GirlfriendAvril Lavigne

If you were born top top Wednesday nine May, 1973 then Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne to be the #1 tune in the united state on your 34th birthday. The track went come number one top top May 5th 2007 and stayed in ~ the optimal of the charts for 1 week.

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#1 song on my birthday - 9th May

My date of birth! (1973): "Tie a Yellow Ribbon round the Old Oak Tree" through Tony Orlando and also Dawn1st date of birth (1974): "The Loco-Motion" by cool Funk Railroad2nd birthday (1975): "He Don"t Love you (Like i Love You)" through Tony Orlando and Dawn3rd date of birth (1976): "Welcome Back" by john Sebastian4th birthday (1977): "Hotel California" by The Eagles5th birthday (1978): "Night Fever" by The punishment Gees6th date of birth (1979): "Reunited" through Peaches and Herb7th date of birth (1980): "Call Me" through Blondie8th date of birth (1981): "Morning Train (Nine come Five)" by Sheena Easton9th date of birth (1982): "Chariots that Fire" by Vangelis10th date of birth (1983): "Beat It" by Michael Jackson11th date of birth (1984): "Against every Odds" by Phil Collins12th date of birth (1985): "We are the World" through USA for Africa13th birthday (1986): "Addicted come Love" through Robert Palmer14th birthday (1987): "(I Just) died in your Arms" by cutting Crew15th date of birth (1988): "Wishing Well" by Terence Trent D"Arby16th date of birth (1989): "Like a Prayer" by Madonna17th birthday (1990): "Nothing compares 2 U" by Sinead O"Connor18th birthday (1991): "Baby Baby" by Amy Grant19th date of birth (1992): "Jump" through Kris Kross20th birthday (1993): "Freak Me" by Silk21st birthday (1994): "The Sign" by Ace that Base22nd birthday (1995): "This Is how We carry out It" through Montell Jordan23rd date of birth (1996): "Always it is in My Baby" by Mariah Carey24th date of birth (1997): "Hypnotize" by well known B.I.G.25th birthday (1998): "Too Close" by Next26th date of birth (1999): "Livin" La Vida Loca" through Ricky Martin27th date of birth (2000): "Maria Maria" through Santana28th birthday (2001): "All because that You" by Janet29th date of birth (2002): "Foolish" by Ashanti30th birthday (2003): "In Da Club" through 50 Cent31st birthday (2004): "Yeah!" through Usher32nd birthday (2005): "Hollaback Girl" through Gwen Stefani33rd date of birth (2006): "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter34th date of birth (2007): "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne35th birthday (2008): "Lollipop" by Lil Wayne36th date of birth (2009): "Boom boom Pow" by The black Eyed Peas37th date of birth (2010): "Nothin" top top You" by B.o.B, Bruno Mars38th birthday (2011): "E.T." by Katy Perry featuring Kanye West39th date of birth (2012): "Somebody the I used to Know" through Gotye special Kimbra40th date of birth (2013): "Just offer Me a Reason" by Pink special Nate Ruess41st date of birth (2014): "Happy " through Pharrell Williams42nd birthday (2015): "See girlfriend Again" through Wiz Khalifa special Charlie Puth43rd date of birth (2016): "Panda" by Desiigner44th birthday (2017): "Humble" by Kendrick Lamar45th date of birth (2018): "Nice because that What" by Drake46th birthday (2019): "Old city Road" by Lil Nas X featuring Billy ray Cyrus47th birthday (2020): "The Scotts" through The Scotts48th date of birth (2021): "Save your Tears" through The WeekndVisit to uncover the soundtrack to your life.
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