you may have heard the saying, “There’s no remainder for the wicked.” perhaps you’re even conscious that the vaguely biblical in origin. Yet where go the phrase really come from? and what does it mean?

The very first important point to note is that the phrase “no rest for the wicked” is not actually in the Bible. The phrase does originate indigenous the Bible, especially Isaiah 57:21. However, in the dozens that versions and translations that Isaiah 57:21 listedhere, every one instead of “rest” says that over there is no “peace” for the wicked.

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Isaiah 57:21 states, “‘There is no peace,’ states my God, ‘for the wicked.’”

Perhaps the substitution of the word “rest” for “peace” comes from the coming before verse, Isaiah 57:20: “But the angry are prefer the tossing sea, which can not rest, whose waves cast up mire and mud.”

Thus, it isn’t fair come say the the idea of restlessness because that the wicked isn’t in the Bible. However, the Hebrew indigenous “shalom,” interpreted to “peace” in Isaiah 57:21, hold so much depth that us must emphasis on the true quotation the the verse to find what it way for us.


words “shalom” appearsover 200 time in the Bible, a strong indicator that its importance.

“Rest” could work as a translation for shalom, yet it wouldn’t do justice to the word; this is more than likely why “peace” to be the favored translation, quite than words “rest” we discover in the popular expression. Though “peace” is a much more apt translate in of shalom, that still no quite capture the nuance or prestige of the word.

“Shalom” was offered as both a greeting and also farewell. The wasn’t simply meant to great a human being a lack of battle or struggle; rather, shalom walk deeper.

Shalom can be referred to as the peace of the Lord. The is completeness, soundness, wellbeing, finish reconciliation. Among the names of God is Yahweh-Shalom, or The lord Our tranquility (Judges 6:24), and Jesus is called the Prince of peace (Isaiah 9:6).

Since true shalom is just reached with God, it makes sense the there would be no shalom because that the wicked. Take away at confront value as the typical saying, “no rest for the wicked” could seem to have actually a straightforward explanation: those who execute wicked deeds will certainly never have the ability to sleep, or rest, soundly, learning their wickedness will certainly one day capture up come them. Yet the lord was talking around far an ext than the threats a wicked way of life might lug in the earthly sphere.

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“No peace for the wicked” offers the larger picture. Certainly, the opportunity of earthly reckoning can haunt the wicked, robbing castle of wellbeing. However, it likewise encompasses the within emptiness that comes from seeking fulfillment exterior of God. It suggests the toll that wicked acts take it on a human being physically. It points to the absence of peace in between God and man; the wicked can not be reconciled to God. And it points to eternity; the wicked will certainly not pass on come eternal shalom.