12.Giovonnie Samuels

Like many type of actors members from All That, Giovonnie Samuels obtained her acting career began on the Nickelodeon sketch comedy series. Impressing audiences and also producers aprefer upon her advent to the show in 2001, she very conveniently ended up being one of the a lot of consistently featured performers of the series. Samuels left All That in 2004 while pursuing other acting tasks.

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As a natural on display, Giovonnie Samuels also appeared on Boston Public and also in several episodes of That’s So Raven as Betty Jane, Raven’s cousin. She provided the voice of Angie on Bill Cosby’s animated Nick at Nite sitcom, Fatherhood, which ran for 2 seasons. The actress landed a recurring duty as Nia Moseby on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, which she is additionally famed for through fans of the network; Samuels served as a replacement for Ashley Tisdale, that was busy filming High School Musical 2. Her TV resume broadened with the duty of Camille on the comedy sitcom Mr. Box Office, via Jon Livitz, Gary Busey, and also Vivica A. Fox. Samuels additionally acted in the attribute movies Christmas At Water’s Edge, Bring It On: All or Nopoint, Freedom Writers, and also, more recently, the indie monster movie Harbinger Down with Lance Henriksen.


All Thatwas a sketch comedy range show developed by Brian Robbins and Mike Tollin, originally airing on Nickelodeon from 1994 to 2005. Considered to be a variation of Saturday Night Live for younger audiences, the display featured original comedy sketches and also various weekly musical guests. The cast was comprised of mainly child and also teenage actors, many kind of of whom got their begin as component of the All That team.

The diversity among the cast and the show’s influence on children’s television has actually earned the series high praise and it has preserved a cult complying with through its reruns on TeenNick as component of a programming block referred to as The Splat.

It’s been 10 years given that the final episode of All That has aired, and over 20 since the first episode of the series. That certainly has many type of fans wondering what many of the performers have been as much as in the meantime. Some of them we may have actually noticed in various movies or TV shows, while others we haven’t watched in years.

What specifically became of every one of the former actors members of All That? We did some digging and also uncovered out what each and also eexceptionally among them has actually been doing given that the sketch comedy series finished its run on Nickelodeon in 2005, so read on to catch up via some of our favorite childhood performers.

26. Angelique Bates

With Haitian and Native American heritage, Angelique Bates was born and also elevated in Los Angeles, The golden state. Wasting no time at all gaining right into the service, the future sketch comedy actress began her acting career extremely early on by appearing as a baby in a Borax tv commercial.

After prospering a small older, Bates was hired for an AT&T commercial prior to landing a starring function in the film Sweet Potato Ride. Shortly afterward, Bates auditioned for All That and was hired after impressing Nickelodeon with a Steve Urkel impression, among others. After 2 periods, Bates left the display, however made a guest appearance on the distinct 100th episode.

Following her scolor on All That, Angelique Bates deserve to now be checked out on her very own Youtube channel. Some of her videos even feature other All That cast members, Katrina Johnkid and also Alisa Reyes. She showed up on the television mirrors Boston Public, Strong Medicine, and also Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! As well, Bates appeared in the film 35 and Ticking, and also the music video for Michael Jackchild and Justin Timberlake’s song, ‘Love Never before Felt So Good.’ Dabbling in music herself, Bates also released an global single called ‘Can’t Fade Me Now’, which is available on iTunes.

25. Chelsea Brummet

Chelsea Brummet was born in Illinois, eventually making her method to Phoenix, Arizona, at age 9. She was later on discovered by All That producers as component of a nationwide talent search in 2000 to go in addition to the relaunch of the series, and was then hired as a perprevious as component of an entirely new collection of cast members. Chelsea was among the strongest talents the brand-new actors had to market, and was one of just 4 to make it until All That was ultimately cancelled in 2005, at the conclusion of Seaboy 10.

