1955 pen Peerless NO. 9 version 30-109 maroon colored saltwater baitcasting fishing reel. Design for huge game near shore, off shore, surf, and trolling. Made by penn Fishing Tackle production Company, Philadelphia, PA.

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1955 pen Peerless NO. 9 model 30-109 maroon fancy saltwater baitcasting fishing reel. Draft for huge game close to shore, off shore, surf, and also trolling. Do by pen Fishing Tackle manufacturing Company, Philadelphia, PA.

barisalcity.org Fishing Reel organization Guarantee This reel to be serviced by hand v the barisalcity.org Fishing Reel repair Service. The reel is professionally revived and lubricated. The reel is restored and polished over factory condition.

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Single Butterscotch Torpedo Handle

All Saltwater

Level winding, star traction system, full free spool action, bait clicker switch, 30 pound strength drag, metal spool, short stand 2-3/8" for offset seats, stainless stole pinion gears, alloy key gear

15-20 pound Test (275-400 Yards)


Silver with maroon side plates and butterscotch torpedo handle


5-1/2" width with manage X 4" broad without handle X 2-3/4" height X 1-1/2" spool

The reel is in wonderful condition. Totally tested and also operational. The reel operates very smooth v featherlite actions and a durable clicker. The reel has a few blemishes on inside bridge.


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