I to be recently confronted with this problem at my consistent vietnamese spot. It remained in my soup bowl, perched top top top, clearly the "special" component of the otherwise delicious special: a whole pig's foot. Ns think it to be pig. I taken into consideration the opportunity that it was just another collagen-rich soup bone that had accidentally slipped right into my bowl, yet every bowl of that special I have ordered (and there have been many, since it's freaking addictive delicious) has contained a foot, sitting proudly atop a little hillock of melty brisket and also fat noodles.

I'm no averse. Just virginal.

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So you re welcome help:

- exactly how do girlfriend eat a whole pig's foot? execute you simply pick that up and also gnaw ~ above it? The special rubbery skin resisted my efforts, and also the rest seemed like just fat barely cushioning trotter bones. I poked into the severed finish for marrow with my chopstick without lot luck. What part should ns eat and also what toss aside?

- exactly how do friend eat a whole pig's foot v chopsticks?


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