Following her time on All That, Chelsea Brummet showed up on the short-lived sitcom The War at Home in 2006 and then in the function film Lure in 2010. She landed her final starring role as Mary Hartguy on Aspen the Series, which ran for 6 episodes in 2012. In 2014, she made entertainment headlines by opening up on her suffer functioning via Amanda Bynes, revealing how the actress acted extremely closed off to everyone. “You’d ask her a question and she’d give you a quick answer to finish the conversation. It’s favor she didn’t want you to know her,” Brummet was quoted as saying.

Chelsea Brummet has actually because retired from acting altogether, and also is now examining fashion at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

24.Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes uncovered her comedic talents at a very at an early stage age, attfinishing a comedy camp to start acting professionally at the age of 7. After showing up on a TV commercial and also killing it with her roles in phase mirrors consisting of Annie and also The Sound of Music, Bynes was hired by Nickelodeon to join All That in 1996. The actress wasted no time in ending up being the breakout star of the present, which later brought about her coming to be a continual on the game present Figure It Out, and receiving her very own sketch comedy series The Amanda Sexactly how in 1999.

After All That, Bynes uncovered most success in Hollylumber. She landed her initially starring film role oppowebsite Frankie Muniz in the 2002 film, Big Fat Liar, and also co-starred in the WB sitcom What I Like About You through Jennie Garth. In 2007, Bynes snagged an additional substantial duty in the feature film version of Hairspray and additionally had actually a prominent component in the 2010 comedy film Easy A.

The talented actress’s career started spiraling out of regulate in 2012 complying with a DUI arremainder. Bynes would later have actually additionally brushes through the regulation for several other offenses, including marijuana possession and hit and run charges. Claiming to have actually lost her love for acting, Bynes announced her retirement from Hollyhardwood so she can enroll at the Fashion Institute of Deauthorize & Merchandising. She was expelled a year later on in 2014.

23.Ryan Coleman

Ryan Coleguy earned his spot on the All That roster by nearly winning the R U All That? contest Nickelodeon was running in 2003. The winner of the national dispute was guaranteed to sign up with the actors of All That, and also while Coleguy was the runner-up and also not the winner, he still impressed the show’s producers sufficient to bring him on board for Seaboy 9. The actor replaced a leaving Jamie Lynn Spears, that was going on to star in Zoey 101, and also he would certainly remajor on the series all the way until its final episode at the finish of Seakid 10.

Following his duty on All That, Ryan Coleman took the chance to emphasis on his research studies and graduated from Cesar Chavez High School in Stockton, California. He has actually been functioning on comedy acts however took a heavy interest in the music scene. In 2012, Coleman joined a band also called Monomaniac and perdeveloped through them until 2015, working via such entertainers as Kehlani, Towkio, KYLE, MGK, Message Mahlone and also many kind of others. Colemale has likewise been tough at occupational on his initially solo album which is collection for a release in at an early stage 2016, which was co-created through Thomas Drayton and also Brook D’leau.

22. Lori Beth Denberg

As one of the most memorable cast members from the original run of All That, Lori Beth Denberg made her note on Nickelodeon. Starting through college plays and theater mirrors at age 6, Denberg was always destined to be a performer. As a teenager, the comedian was hired by Nickelodeon to be on the initially seaboy of All That, where she remained for 4 years. In specific, her “Vital Information” segments on the series were some of the a lot of considerable on the show’s original run. While acting on All That, Denberg also appeared as a regular on Figure It Out for the initially 3 seasons.

After All That, Lori Beth Denberg was featured in a huge role on the WB sitcom The Steve Harvey Sexactly how as Lydia Liza Gutguy. She had a cameo as Connie Muldoon in the All That spin-off attribute film, Good Burger, and also appeared in the movies Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and 18 Fingers of Death! She had actually a guest spot on Malcolm in the Middle, and, more newly, shown herself on the comedy series Workaholics. On a personal level, Denberg is now married, having tied the knot via her longtime friend, artist Alexander Jardin.

