Please keep in mind that we space not at this time taking any type of You’ve to be Flamingoed! requests. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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The flamingo flock will went back to Colchester of one more summer of stunner antics! We space all acquainted with the pink flamingo garden ornament. Among the prime instances of American social kitsch, this plastic bird with metal legs has actually for years marked its owner as well… interesting. Over there are more than likely two varieties of human being in the world: those that take the flamingos serious as top quality yard art and those who wouldn’t be captured dead with also one adorning their lawn. Flamingo flocking describes a kind of lawn greeting involving the placement of a "flock" the plastic pink flamingoes in someone"s yard.The flocking might be bespeak by someone for placement in a friend or household member"s yard, together a practical joke, or to great someone a happy date of birth or celebrate some various other special occasion. And of course, anyone can order a flocking because that their own yard. Must you wake up up one morning and also see a pair of zany looking bird on her lawn, you’ll recognize that YOU’VE been FLAMINGOED. We’ll leaving an envelope on her door action which will certainly let you know who the prankster wasthat had actually you flocked.Also save in mind that flocks room not enabled on typical ground or windy property, so regrettably we are not able to flock apartment complexes.
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Completed develops can it is in dropped off at the Parks & Recreation office or emailed come Hannah.

Flamingos available for flamingoingJune—September (MONDAY-THURSDAY):

Flock that 25: $25.00 every flamingoing Flock the 50: $40.00 every flamingoing Flock of 75: $55.00 every flamingoing Flamingoing insurance: $20.00 (prevents you from being flamingoed)
Pink Flamingos are property of the Colchester Parks & Recreation Department. They will be placed and also removed by the Recreation Department. Flocks will remain on the lawn about 24 hours prior to they move to another lawn.

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All revenues go to the Colchester Parks & RecreationCathy Neary Scholarship FundHAPPY PRANKING!

About the Cathy Neary Scholarship Fund

It is with an excellent pride the we have actually named ours Scholarship money after Cathy Neary, that was our governmental Assistant native 2005 to 2012. In 2014, Cathy shed a courageous, 11-year battle with cancer. However throughout those years, she never let it change her lovely personality or her hopeful attitude.She was a kind and also loving employee that felt that everyone, nevertheless of your financial situation, need to experience the happiness of recreation. Over there were many occasions that Cathy, out of her very own pocket, financially assisted households who might not afford their part of the scholarship match. Although she is no longer a physical presence in ours office, her existence will proceed in soul through this scholarship fund.