When we think around high school, a few key memories come to mind. Sit in the stands in ~ football games, hanging out with friends in the library and, that course, school dances! but some, prefer us right here at barisalcity.org, mental something else: all of the TV shows that characterized our teenage years! one of these mirrors was The Nine lives of Chloe King. If this surname sounds familiar, the probably since the show was AMAZING, and also aired top top the very same night together Pretty little Liars earlier in 2011. If girlfriend haven’t watched the show before, or forgot simply how an excellent it is, let united state jog your memory.

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The Plot:

The Nine lives of Chloe King is about, friend guessed it, a girl called Chloe King. On she sixteenth birthday, she learns the she’s not specifically human. She’s a Mai, a descendent that the Egyptian god of cats. Due to the fact that of this, she has actually some great powers choose crazy agility and also superhuman senses. And, oh yeah, claws. Yet when she suddenly gains the attention of the most well-known boy in school, Alek Petrov, she realizes that having actually superpowers isn’t every fun and also games. First off, Chloe’s being hunted by The Order, a murderous group established to death all Mai. Those more, Chloe’s kiss has become deadly—she can not kiss people without placing them in the hospital, or worse. Finally, Chloe isn’t simply a regular Mai—she’s the Uniter, which method she has—you guessed it—nine lives.


The Characters:

Chloe: Chloe King was one of the many badass protagonists that the at an early stage 2010s. Played by Skylar Samuels, she invested the season fighting off bad guys and having the finest fashion sense on television.

Alek: Tall, blond and also handsome, Alek Petrov is the it guy at Chloe’s high school. He’s additionally secretly Mai! when he becomes Chloe’s protector, the witty banter begins.


Jasmine: Alek’s cousin and also a badass in her own right, Jasmine is a Mai together well. She dark style and also no-nonsense perspective make her one of our favourite of the series.


Brian: After your meet-cute in the dress shop where she works, Chloe and also Brian room inseparable. The problem? She can’t kiss him without death him. And his dad additionally happens to be the one searching her down. Yikes!


Amy: Chloe’s loyal, bubbly best friend, Amy is constantly there as soon as Chloe requirements help. She additionally has a killer music career and some pretty gibberish moves of she own!

Paul: played by Ki-Hong Lee, who we additionally love together Minho in The Maze Runner, Paul is Chloe’s sidekick in every things, from her love life to fighting the negative guys. He is a typical comic publication nerd that can’t help geeking out about his ideal friend’s brand-new superpowers!

The Ships

You recognize we can’t withstand talking about a good ship right here at barisalcity.org. And TNLOCK is fill with all of the tropes we know and also love!

Chloe and also Brian: Chloe and also Brian have actually the cutest of every meet-cutes—he to walk up right into her in ~ work and asks her opinion top top a hat v kitty ears. After this, Chloe and also Amy affectionately dub that “Kitty Hat.” Chloe and Brian’s romance is among the sweetest relationships I’ve seen on TV, and also it’s to fill with all of the delicious tension of forbidden love. Chloe can not kiss Brian without death him; his dad is the end to death her!

Chloe and also Alek: despite they sometimes can’t stand each other, Chloe and Alek have actually undeniable chemistry on screen that had us shipping them native the start. Whether he’s protecting she or vice-versa or they’re hanging the end at the fair, Chalek offers us every one of the butterflies in our stomach.

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Amy and Paul: Amy and also Paul space the many adorable friends-to-lovers ship I’ve ever before seen in mine life. Their connection is all cute awkwardness and delightful stumbles follow me the way.

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