21.Jack DeSena

With a penchant for comedy, aspiring teenage actor Jack DeSena joined the actors of All That at the beginning of Season 7. His work-related on the sketch comedy series has been highly pincreased, and in 2005, he regulated to tie through Logan Lermale as the co-winner of the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a Comedy or Drama TV Series. His improvisational abilities, which he honed on All That, were obtained from being very energetic via the international comic improv team ComedySportz.

After All That, DeSena loaned his voice to the Nickelodeon animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, playing the part of Sokka; DeSena reprised the role in video games based off the show. He’s worked on the popular mockumentary web series Dorm Life, earning him additional praise as a comedy writer. DeSena has actually appeared in many other TV mirrors, including Generator Rex, King of the Hill, Battleground, and also also 2 even more Nickelodeon appearances in 2013 on the sitcom Sam & Cat (once as the judge of a texting competition and also aget as an investigator). At this time, Jack DeSena plays the role of Mr. Roberts on the display 100 Things to Do Before High School, a new children’s sitcom presented by the Nickelodeon netoccupational.

20.Lisa Foiles

Lisa Foiles joined the actors of the Nickelodeon series All That in Seachild 7. Alengthy through only 3 various other cast members (Chelsea Brummet, Jack DeSena, and also Kyle Sullivan), Foiles lasted from the begin of the seachild all the means to the finish of the display, adhering to its 2010 cancellation by entertaining audiences via memorable personalities choose Kaffy and Claudia. She would certainly recurrent All That by competing on Nickelodeon segments dubbed “Snick On Air Dare,” which was basically an extra kid-friendly variation of Fear Factor and aired in the time of commercial breaks. Foiles repetitively showed up in these segments, doing such unpleasant dares as laying in a tub filled via dead fish or spanning herself via mud while frogs hopped everywhere her body.

In the years complying with All That, Lisa Foiles has end up being much more connected in the people of gaming, running a webwebsite called Save Point. The webwebsite contains gaming news and reviews in enhancement to videos of Foiles. She has likewise done voice acting for video games, including Ms. Splosion Man and LocoCycle, and can be checked out in several online videos, such as the Youtube drama web series The Street Fighter and IGN’s hilarious parody of the Macklemore song, ‘Thrift Shop.’

19.Leon Frierson

When Katrina Johnson and also Alisa Reyes left All That in 1997, Leon Frierchild joined Christy Knowings and Danny Tamberelli as replacement cast members. Impushing Nickelodeon via his impressions of “an old man, nerds, Jim Carrey and Mike Tyboy,” Frierchild nailed his audition. On All That, Frierson’s ideal well-known personas include Repairboy (who was dubbed in by Kel Mitchell’s Repairguy to offer a “second opinion”), Billy Fuco, CJ and the Cloudy Nights, and Have a Nice Day via Leroy & Fuzz. While perdeveloping on All That, Frierchild might additionally be viewed as a panelist on Figure It Out, equivalent to many type of other actors members.

When his time on All That involved an end, Leon Frierboy had TV spots on Boston Public, The Bernie Mac Show, and also the short-lived sitcom Caveguys. He likewise had actually appearances in the function movies Snow Day, Bulworth, Absolute Evil – Final Exit, and also Road 2 Damascus. He is currently focusing even more on a career in music, and after a scolor as a member of The Circuit (as Sha’ Boy Malloy) through Michael Rios and Courtney Linsey, the trio released a mixtape called ‘For Promotional Use Only.’ He is now a solo musical artist who goes by the name ‘Leeboy.’

18.Bryan Hearne

Bryan Hearne starting his acting career beforehand, landing his initially TV spot at age 11 on the NBC series Third Watch. On the episode, Hearned played a preteen gangster called Kenny who ends up dying in emotional orgasm of the story. He then appeared in the attribute film Hardball, and also soon after was officially hired by Nickelodeon to join the actors of All That. Several of Hearne’s a lot of memorable characters incorporate Zigfree the Taxi Cab Driver, bunny mascot Mr. Flopples, and also unborn rapper Lil’ Fetus. After 2 years on All That, Hearne left the series to focus on founding his rap career.

