Broadway veterans Aaron Galligan-Stierle and Kevin Ligon assume the roles of "Monsieurs André" and also "Firmin," the managers of the Opera Populaire, on 5 Sep 2011 in the longest-running show in Broadway history, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom that the Opera.

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Galligan-Stierle has showed up on Broadway developing the function of "Henry Ford" in the revival of "Ragtime" and also making his Broadway debut as "Papa Who" in "Dr. Seuss’ how the Grinch Stole Christmas." He additionally appeared in the nationwide Tour the "Cinderella" certification "Lea Salonga" and in the paper Mill production of "Curtains."

Ligon joins the agency direct indigenous the original actors of "Sister Act." His various other Broadway credits encompass "Finian’s Rainbow," "Young Frankenstein," "The Producers" (also L.A.), "Kiss Me, Kate," "1776," and "The an enig Garden." He won a Jefferson award for best Actor because that his performance in the nationwide Tour the "Guys & Dolls" and he played "Pirelli" in "Sweeney Todd" because that The Kennedy Center’s Sondheim Celebration.

Galligan-Stierle and Ligon succeed George Lee Andrews and David Cryer, both of whom played their final performances ~ above 3 Sep 2011. Andrews and Cryer both have an extremely long backgrounds with The Phantom that the Opera. Andrew is one original actors member the the musical and also is long well-known by Guinness civilization Record together the longest-running gibbs in the same Broadway show. Cryer joined the Broadway manufacturing in jan 2006 ~ 12 years with the nationwide Tour.

The Broadway agency now stars Hugh Panaro (The Phantom), Sara Jean Ford (Christine Daae - play by Marni Raab at some performances), Kyle Barisich (Raoul, Vicomte de Chagn), Aaron Galligan-Stierle (Monsieur Andre), Kevin Ligon (Monsieur Firmin), Michele McConnell (Carlotta Giudicelli), Marilyn Caskey (Madame Giry), Christian Sebek (Ubaldo Piangi) and Jessica Bishop (Meg Gir).

The most successful stage musical of every time, the Cameron Mackintosh/Really valuable Group, Inc. Manufacturing of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera, command by Harold Prince, celebrated its 23rd anniversary on the good White method on 26 jan 2011.

In addition to that longevity records, The Phantom of the Opera is also the most successful phase musical of every time, with global grosses to date estimated in excess of $5 billion. The winner of seven 1988 Tony Awards, including ideal Musical, the brand-new York production has played over 9,700 performances, been seen by almost 14.3 million people and grossed over $812 million.

Worldwide, end 65,000 performances that The Phantom of the Opera have actually been viewed by 100 million world in 27 countries and 144 cities. Over there are at this time five productions roughly the world: London, brand-new York, Budapest (Hungary), Kyoto (Japan) and a revised manufacturing in ras Vegas in ~ The Venetian. The original cast-recording, with over 40 million duplicates sold worldwide, is the best-selling cast recording of every time.

The Phantom that the Opera opened at the Majestic on 26 jan 1988, complying with previews from 9 Jan, and also went ~ above to move the 1988 Tony Awards, win seven, including best Musical.

Based top top the classic novel Le Fantôme de L’Opéra through Gaston Leroux, The Phantom the the Opera speak the story of a masked number who lurks in ~ the catacombs of the Paris Opera House, working out a power of terror over all who inhabit it. He drops madly in love v an innocent young soprano, Christine, and devotes himself to producing a brand-new star by nurturing her extraordinary talents and by employing every one of the devious methods at his command.

The Phantom the the Opera has music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and also is command by Harold Prince. Lyrics are by Charles Hart (with additional lyrics through Richard Stilgoe) and also the book is through Richard Stilgoe and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

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The show"s production architecture is by the late Maria Björnson, v lighting by Andrew Bridge and also sound by martin Levan. Musical staging and also choreography is by Gillian Lynne. Orchestrations are by David Cullen and Andrew Lloyd Webber.