“Some music is good. Some music is great. Part music is essential. Patti Casey is essential.” –Gary Raynor, bassist for the Guys’ All-Star Shoe band of A Prairie home Companion“Music that isn’t fear to acquire its hands dirty on the backroads the life”—-Dylan Waller, Montpelier Bridge

Two new singles. Click image to listen. $2 per download utilizing Venmo (
Patti-Casey-7) or Paypal (patti in ~ barisalcity.org)


Lyrics obtainable to both “Dandelion” and “What you Think friend Know”.

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Our shopping dare is down. If friend would prefer to order any kind of of Patti’s Compact Discs, they space $15 a piece, cost-free postage. Email what you would certainly like and also we’ll job-related out the payment. You have the right to go come the songs page and download individual songs because that a $2 a piece using Venmo or Paypal.

—Here is a brand-new live version of Patti’s song, “Stronger 보다 That”; a tune of resistance, love and also compassion. Lyrics are available free. You have the right to still access the original version performed at the Whammy Bar

The vermont Department of agriculture has developed a wonderful collection of videos through Trevor Audet that depict the landscape and farming beauty of our state. 3 of them use Patti’s music as a soundtrack.

A Willing heart is the soundtrack come this beautiful video clip showing the remarkable panorama of shade that blesses us every September and also October.

Ceres is ago on optimal of the vermouth State House! right into This Night offers a relocating tribute come this memorable event. Hundreds of world braved cold temperatures to celebrate the instead of statue that the Goddess of Agriculture. This is just one of the Ag Department’s most famous videos.

The Northeast Kingdom (NEK) is vermouth at its wildest. Remote, beautiful and so close come Canada. So, it’s appropriate to have actually Down from Canada featured.

—Two the Patti’s most listened to songs “It every Comes Down” and also “Spread happiness Over This Land” Spread joy Over This floor are easily accessible for download in both mp3 style and….

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SHEET MUSIC. The requests for these song in paper music style has been amazing. You asked, so below they room (in .pdf format):

It every Comes Down-Sheet Music

Spread Joy-Sheet Music

We’ll email your paper music come you in ~ 1-2 hrs of your submission. You can email united state if friend don’t receive your .pdf in a stylish manner.You can likewise listen and download all of Patti’s recordings at she songs page.

fRoots review!

Some persons are hard to please, specifically those in ~ fRoots (formerly known as “Folkroots”) magazine. Known as the scriptures of the individual music world, castle have really discerning ears and use their praise sparingly. It was v delight, and also not a little surprise, that we found that “The love of A waiting Boy” was provided a “thumbs up” evaluation in the April issue!

“The heart of A waiting Boy” walk Global


You can acquire the text to “The heart of a wait Boy” in pdf format

Patti’s voice is like a caress“—-Pamela Polston, co-owner/founder 7 days