Presently, Bryan Hearne now supplies the hip hop alias Comodity. He rapped as part of a hip hop duo called the Crvery own Holders. His partner, J-Dub, was additionally an additional child star, having showed up on the NBC sitcom In the Housage in the at an early stage 90’s, and later on shown Jimmy Harrichild on the soap opera Suncollection Beach. In 2012, the Crvery own Holders separation up so J-Dub can work-related on a solo rap career. Bryan Hearne has maintained a really low profile because the split, although he may be making a return to acting, having actually showed up in the 2015 brief film Retrospect.

17.Katrina Johnson

Born in San Diego, Katrina Johnboy had actually no prior acting endure before being cast as part of the original team of young comedians on All That. Nonetheless, audiences loved her and also she came to be a maincontinue to be on the series till 1997. Her “Lemonade Scammer” character is probably her many well remembered, however her recurring impressions of celebrities like Ross Perot and Roseanne Barr were always hilarious. Her distinct voice and excellent impersonations really made her stick out among the remainder of the cast. In addition to performing on television as an All That cast member, Johnchild additionally on a regular basis did stand-up comedy at the famous Laugh Factory club in Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, Katrina Johnson’s acting career all yet fizzled adhering to her exit from All That. With just an uncredited duty in the 2006 film Sisters, and also a spot in a 2009 brief film called She’s a Fox, Johnchild has actually stayed ameans from the acting scene. She did appear on the 100th episode of All That and also the 10th Anniversary Special, much to the delight of those watching who’d been fans of the series since the start. These days, the unofficially retired comedy actress now stays in Las Vegas and hosts an virtual radio display referred to as Uncensored Radio’s Guilty Pleasures.

16.Christina Kirkman

When Christina Kirkmale joined the cast of All That in Seaboy 9, she replaced Jamie Lynn Spears as the youngest talent on the show. Although she had actually no prior skilled endure, Kirkmale secured her spot on the series by winning Nickelodeon’s “R U All That: Nickelodeon’s Search for the Funniest Kid in America” dispute. All That later on won the Best TV Sjust how Award at the Kid’s Choice Awards after Kirkman’s initially seachild on the series, and also her humorous contributions to the show during that time certainly aided. While All That was airing, Kirkguy can additionally be checked out in other Nick shows, including Teenick and also U Pick Live.

When All That ended its run in 2005, Christina Kirkman went back to her residence state of Massachusetts to end up high school. She then attfinished Emerboy College in Boston, graduating with a level in broadcast journalism. The acting bug never before quite let her go, but, and also she took component in many type of on-campus productions. Following her college graduation, Kirkguy relocated back to Los Angeles to again pursue an acting career. Her ultimate goal is to be a featured actors member on Saturday Night Live, similar to exactly how an additional previous All That comedian, Kenan Thompson, was able to execute.

15.Christy Knowings

When original All That actors members Katrina Johnson and Alisa Reyes left the series, 3 replacement comedians were carried in. Christy Knowings was among the 3 brand-new young comics, in addition to Danny Tamberelli and also Leon Frierkid. Knowings inherited the function of Penny Lane (who was previously depicted by Alisa Reyes and also Angelique Bates), and some of her various other featured characters contained Lieutenant Fondue, Yoko from CJ and the Cloudy Knights, Jessica from Whateverrr!!!, and also the assistant to Dr. Bynes. Her most significant spot, but, was playing Winter Marvels on the imaginary display What Do You Do?, which was a parody of Summer Sanders and also the Nickelodeon game show, Figure It Out. She additionally made an appearance on the All That 10th Anniversary Special.

