The 3 Room holidays Lodge has actually been discontinued.If you"re searching for something new, inspect out the best tents and shelters because that 2021.

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June 21, 2011

The only 2 poor things i need to say around this time are, 1 the room dividers just hang up and don"t go all the means from the bottom of the tent to the top. 2 where we continued to be we had actually some high winds and one that the poles broke.

I would choose it to have been more sturdy however it did hold up a entirety lot much better than the coleman tent the was at the lake v us.

Other than that lot of of room and the vent flaps yes, really cooled off the tent at night.

Gary DillinghamJune 25, 2010

All Ozark trace tents room guaranteed to leak directly out of the box and need to be tarped.I very own one 6 human being cabin, one 6 person dome,one 8 person dome and a 9 person cottage cabin.And they all leaked rite the end of the box and also had to be tarped.

So a word to the wise, if u buy a ozark trail, buy a tarp huge enough to have a overhang the at the very least 3 feet on every sides. Therefore as far as Ozark trail tents go once it pertains to rain your gonna acquire wet!! also so I"ll provide Ozark follow tents at least 2 stars. They r useable 4 the money.

Bill Trimble

July 16, 2009

We used it top top a camping trip to Ohio and it was ok until it began raining and also water started coming in threw the sidewalls of the tent. We had to invest in tarps come cover ours tent, however the rain still come in.

Also, one of the steel tent poles has actually a crack.

I execute like exactly how the tent is roomy, however I would not recommend this tent if there is rain in the forecast.

If I had to buy one more tent it would not it is in a Ozark Trail.


July 1, 2009

My family and I went on our an initial camping trip and it to be ok till it began raining and also water stared coming in threw the sidewalls of the tent.

I had bought this tent due to the fact that it to be affordable and thought it would certainly be a good tent but I was wrong. This tent was claimed to have weather armor to store the rain out but it didn"t.

If I had actually to buy an additional tent it would certainly not it is in a Ozark Trail, ns hope does not store on raining so say thanks to you.

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