Custom Driveshaft - Aluminum, 5 inch OD, 1480/1485 collection Dodge lamb 2500/3500 4x4 van - 2003 come 2018

Upgrade her OEM one piece aluminum or transform your OEM steel 2 piece into a one piece heavy duty 5 inch aluminum driveshaft.

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note Specs car Fitment 

Heavy Duty 5 customs Aluminum Driveshaft

This driveshaft fits many 2003 to 2018 Dodge ram 2500 and also 3500 4 Wheel drive trucks. In 4x4, this driveshaft fits any type of cab and also bed combination (Regular/Quad/Crew/Mega Cab, Long and Short Bed). Usage this driveshaft come upgrade her existing one item driveshaft or to transform your two piece driveshaft into a heavy duty one piece. Us will need you to measure up for the driveshaft to verify appropriate fit. Measure up is really easy to execute - just follow the chart below. If you have actually a 2019 or newer, contact us to confirm fit.

Dodge lamb driveshafts are well known for driveshaft vibrations and component failures. Many customers complain of your OEM two piece shaft having actually repeated and also expensive transport bearing failures, vibrations or shudders. Our Aluminum driveshaft eliminates the carrier bearing because that a stronger, an ext reliable driveshaft. 

Keep in mind the we build your driveshaft with the OEM 1485 u-joint. 1480 and also 1485 are are basically the same u-joint but the 1485 is a couple of thousandths that a an customs narrower across the caps. For this reason both work but we favor to develop with the OEM 1485 premium sealed u-joint to guarantee a appropriate fit there is no vibrations.

This driveshaft is hefty duty from end to end and also is our most renowned Ram 2500/3500 driveshaft. We use the OEM American Axle cold forged u-joint - the very same one that comes in a brand brand-new truck. The Aluminum pipe is 5 inch OD Kaiser premium aluminum seamless product that is 1/8 inch thick -- rated because that over 7,000 ft/lbs of torque! It will handle even the most heavy towing loads. Many of the OEM one item aluminum shafts are just 0.083 customs thick. Some Rams have actually the smaller 1415 u-joint yet we introduce you upsize friend this 1485 shaft since the transfer case yoke and also flange bolt pattern room the very same on all of the lamb 4x4 trucks. The upsized driveshaft will certainly last longer because of the bigger u-joint. In addition, you have the right to upgrade her 1415 or 1485 driveshaft to the 1555 collection 5 customs Driveshaft i m sorry is the biggest u-joint obtainable for Dodge ram trucks for the can be fried in driveshaft durability. The transfer case yoke and also rear flange pattern are all interchangeable in the 1415, 1485 and also 1555 driveshafts to enable for basic upgrades.

The driveshaft comes fully assembled, balanced and ready to bolt in. Installation is as straightforward as sliding in the transfer instance yoke and bolting up the flange. You carry out need to examine for clearance issues. The OEM two piece driveshaft is 3.5 inch tube and also the one piece pillar is 5 inch. Girlfriend don\"t want the new bigger tube to rub so examine the transport bearing overcome member come ensure that does not need to be removed.

Our driveshaft is 100% new 5 customs aluminum driveshaft including a brand-new transfer case slip yoke, brand-new driveshaft and new flange. This is one all new direct replacement driveshaft. All you need to do is remove your old shaft and bolt increase the brand-new shaft.

You won\"t it is in disappointed with your ram 5 inch aluminum driveshaft. Time and also again customers are impressed at exactly how well make the driveshaft is and much better yet, just how it helps deal with vibration and carrier bearing troubles - no matter if is a everyday driver, end the roadway towing rig or pulling truck.


How to measure a Driveshaft slip Yoke.

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Vehicle Fitment

Make:Ram 2500 and Ram 3500
Drive Type:4WD
Cab Sizes:Regular Cab, Quad Cab, Crew Cab, and also Mega Cab
Bed Size:Short Bed and Long Bed
U-Joint Series:1410 and also 1480- This 1480 driveshaft is an upgrade type the stock 1410 OEM series universal joint. 
EngineGas and also Diesel
TransmissionAutomatic and also Manual



Required Driveshaft Measurements:You can place her order today and we will send a follow up email requesting her driveshaft length or your can submit your measurement below. Measure up from the transfer situation seal to the flat face of the differential where the driveshaft 4 bolt flange mounts. We cannot complete your driveshaft order till we have your driveshaft length.


If friend have any kind of questions we are here to help:  CHAT | PHONE (574)287-9650 | EMAIL

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