Christy Knowings doesn’t have actually a lot of credited job-related, aside from her appearances on All That. Before starring on the Nick series, she had a role on New York Undercover. A decade after her departure from All That, yet, she appeared multiple times on the renowned PBS children’s present, Sesame Street. Being featured alongside her actual life twin brother, Chris Knowings, Christy used her actual initially name on the present. There is no word as to whether she plans to make a return to acting or comedy.

14. Shane Lyons

Born in Colorado Springs, Coloraperform, Shane Lyons was the kid of 2 talented chefs. With his mommy a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, she offered as a huge impetus for Shane, that was already functioning with a knife at age 5. At age 7, Lyons pursued his second passion and began to act professionally, and by age 14, he had been actors as a continuous perprevious on All That. From 2002 to 2004, Lyons showed up in over 20 episodes of the sketch comedy series prior to his run on the display pertained to an finish.

After All That, Shane Lyons appeared in the films The Master of Disguise and Elizabethtown. He additionally had some TV guest spots on ER, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, That’s So Raven, and also Wizards of Waverly Place. However before, Lyons realized that his true calling was in being a skilled chef, so he quit acting to enroll in the Culinary Institute of America. After graduating at the young age of 18, Lyons provided his culinary services to a plethora of New York’s top kitchens. At some point, the previous All That star turned understand chef went back to his hometvery own of Coloraperform Springs wbelow he now runs a Nosh kitchen.

13. Alisa Reyes

New York actress Alisa Reyes gained her career began as an original cast member on All That. She had actually a distinct look, many thanks to her blend of Dominican, Italian, Irish, and Caribbean Indian heritage, and was always very funny. Reyes would spend 3 seasons on the TV series before making her leave from the display.

Lots of TV work would be made accessible for Alisa Reyes in the coming years. She quickly snagged a starring role on the NBC sitcom One World as Marci Blake (which earned her the Hollywood Young Star Award) and later on gave the voice of LaCienega Boulevardez on the animated Disney Channel series The Proud Family. Reyes made guest appearances on a wide assortment of TV mirrors, including ER, Malcolm in the Middle, NYPD Blue, Six Feet Under, Passions, Without a Trace, Boston Public,and Strong Medicine. The actress found film work also, having actually showed up as Misty Ray in A Trip to the Dark Side and also its sequel, My Trip Back to the Dark Side, among others. She is likewise now functioning as a producer on various jobs, consisting of a sitcom referred to as Grvery own Ups, which is co-developed via her fellow former All That actors member Katrina Johnson.

12.Giovonnie Samuels

Like many kind of cast members from All That, Giovonnie Samuels gained her acting career began on the Nickelodeon sketch comedy series. Impushing audiences and producers afavor upon her arrival to the present in 2001, she extremely quickly became among the a lot of routinely featured performers of the series. Samuels left All That in 2004 while pursuing various other acting jobs.

As a organic on display screen, Giovonnie Samuels likewise showed up on Boston Public and in several episodes of That’s So Raven as Betty Jane, Raven’s cousin. She gave the voice of Angie on Bill Cosby’s animated Nick at Nite sitcom, Fatherhood, which ran for 2 periods. The actress landed a recurring role as Nia Moseby on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, which she is also famous for via fans of the network; Samuels served as a replacement for Ashley Tisdale, who was busy filming High School Musical 2. Her TV resume increased via the duty of Camille on the comedy sitcom Mr. Box Office, through Jon Livitz, Gary Busey, and Vivica A. Fox. Samuels also acted in the function films Christmas At Water’s Edge, Bring It On: All or Nopoint, Freedom Writers, and also, more recently, the indie monster movie Harbinger Down through Lance Henriksen.

