Birthday / age / date of birth / exactly how old / DOB Born ~ above January 18, 1982. As of 2021, she is around 39 year old.

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Introduction :Known because that being Dorinda Clark-Cole’s (America’s beloved gospel singer) daughter, Nikkia Cole-Beach is an African-American social media influencer and also singer.Personal Life and Family lift :
Born to parental Dorinda Clark-Cole (mother) and Elder Gregory Cole (father). Has actually a brother, called Gregory Cole Jr. Grandparents names – Mattie Moss Clark and Elder Elbert Clark. Nikkia is happy married to Deon, aka Fasskash Beach. The pair has two gorgeous children, a son called Menace and a daughter called Kashmir Beach.
farming up under the affect of she mother, Dorinda, Nikkia was naturally inclined in the direction of music. Currently, there is no information obtainable on Nikkia’s education background.

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as a businesswoman, Nikkia Cole-Beach is the Chief executive, management Officer in ~ her passion project, Good Thyng worldwide LLC. GoodThyng is a movement and also lifestyle choice to help empower, embrace, encourage & inspire females from every walks of life. Much like she mother, Nikkia is additionally musically gifted. She released a song referred to as ‘Good thang Anthem,’ developed by she brother, Gregory. The feminist anthem represents females globally.
gift the daughter the Dorinda elegant Clark–Cole, Nikkia see her mom as her idol and also life inspiration. In fact, she Instagram regularly has many posts about her mother, that was a member of the prolific family vocal group The Clark Sisters. The Clark Sisters had five sisters, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Jacky Clark Chisholm, Elbernita “Twinkie” Clark, Denise “Niecy” Clark-Bradford, and also Karen Clark Sheard. That seems like talent operation in the totality family. The Clark Sisters space the daughters that pioneering choral director and gospel musician, Dr. Mattie Moss Clark. Together a society influencer, Nikkia represents assorted brands, with cacao Chanel gift her top choice. She created a hashtag (Kashmirandco) for her daughter. Surfing with her Instagram, you view various coco Chanel products, from garments to bags come shoes. Those more? also Nikkia’s Instagram manage is
. Nikki’s love for renowned rap sensation, Snoop Dog, is visible on all her society media. She Instagram is complete of references to Snoop Dog sprinkled every the method through. Surfing with Nikkia’s society media, you will check out her before the braces with a prominent gap in between her teeth. She later acquired her teeth fixed wearing braces. Nikkia had beautiful hare teeth, i beg your pardon she seemingly to be insecure about. She likewise advised her fans not to lose retainers. If someone loser them by chance, Nikkia strong recommends castle to change them as quickly as possible!

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