On September 24, 2013, mountain Diego, California based post-hardcore tape Pierce The Veil released a reissued variation of their 2012 album Selfish Machines. This reissue consists of the original 12 tracks, but now over there is a bonus song, Kissing In Cars. This a slow paced tune with one acoustic guitar and soft drums. The song keeps v the accustomed post-hardcore style of lyrics, return the sound is contempt different.

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The song talks a lot around love, and also having faith in love. While love is a very wide topic and also it is a famous to watch in music, this song takes an exciting spin ~ above the idea of a relationship.

It start off with the lyrics of, “As we wake up in her room, / Your confront is the first thing i see, / The very first time I’ve seen love, / and also the last I’ll ever before need,” (www.azlyrics.com). Currently if that is not something sweet come say come someone, then ns don’t understand what is. That is just one of the ideal lines of someone’s proclamation the love that ns have ever heard.

The 2nd verse walk on to give an additional wonderfully make expression of love. The lyrics give a wonderful feeling of the admiration he holds because that his special someone, “You repeat her that your future would certainly be nothing without her, / Never shed her, I’m afraid, / much better think the something an excellent to speak / but it’s every been done, much more than once so I’ll save on trying, / oh God don’t let me it is in the just one who says…” (www.azlyrics.com). The is trying come think that something to say to let she know just how much the loves her and cares because that her, however everything fancy has already been claimed by someone as soon as before, and also he wants his to it is in original. Currently if friend ask me, that is one hell that an initial statement.

The 2nd verse starts off with an additional affectionate declaration, “She was always the one, / okay repeat it again, the one, / No such point as also young, / Red lights flash in the auto we’re kissing in,” (www.azlyrics.com). From there us move into a very insightful statement, “I’ve always tried to repeat her the the future’s / just a few heartbeats far from disaster. / ns afraid that I’ve thrown it all away,” (www.azlyrics.com). The totality idea about disaster being simply a heartbeat far is kinda scary however it is likewise really reliving. I can’t really define why the a relieving statement, it simply is…

The chorus of the track is basically telling the listener that there is no such point as being also young to fall in love, and that if 2nd chances in ~ love keep coming come you, then probably you should offer love a chance and also put some faith in it.

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This is a different form of track to come native Pierce The Veil, however no issue the sound, the band did a wonderful task with the composing of these love-filled text with small life lessons tucked right into them. Because that this being the new, final track the the album, that is a good way to wrap it all up.

Here is the attach to the reissued album top top iTunes, wherein you have the right to listen to a clip that the song, https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/selfish-machines-reissue/id692089179