11.Mark Saul

Mark Saul was elevated in Los Angeles, The golden state, wbelow he obtained his begin via singing and also dancing by taking component in a musical theater. His acting talents won him the initially area prize at a Shakespeare Festival Competition, and also he likewise nabbed the first location spot in a composing challenge by the California Writers’ Club San Fernando Valley Branch. It was only natural he quickly started showing up in nationwide tv commercials, and also he joined All That in 1998 as a featured player, alongside Nick Cannon, to relocation the departing Lori Beth Denberg. Saul continued to be on the display till the finish of its original run in 2000, however he did appear on the 10th Anniversary Reunion Special (albeit without any lines).

After All That, Mark Saul continued his education and also graduated from California State University with a Bachlor’s Art in Screencomposing. He appeared in several various other TV shows, consisting of Parks and also Recreation, Bones, Despeprice Housewives, Rules of Engagement, Parenthood, and Body of Proof. As Steve Mostow, the actor likewise starred on Grey’s Anatomy. In 2010, Saul showed up in the feature film, The Social Network-related. When not busy acting, Mark Saul currently creates art for an etsy shop dubbed Novel Brand and perdevelops via his sketch comedy team, Rat Pageant.

10.Josh Server

Josh Server began his acting career on the extremely initially episode of All That, at the age of 15. A few of his characters include Earboy, Jimmy Bond, Bernie Kibbitz, and Detective Dan. He appeared as Ed’s co-worker, Fizz, in the All That spin-off feature film Good Burger. While still performing on All That, Server had actually appearances on various other Nickelodeon mirrors prefer The Secret World of Alex Mack and also Kenan & Kel, and also the pilot for The Amanda Show. Server is the just All That cast member to remain on the show for the whole first run of the series, from 1994 to 2000. He returned to the display in 2005 for the All That 10th Anniversary Reunion Special.

Immediately adhering to his run on All That, Server hosted Seachild 3 of Oh Yeah! Cartoons and also had a guest spot on 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd. In 2006, he starred in Kenan Thompson’s virtual web series Laugh Out Loud. He went on to have actually added guest duties on the Nickelodeon sitcoms Drake & Josh, Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, and Sam & Cat, and also the Disney XD series I’m in the Band also. Along through other All That cast members, he was featured in People Magazine in November 2015.

9.Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears officially made her acting deyet alongside her renowned sister, Britney Spears, in the 2002 film Crossroadways. In the film, she played the younger version of Britney’s character. Soon after, Nickelodeon cast Jamie Lynn as a regular performer on All That, founding in Seakid 8. Pincreased for her comedic timing, the younger Spears was considered to be a highlight on the series until she left in 2004 to pursue other acting jobs on the network.

When Jamie Lynn Spears left All That, she was then instantly cast in a starring function on Zoey 101, playing the lead character Zoey Brooks. Spears tape-recorded the template song herself, which was created by older sister Britney. The first episode had actually been Nickelodeon’s highest-rated series premiere in 8 years, and also Spears won a Young Artist Award at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards for her duty as Zoey. Spears then gave the voice of Goldilocks in a direct-to-DVD animated film and also appeared in the TV mirrors Just Jordan and also Miss Guided. More newly, she has actually started adhering to in her sister’s footactions by taking up music and also released her initially single, “How Could I Want More,” in 2013. In 2014, Spears released her initially EP dubbed The Journey.

8.Kyle Sullivan

Kyle Sullivan had actually some acting suffer under his belt before joining the actors of All That. He had appeared in several TV mirrors, consisting of The Secret World of Alex Mack, NewsRadio, Seinfeld, Chicback Hope, and also ER, and also had actually recurring duties as Dabney Hooper on Malcom in the Center and also on Whatever before Happened to Robot Jones? as Socks. Sullivan likewise had actually acted in feature films favor Soldier, Tuesdays via Morrie, and also The Master of Disguise. He joined the cast of All That as a consistent performer in 2002, and continued to be on the series till its eventual cancellation in 2005.

