Pi Gamma Mu is the oldest and also preeminent honor society in the society sciences. Our mission is come encourage and recognize scholarship in social scientific research disciplines and also to foster cooperation and also social service amongst its members. Pi Gamma Mu serves social science self-controls which seek to understand and explain person behavior, society relationships, and also their related problems and issues. Currently, there are roughly 150 active chapters in the joined States and overseas.

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Benefits of membership include: The possibility to publish scholarly job-related in global Social scientific research Review; access to potential scholarships and leadership opportunities; and the possibility of an enhanced entry-level value if pursuing federal employment (GS-7 level positions).

Pi Gamma Mu"s constitution defines the social sciences to incorporate the techniques of history, politics science, sociology, anthropology, economics, psychology, worldwide relations, criminal justice, society work, social philosophy, history of education, and cultural/human geography. Membership is additionally extended come interdisciplinary society science areas that construct on the core social science disciplines, such as business and also society, education, minority studies, windy administration, international studies, windy finance, management studies, consumer behavior, windy policy and organizational behavior.

Membership and Fees

Membership applications will be embraced on a rolling basis throughout the academic year, however students must finish their application for membership at least three weeks prior to an induction awareness to participate in the induction ceremony.

Criteria because that Eligibility:


Completion that at the very least twenty semester hours/credits in the Social scientific researches (faculty sponsors have large discretion regarding which courses with far-reaching Social scientific researches content will certainly count). Transport and double credit hours in the society Sciences, welcomed by the institution, might be thought about once a student has actually completed one full-time quarter or semester at the institution, home of the thing from which membership is sought. Significant in the Social scientific researches is not a requirement for membership.Members must have actually an mean grade of "B" or far better in all Social sciences courses.Students must have actually a accumulation GPA the 3.5 or above

Graduate or professional Student Members:

Any graduate or experienced student who is a candidate because that an progressed degree in a social Science ar at a university or university with a Pi Gamma Mu chapter might be invited to member if s/he has properly completed ripe or much more graduate hours and fulfills all local chapter requirements.

Students that accomplish the criteria above with an interest in involvement our thing must first complete a short chapter membership survey HERE.

Meet your chapter President:


David Dixon is the existing chapter president of Virginia Mu at George Mason University. A native of Warren, Ohio, David enlisted in the joined States military after high school, wherein he served honorably for four years. After ~ completing army service, David went back to college together an adult learner and graduated from Essex neighborhood College in Baltimore County, Maryland, receiving his Associates level in service Administration. Returning to Ohio, that worked full-time in the manufacturing sector as a production Specialist while concurrently completing his Bachelor’s degree in Business management at Youngtown State college in 2006, through honors. ~ graduation, David relocated come the Washington, DC area and also soon returned to federal government organization as a civilian. David’s most significant work to be at the room of Veterans Affairs together a Contracting Officer. Amongst his job accomplishments, he obtained an award from the Secretary of Veterans to work in 2013 for exceeding the agency’s tiny Business Procurement Goals. In 2016, David was selected come mentor a participant in the Warrior to work Acquisition intern program.

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David will obtain his Master’s level in Public administration from the George Mason Schar institution of Policy and also Government in December 2020. His scholastic concentration is publicly Management, which focuses on the various functions required for monitoring of publicly resources, and the procedures that support government operations. His interests encompass advocating because that the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned little business federal government contracting approach, and mentorship for aspiring and junior commonwealth careerists. In his recreation time, David enjoys watching sports, reading, playing video clip games, traveling and also bicycling.

If friend have added questions about eligibility criteria or just how to join Pi Gamma Mu, please email chapter representatives at:pgmvamu