Yesterday I checked out the graduation party of mine wife"s niece. The entirety family was invite to this event, which consisted of all the vital elements: dashing suits and frilly dresses, spicy food and also alcohol, a photo-booth v crazy hats, wigs and substantial glasses, and of course several music and also dancing.

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While the food was served, the DJ play nostalgic music native the 50"s through the 90"s at an agree volume, however once dinner was finished, the volume to be turned up, and everyone started dancing to the most renowned Salsa, and also Banda access time from the last few decades. I"ve come to be quite familiar with this songs, i m sorry can"t be missed at any type of party, and for those who can"t get sufficient of them, anytime between parties too. Lock have end up being such a mainstay of Mexican society that calling castle the soundtrack the life is no overstatement. However, over there is one song amongst them that despite its popularity doesn"t it seems to be ~ to satisfy the profile: El Payaso de Rodeo, or Rodeo Clown in English.


Not Your common Salsa Hit

The weirdest thing, in my opinion, is how here in Mexico everybody automatically hits the dance floor as soon as this tune comes up, and also proceeds following the correct line-dance steps... And most amazingly, actually enjoys it! Of course this is the only nation song in ~ the whole party, and nobody would certainly actually line-dance come anything else. Yet this track is constantly present. I began wondering why.

Even though the lyrics are in Spanish, the song sounds an ext like country music. And I don"t also mean the Banda, Norteña or Duranguense, which are the preferred genres of rural Mexicans, featuring numerous cowboy hats and western boots. No, this track sounds much more like the north-of-the-border form Country, other I offered to refer to, quite disdainfully, as Achy-Breaky-Heart crap, once I very first got exposed to it together a teenager. Earlier then country was my the very least favorite genre, which I shared with many of mine peers, and also we love ripping ~ above it. Despite later, particularly once I"d left the States, ns started missing it (yeah, it had grown top top me, what have the right to I say). However, ns still taken into consideration Achy-Breaky that is worst possible example.

Not just a Coincidence

No rompas más, mi pobre corazón,estás pegando justo entiéndelo;si quiebras poco más, mi pobre corazón,me harás mil pedazos quiérelo.

This is exactly how the track starts, the an initial line equates to: "Don"t break my heart any more, my bad heart..." and also it go on similar to that. Oh no, i was thinking. Even the text sound Achy-Breaky! then the realization struggle me: it"s not just the style, the rhythm, and also the definition of the words that are the same. This IS actually Achy Breaky love in Spanish. So ns did a rapid search to verify it, and indeed, it"s true.

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The make of a Rodeo Clown

Back in 1992 Billy beam Cyrus make Achy Breaky Heart people famous, and also the track did likewise to the guy. Both had been about previously, yet neither that them had been an extremely well known. However together they do it into the the top echelons that the US country music and pop charts. What"s even much more impressive, this silly tiny song became also an worldwide hit: In Australia it was the an initial song to ever before make it come triple platinum and also best offering single. And in the UK, wherein you wouldn"t also think civilization liked country music, the peaked in ~ number 3 top top the UK Singles Chart.


Impressive, but that was just the beginning. Internationally the song reached the top-ten in nine different countries, and inspired several cover versions, and parodies. One of these was tape-recorded in 1994 through the Mexican group Caballo Dorado together No Rompas Más (Mi pobre corazón), and a much faster version the the very same tune, dubbed Payaso de Rodeo. Due to the fact that then these 2 songs have been played ago on ago at every solitary Mexican wedding, graduation party, birthday party, 15-years party, Christmas, freedom Day, or any other fiesta. So once it come up, friend can"t miss out on out ~ above the line-dancing!

This video is not from yesterday"s party, simply a random find on YouTube. Still, that is a an extremely authentic instance of the Payaso de Rodeo experience: