Music is for everybody and Kevin Sharp proved that v his rendition that “Nobody Knows.” The track was initially performed through R&B artist Tony well-off in his 1996 debut album Words. The track was already a hit prior to Kevin did his country version. Tony’s tune peaked in ~ number two on both theBillboardHot 100andBillboardHot Adult modern-day Tracks charts.

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This was additionally loved through other nations when that was first released, so Kevin Sharp want to execute his version of the song.

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Kevin Sharps’ variation of “Nobody Knows”

The variation of Kevin and Tony because that the song “Nobody Knows” are virtually somewhat similar. Both are mellow and both did good with singing the track with emotion. One striking distinction maybe the crucial backgrounds the were used due to the fact that one version is country, yet aside from that, both did yes, really well to sing the song.

This track to be what do Kevin Sharp gain his an initial and only No. 1 on the nation Billboard charts. It to be a testament to exactly how well that performed the song and made his fans connect with it. This will constantly be one of his best songs and what made him begin his career in country music.

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Lyrics Breakdown

The night is lonely, the days are so sad And I just keep thinkin’ about the love that us had And I’m lacking you and nobody knows it but me

Just like any type of other traditional country songs, the track is about the catastrophic love story that a man and his lover. The is a song that is an extremely melancholic and will do you reminisce every the an excellent times the you invested with every other. All of your memories with each other is the just thing that provides you hope that someday, he/she will certainly come back.

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The song likewise talks about our propensity to store our feelings come ourselves. Mirroring our fragile side is usually frowned ~ above by culture because the is intended from united state to constantly bounce ago from ours problems. This need to not be the case and also it is good to melted a tear indigenous time come time.