Is over there a formula to advice the variety of all squares in the $m \times n$ grid? Well, I"m simply curious, I"ve checked out the question choose this somewhere at the university, to solve this they were separating the grid with $m - 1$ and $n - 1$ lines...I don"t understand what"s next.

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Suppose $n\ge m$.

Number the squares of dimension 1: $m\cdot n$Number that squares of size 2: $(m-1)\cdot (n-1)$...Number the squares of dimension m: $1\cdot (n-m+1)$

Result: $$\beginalign\sum_k=1^m k \cdot (n-m+k) & =(n-m)\sum_k=1^m k +\sum_k=1^m k^2 \\& = (n-m) m(m+1)/2 + m(m+1)(2m+1)/6 \\& = \fracm(m+1) (3n-m+1)6\endalign$$



Rectangles in rectangle$$\frac(n^2+n)(m^2+m)4$$

Rectangles in square$$\frac(n^2+n)^24$$

Squares in rectangle$$m≥ n-1,\frac(n^2+n)2m-\frac(n^3-n)6$$

Squares in square$$\frac(n^2+n)(2n+1)6$$


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