I just bought the Wii U and also I believed at very first the Wii games might be played on the Wii U gamepad. Yet apparently that's not the situation at all. So space Wii gamings just unplayable top top the gamepad and also only have the right to be play on the nunchucks? and what other games and consoles in the shop can't be play on the gamepad? due to the fact that I execute wanna obtain the Metroid element trilogy that's in the shop. But would that average I only have the right to use the nunchucks on the gamepad? I'm really perplexed on what can and also cannot be played through the gamepad.

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Wii games can’t be regulated by the game pad, u need to use the Wii remote/Nunchuk, classic controller, standard controller pro. On the earlier of every Wii disc video game box is what controller have the right to be used for that details game. You can used the Wii controllers ~ above Wii U games, simply read what controllers room compatible through the game. Wii U to be a new console that come years after ~ the Wii, for this reason Wii games weren’t coded to usage the game pad cuz it no exist yet. Technically u deserve to use ur game pad 2 display a game however that’s it, the camera ~ above the game pad i do not care the sensor

Basically all native Wii u games made because that the Wii u specifically deserve to run be play on the gamepad therefore don't worry about any Wii U exclude, games. Together for Wii gamings from the Eshop or Wii retail discs; I think only Xenoblade Chronicles indigenous the Eshop supports the gamepad. The remainder of the Wii library of games, one of two people from the eshop or a disc will certainly not be playable ~ above the gamepad. Therefore in her case, Metroid element Trilogy will just be playable utilizing its original control scheme that a Wiimote and Nunchuk. This type of renders sense as the games were make to assistance a Wiimote and Nunchuk which has actually fewer buttons than the gamepad and may require motion controls. I think Xenoblade just works as it supports the Wii classic controller i m sorry maps ~ above the gamepad buttons.

Wii gamings cant be regulated with the gamepad joysticks/buttons however they can screen on the gamepad screen. Therefore you can play castle on the gamepad display using a wii controller.

Any game that calls for you to use both the TV and also the game pad will certainly be complicated or difficult to play there is no the video game pad. Pikmin 3 may have different control options, yet the optimal means to beat it requires both TV and pad. Ns haven’t play ZombiU, but I would imagine you need both too from what i have heard

The eshop perform what controllers room supported because that the video game you intended to purchase. Read this prior to you purchase the game.

I only know of 2 Wii games that deserve to be played using the WiiU GamePad as a controller, Xenoblade Chronicles and also Pandora's Tower. I believe the various other Wii games easily accessible on the eShop require a Wii far (& Nunchuk) to be playable. To my expertise all other gamings on the WiiU can be played making use of the WiiU GamePad though some games have settings that require other controllers/accessories ... For example some Wii right U exercises need the Balance plank or Wii Remote.

To add on come what other world have said around Wii setting ("vWii"), it have the right to be displayed ~ above the GamePad however not controlled by it. You need to use controllers compatible with the initial Wii. If ns remember properly mods can allow you to use the USB GameCube controller adapter for Smash if desired. Think that the vWii together just another Wii that stays inside your Wii U, because that the many part.

Plus, the GamePad has actually a sensor bar! It's to the left and right the the camera, for this reason the broad cutout. Location it in the stand that came through the Wii U, or the dock, and you can point with the Wii remote like any other TV. You will want to make sure that the sensor bar position is collection to above the TV in the vWii settings, which is different from the Wii U settings.

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If it suppoets the original gamepad on the wii climate it should lug over to the wiiu. Otherwise it wont work


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