P2 activities (or P2 Lab) is a small island through a rap on it. It"s situated in south Eastern Unova. The only means to with it is by going West top top the Southern fifty percent of course 17, phibìc on course 18, and East top top the Northern fifty percent of path 17.

Inside the rap is a Scientist. If you have actually a Genesect, the Scientist will an obstacle you come a battle.

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TAKE NOTE: The adhering to are the Pokémon that the Scientist will use. There is additionally a chance of him utilizing an X-Special in the battle.

The Scientist may use one X-Special in this solitary battle.

Klink ||| KlangLevel: 34Type: SteelAbility: to add or MinusHold Item: N/A

moves After the battle, he"ll provide you two Drives for Genesect"s Techno Blast. The drives counts on which version you"re playing. Black 2 provides you the Burn Drive and also Shock Drive. White 2 offers you the chill Drive and also Douse Drive.

A Dubious Disc can be choose up in the earlier of the room.

All this with reference to: LINK

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