On optimal of Old Smokey cost-free kids sheet music with simple guitar tabs, and an simple Middle-C variation for beginning of the person piano also!  

The silly and also fun kids" song, "On height of Spaghetti," provides this tune.  I loved singing it when I was a kid! in which method the words seemed exceptionally clever in those long-ago days... 


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I favor this song ideal in the vital of C.  even though the F chord is no a favourite of beginner etc players, they need the practice.

If you usage G7 instead of G, the 3 chords heat up nicely and require small shifting, a neat point to suggest out to your students if castle haven"t excellent this before.

Even "little" chords, the three-string chords, deserve to be used in this song. Playing a 3-string F chord is not too intimidating, particularly when the C and G7 space so easy. (See my Big etc Chords page, i beg your pardon talks around 3-string chords.)

Another neat thing to shot is mixing the melody, or parts of the melody, v chord strumming. (This is easiest, ns think, in the crucial of C.)

Thus, the song goes "On height of Old SMO- (strum-strum) - vital (strum strum, STRUM strum) every COV-ered with SNOW (strum strum, STRUM strum strum, STRUM strum)" etc.

My favourite strum pattern because that this 3-beat song, however, is a "BASS strum strum".

If girlfriend play this melody in the vital of D, it makes a great example because that your guitar student of exactly how some songs space much simpler to pat in second position - utilizing finger 1 in the 2nd fret, finger 2 in the 3rd fret, etc. 

Here is the piano variation for middle C area note-readers:


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You may notice 3 things: 

There is no fingering composed in.  You decide.  I doubt you will ar both thumbs on middle C, however it will occupational with a various fingering!Twice, center C is placed in the appropriate hand, but once I have the left hand play it - the last line.There space chord symbols above the melody, in case you wish to consist of a duet part.

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This song LOOKS so easy.  But that isn"t!  That"s due to the fact that of every the skips.  Take that slow and also focus on the notereading.

My favorite video clip of the tune for this totally free kids paper music is a fairly out-of-focus rendition the "On optimal of SPAGHETTI:"