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In thing 6 that The lighting Thief , entitled "I become Supreme lord of the Bathroom," Percy Jackson encounters a variety of challenges together he becomes much more familiar v the operations of Camp Half-Blood. Together Chiron reflects him about the grounds, Percy gets "the unique impression to be being watched"...

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In thing 6 of The bright Thief, entitled "I become Supreme mr of the Bathroom," Percy Jackson faces a variety of challenges as he becomes more familiar with the operations of Camp Half-Blood. Together Chiron shows him around the grounds, Percy it s okay "the unique impression was being watched" by miscellaneous in the attic the the farmhouse. Chiron creatively shrugs off Percy"s concern, and also they continue their tour. Together they walk, Chiron and also Percy talk of Percy"s pilgrimage to the grounds, and the ways in which Grover failed together a keeper. Percy wants to pertained to Grover"s defense, however he feels guilty, thinking that nobody of the problem would have happened "f hadn"t offered Grover the slip at the bus station." Percy faces not just the tension of gift the new kid in a new place, but additionally the load of his responsibility, at the very least in part, for Grover"s existing situation. Further, after ~ Percy and Annabeth space reunited, he gets to the cabins and also begins to know the collection up the the dorms. At this point he is again faced with the concerns presented by his missing father. Annabeth explains that that does no belong come a cabin yet due to the fact that the identification of his father is unknown. Percy cases that his dad is dead, in ~ which time Annabeth presents new information about Percy"s family. She speak him the he "would not be here if wasn"t among us," an interpretation that he, too, is a half-blood, or demihuman. She explains that a the majority of the concerns he faced in life, such together his dyslexia and also ADHD, room all due to his lineage. At this point, Percy begins to face the true heaviness of the situation. He is part of something lot bigger than he ever expected, and also the realization areas even an ext of a burden onto him. Shortly after, he faces an altercation through Clarisse, the outcome of which complicates matters even further, and makes him stand out as one of her major targets.