Paula Deen is one of the most famed television chefs in history. Her surname is basically identified with butter (seriously, she also came out v her very own line the butter in 2013) and with good ol" homestyle southerly cooking. We understand all about her dishes and also her TV shows and also even the scandal that pushed her the end of the public eye for a while, however there is one thing just her truest fans know about: she husband, Michael Groover.

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Deen married her an initial husband, Jimmy Deen (that"s "Deen" through two "e"s, not to be perplexed with Jimmy Dean, the famous singer and sausage entrepreneur) when she was simply 18 year old. In spite of being married for 24 years and having two kids together, their marriage wasn"t a happy one, and ended in divorce in 1989. Deen spent the next 15 year being solitary and under on love, until a possibility encounter led she to the real man of she dreams.

Deen and also Groover married in 2004 and also have spent the previous 15 years acquisition on life"s ups and downs together, one play of butter at a time.

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At an initial glance, you could guess that Michael Groover is a teacher, or a fellow chef, or maybe even a renowned historical writer (more on the later). That is difficult to tell simply by looking in ~ him the his career took him out on the water, maneuvering boats and also barges into and out the harbors, ports, and spaces castle couldn"t with otherwise. 

Before he retired, Groover worked as a tugboat captain in Savannah, Georgia, making he and Paula Deen a little of one oddity together a couple. She functions in the general public eye and loves attention, while he had actually a job that requires solitude, quiet, and communicating with others just through a radio. Probably it is this "opposites attract" top quality that makes their connection so strong... Or probably it"s the fact that they"re both an extremely outspoken and constantly say what"s on their mind. Because that example, the first time he obtained a look in ~ Deen"s legs, Groover apparently said "Whoa!" (To which we hope she replied, "Hello, sailor!")

In spite of the various paths they were on in life, Groover"s profession brought the two with each other in a quite adorable way. After ~ their very first meeting, Groover invited Deen the end for a ride on his new boat, and also the rest was history.

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Paula Deen wasn"t trying to find love when she met she husband, Michael Groover — she was looking for her dogs. The two had actually been next-door neighbors when Deen"s lover canine companions got loose from the yard. As with that famous scene in Disney"s 101 Dalmations, the dogs seemed to be working for kismet together they led Deen come Groover"s house.

As shortly as he met his enchanting neighbor, Groover knew that couldn"t permit her acquire away. Unfortunately, acquire away she walk — at least at first. Happy for Groover, her dogs come back about two weeks later, and also so go Deen. The two obtained to talking, and also Deen left v her dogs and also a day with Groover for the following day. Castle went out on her brand-new boat together and also they make a true connection, something Deen hadn"t to be looking for, however was an ext than happy come accept into her life. 

Many, many more dates followed, and the two got married just a pair years later at Bethesda Academy in Savannah. They celebrated in true Southern format with dishes like crab-stuffed shrimp, fried collard greens, and pickled okra sandwiches, some of which we"re sure the dogs got to sample together a thank you for your matchmaking work.

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It may shock some fans to understand that our beloved, wholesome, young-at-heart Paula Deen is a cougar. Looking in ~ photos of Deen and her husband, Michael Groover, girlfriend would probably guess that they space the very same age, or even that Deen is a little bit younger. In actuality, though, Groover to be born in 1956, make him ripe years younger than Deen, who was born in 1947. 

The age distinction seems to have actually never bothered the pair, but it might be surprising to some, as historically the man has actually been the larger one in plenty of Southern relationships. In today"s modern age, though, ladies can date whomever they wish, and also at the finish of the day, age is nothing however a number. It doesn"t affect the pair in the slightest, and in fact, Groover can even be more suitable to Deen because of this age difference, as she has always seemed young and lively no matter what her age. The two have actually been enjoying every other"s agency for 15 year now, and don"t look come be changing their psychic anytime soon.

In 2012, Paula Deen to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This motivated her to make part huge, essential lifestyle changes that had cutting down on carbs, adding much more vegetables to her diet, and just typically slimming down.

