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Hello! friend asked around Lois Lowry "s book "Number The Stars." chapter 9 tells us that Mrs. Johansen has brought Annemarie, Kirsti and Ellen to continue to be at she brother"s (Henrik) residence for a couple of days. In vault chapters, we find out that Ellen comes to stay v the Johansen"s for...

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Hello! girlfriend asked around Lois Lowry"s book "Number The Stars." chapter 9 tells us that Mrs. Johansen has carried Annemarie, Kirsti and also Ellen to continue to be at her brother"s (Henrik) home for a couple of days. In previous chapters, we discover out that Ellen comes to stay with the Johansen"s because that her very own safety. She is to act as the 3rd daughter the the house. When the German soldiers need evidence that Ellen is actually a Johansen, Mr. Johansen tears out 3 baby pictures of his daughters. Luckily, Lise (who passed away just prior to her marriage) has actually the exact same brown hair together Ellen. But, that is a near shave, and also that is why the girls space at Henrik"s.

In thing 9, Annemarie hears her Uncle Henrik say that their great Aunt Birte has passed away and that over there is to it is in a funeral in ~ the house. She knows the there is no such person in your family and is immediately suspicious. She confronts her Uncle Henrik in the barn and also in response, the asks her how brave she is. She answers that she doesn"t think she is an extremely brave. He disagrees and also assures her the she is favor her mother and also will be as brave as she demands to be. The acknowledges the he lying to her about great Aunt Birte however tells she he can"t tell she the reality for her very own protection and that it is often less complicated to be brave once one does not understand everything.

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Annemarie herself has to lie to Ellen because that Ellen"s protection. She realizes that occasionally extraordinary circumstances contact for extreme measures. She helps to prepare food in the kitchen however wonders why they have to make so lot food. Usually, it is friend who carry the food to the bereaved family. When she locks eyes through her mother, Mrs. Johansen knows that her daughter realizes that an excellent Aunt Birte is a consisted of relative. Annemarie comforts it s her after Uncle Henrik speak her the he and Mrs. Johansen carry out not know everything either. She knows the everyone is do the efforts to it is in brave. Soon, more people come at the house for the "funeral." Henrik take away Ellen out to fulfill some that the people. Eventually, Ellen comes in, together with her parents, and also Peter.