyous Tower, you will certainly come throughout a Lv9 Eevee v a rarity of:

12-13th floor (23.53%)14th floor (21.62%)15th floor (24.24%)16th floor (32.0%)17th floor (23.53%)

In the Purity Forest, you will certainly come throughout a Lv9 Eevee with a rarity of:

11the floor (11.11%)12th floor (8.7%)13th floor (11.11%)14the floor (10.26%)

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Evolving Eevee


Evolution does no play a massive component in Pokemon secret Dungeon, so that is perfect ok to keep Eevee together it is.

Although stats perform not increase from evolution, moves can vary. As soon as it evolves right into an elemental kind such together Flareon, Vaporeon or Jolteon, it deserve to learn type-specific moves.

If you perform wish come evolve Eevee, you will require to complete the main story and also enter the Luminous cavern with the adhering to items:

Flareon - Fire rock located in Firey FieldJolteon - Thunder stone located in Lightning FieldVaporeon - Water stone located in Northwind FieldEspeon - High IQ (4 Stars) + sunlight Ribbon situated in Wyvern HillUmbreon - High IQ (4 Stars) + Lunar Ribbon located in Northwind Field

Be certain to check our development guide for much more details.

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Moveset And Abilities

Eevee"s capability is operation Away, it will come to be terrified and also flee as soon as HP it s okay low. Leader will stand up to this urge.

Eevee will start with the adhering to attacks:

Bite: 18/18Tackle: 25/25Swift: 13/13Quick Attack: 15/15

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Here space the moves that Eevee deserve to learn through levelling up:

Lv1 Tail WhipLv1 TackleLv1 Helping HandLv8 Sand-AttackLv16 GrowlLv23 Quick AttackLv30 BiteLv36 Baton PassLv42 Take Down

Here are the moves the Eevee can learn indigenous TMs:

Iron TailDigRain DanceReturnDouble TeamFacadeShadow BallToxicSunny DayRestSecret PowerProtectHidden PowerAttractFrustrationWide Slash
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