After her diagnosis, Deen"s family members rallied around her and decided to not just support her in her weight-loss goals, yet to sign up with her. Her sons Jamie and also Bobby lost 45 and 33 pounds respectively, and Paula herself lost 40. The best winner (or, technically, loser) in the family, however, was Paula Deen"s husband, Michael Groover, who lost an significant 60 pounds in one year. The key, Deen said People magazine, to be not offering up that delicious southerly cooking, however instead to be "moderation, moderation, moderation." 

Together, the family members lost 178 pounds total, in huge part thanks to the now-much-slimmer Groover. This not only bonded them together a family, but ensured the they will have actually much more time to spend together share meals, laughter, and love.

While his partnership with Paula Deen is fun to read about, miscellaneous Paula Deen"s husband, Michael Groover go in his very own right is even more interesting. Top top July 21, 2018, Groover won the world-famous Hemingway Look-Alike challenge in vital West, Florida. It to be the ninth try for Groover, who traveled yearly to Sloppy Joe"s Bar to compete with other men who could be his twins, in the location where Ernest Hemingway offered to cave out with his other writers and other friends.

Finally, Groover took home the medal and also the celebratory Hemingway bust on what would have actually been the author"s 119th birthday, beating the end 150 other contestants from anywhere the world. Together expected, Deen to be there come cheer him on, also going therefore far regarding hold increase a paper cut-out of his face on a stick.

Groover has actually said that he have the right to relate to Hemingway v their shared love that hunting and fishing, and writing. 

One the the ideal things about Paula Deen and her husband, Michael Groover"s relationship, is the both feel the they can be completely honest with each other... Also if when Deen felt choose her husband to be a little too honest. 

"Listen, the hurt mine feelings therefore bad," Deen called Good Housekeeping in a 2008 interview. After informing her that his mommy made the ideal pear crisp in the world, Deen said, "Well, I deserve to do that." She all set the crisp, giving it whatever she had, but Groover was unimpressed. "Now, you cannot ask Michael a inquiry if you don"t want the truth," she said. "The man doesn"t have actually a lie in him. And so that said, "Well, it"s just not nearly as great as mine mama"s.""

Deen, the course, to be a small crushed, yet it didn"t step her. She ongoing to try to make the perfect pear crisp, however you simply can"t win a southerly mama"s cooking. In her own words, "I"ve tried it numerous times since, the darn pear crisp, and also I tho can"t gain that sucker right!" 

For someone v a huge fan basic constantly gushing about how remarkable her food is, perhaps it is a an excellent thing the Deen has actually someone who deserve to critique her food and keep she humble, even if she more than likely doesn"t constantly see it that way!

One the the biggest difficulties of marrying someone who has actually been married before is detect a means to mix your families together. No matter how old her spouse"s youngsters are, it might be tough to do them like you. Happy for Paula Deen"s husband Michael Groover, though, the doesn"t have this problem. In fact, Deen"s two adult boy adore him, and also are happy to have him in your lives.

In 2017, they mutual a happy birthday write-up that touched also the hardest of hearts. "Happy birthday, Michael Groover!" they posted on their main Deen brother page. "We"re happy to have you as a component of our family since you always make mom so happy." 

While the love and acceptance that his stepsons is most most likely all Groover wanted, he gained a bonus affirmation the he is loved by the 4,900 fans who liked the post and also the end 500 world who commented, saying exactly how happy they are to have Groover in their stays too.

Five years right into a marriage, a lot of world stop for a second and assess exactly how things room going. Just how is life now contrasted to how it was prior to you married her spouse? How could things it is in better? What room your favorite parts of your life together? how is the future looking?

Paula Deen"s husband Michael Groover had all of these very same thoughts, and was pressed by fans of the couple to tell castle all about his life together "Mr. Paula Deen." Groover complied by writing a memoir title My very delicious Life v Paula Deen, chock full of details around his life with the famed chef. It also includes stories around his life prior to he met her, his adventures as a tugboat captain, and also what it was favor to be a single dad raising his kids in the American south where he, too, grew up.

The publication is written favor Groover speaks, in a slow, southerly drawl (take the first line the the prologue, because that example: "Miss Paula Deen came right into my life bringin" blue eyes, beamin" smiles, balance, and also butter — no end of the butter."), and also gives the reader a true feeling for who Groover is together a person and also what it"s like to live v the queen of southerly cooking.

Like all an excellent spouses of celebrities, Paula Deen"s husband Michael Groover isn"t contents to just sit idly by in Deen"s shadow or it is in the wind beneath her wings. While the of food loves and supports her choose crazy, he likewise has his very own life and entrepreneurial ideas, among which was his very own line that coffee.

Unveiled because that the very first time in 2007, "Captain Michael"s Coffee" readily available eight different flavors that coffee bean that contained Captain"s Choice, first Mate"s Blend, The Lady"s double Chocolate Cream, river Street Blues, Savannah Seduction, and, as one would expect, a nod to his favorite renowned chef, Paula"s Hazelnut Rum Cake.

Beans for Captain Michael"s coffee were grown in Valle del Cauca, Colombia, and also were processed and also prepared in participation with a agency close come Groover"s heart, Savannah Coffee Roasters. From what we deserve to tell, Captain Michael"s Coffee is no longer developing those delicious roasts, yet maybe in the future it will make a comeback, as people"s love because that coffee is just as enduring together Groover"s love because that Deen.

Marrying a an excellent chef choose Paula Deen is like a dream come true. She would certainly spoil you with her delectable dishes and also baked goods, food preparation up gourmet breakfasts, lunches, and dinners every day, and you would never need to lift a finger in the kitchen again except to to wash the dishes, right? This is no the situation for Paula Deen"s husband Michael Groover (well, at least not all the time).

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Even though Deen"s cooking gets all the fame and also accolades native the public, Groover is in reality a pretty good cook in his own right. In fact, he has even guest-starred ~ above Deen"s TV show, Paula"s ideal Dishes, where he cook a huge seafood feast in recognition of his task as a tugboat captain. He likewise shares a couple of of his favorite sea-themed recipes in his book, My delicious Life v Paula Deen, consisting of Blue Water Banana Pudding and also Captain"s Deviled Crabs. What could be much more #couplesgoals than having actually two great chefs in the exact same kitchen?

Couples in the public eye are an ext prone than anyone to have their dirty to wash aired in the street (and almost everywhere the internet). Paula Deen and also her husband Michael Groover room no exception, as they were the topic of some pretty intense rumors in 2013. Follow to Daily Mail, the National Enquirer reported that Groover was cheating top top Deen v "a sexy middle-age brunette" that lived close to them and also was a girlfriend of the family. Supposedly he met v her once every mainly for much more than a year, sometimes hanging out at she home, occasionally going out for drink together. 

The magazine went on to say that as soon as Deen discovered out about this affair, she faced Groover and they had a substantial fight. Groover was so offended the she would even entertain the id that he would certainly cheat ~ above her the he "walked out." once he later came back, the two talked again and he "swore his innocence and also allegiance come Deen."

Multiple sources gained a host of this story and also spread it around the internet and also magazine stands, yet in the finish it may just be a pack of hooey. According to a source who spoke with US Weekly, "This story is absolutely no true. They have never been closer. Michael adores her and Paula adores him. Lock are completely fine." 

The civilization may never recognize what really taken place with Groover and the brunette, but for now we just have to treat it as unsubstantiated gossip.

A few years after their marital relationship was rocked by the alleged cheating scandal, Paula Deen fueled divorce rumors also more. In 2015, she gifted the deed come her and also her husband Michael Groover"s shared home in Wilmington Island, Georgia to Groover. According to court files (via Daily Mail), the transport was "for and also in factor to consider of her organic love and affection for she husband," but top top April 8, 2016, she took it back. 

The house, i m sorry the couple had to be living in together due to the fact that they to be married in 2004, was exclusively in Groover"s name, but Deen stated that this transfer was a mistake and also "delivered through error and misunderstanding in between her and also her husband." She canceled the initial deed carry so that now Groover is not the sole owner that the home. 

When this news broke, anyone assumed that it was evidence of a divorce stemming native Groover"s alleged cheating three years earlier. However, those rumors were later referred to as into question, as the agreement was mutual and Groover signed the papers willingly and also happily. 

While the isn"t clear exactly why the deed carry was canceled (or why it occurred in the very first place), it was not the beginning of the end. In fact, the pair celebrated your 15th wedding anniversary in 2019, and also are looking forward to many much more years together.