It wasn’t long prior to Sullivan found himself a starring role on another series, taking on the component of Larry Gold on the Fox sitcom The War at Home, which ran for 2 periods. He likewise provided voice acting for the animated series Fillmore! which was the final ABC Saturday morning cartoon. He perdeveloped as the personalities Danny O’Farrell and Ken Himmelman, and added voices. The cartoon present was produced by The Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple and also is considered a cult hit by its dedicated fanbase. Sullivan graduated from Columbia University in 2011 and now resides in New York.

7.Danny Tamberelli

Nickelodeon personality Danny Tamberelli was already famed to fans of the network-related by the time he joined the cast of All That in 1997. As ‘Little’ Pete Wrigley, Tamberelli played the younger brother in a pair of red-haired siblings via the exact same initially name on The Adendeavors of Pete & Pete. He had also starred as Jackie Rodowskies on The Baby-Sitters Club and also did the voice of Arnold Perlstein on the the animated children’s present The Magic School Bus. Nickelodeon fans grew to love him also more after his comedic run on All That, which additionally brought about his spot as among the many memorable panelists on Figure It Out.

In the years complying with All That, Danny Tamberelli started a music career as the vocalist and baid for the rock band also Jounce. Their initially album was released in 2006, complied with by an additional in 2009. An EP called Meet Me in the Middle was also released digitailly in 2011. He has actually ongoing to job-related in comedy by appearing on various podcasts and perdeveloping in the sketch improv group Man Boobs Comedy. Interestingly, Tamberelli showed up in the bestselling video game Grand Theft Auto V in 2013 by providing the voice and also likeness of Jimmy De Santa, the wannabe thug son of the game’s lead character.


6.Kianna Underwood

Prior to joining All That in its final 10th season, Kianna Underlumber had showed up in the function movies The 24 Hour Woman and also Death of a Empire. She additionally provided the voice of Fuchsia on the animated children’s show Little Bill as well as that of Dakota on the animated TV unique Santa, Baby! As well, Underlumber invested a full year on the initially national tour of the broadmeans present Hairspray as Little Inez. Having been in present company considering that age 7, her significant break is certainly once she ended up being a featured player on All That in 2005. Along through 2 other cast members, Undertimber sang the opening design template song for the show on the 10th Anniversary distinct with Bow Wow.

In December 2005, Kianna Underhardwood booked a spot on the pilot for a Disney present referred to as Bus Life, however the series never before made it to air. Unfortunately, the actress hasn’t had any kind of credited functions on any type of feature films or TV mirrors because, so it’s possible she decided to finish her acting career choose many kind of various other previous All That cast members. With her wonderful comedic timing and also musical talent, she will be well remembered by the fans of All That’s final episodes.

5. Denzel Whitaker

Named after famous Hollywood actor and symbol Denzel Washington, Denzel Whitaker was probably destined for a career in acting. Ironically, the young actor made his film deyet in the Denzel Washington film Training Day in 2001, and was later on hired as a performer on All That. Along via Kianna Underhardwood, Denzel Whitaker was one of two constant performers included to the cast of of the sketch comedy series in its final season.

Denzel Whitaker has had actually appearances in a handful of function movies after All That had actually been cancelled, consisting of roles in The Ant Bully, The Great Debaters, The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Abudction, and also Warrior. Most of his subsequent acting job-related has been through television, however, and Whitaker has had guest spots on numerous TV series since 2005. Several of his notable guest duties include playing personalities on ER, The War at Home, Handy Manny, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Boondocks, Black Dynamite, Monday Mornings, and also Legit. Many newly, Denzel Whitaker has showed up on the CBS police drama Blue Bloods as hired gunguy Curtis Turner, in a role that extended for two episodes and also led to his character being arrested.

4.Kel Mitchell

Kel Mitchell started his run on All That founding through the extremely initially episode in 1994. Easily, the comedian’s a lot of memorable character is that of Ed, the loveable dimwit that runs the register at the Good Burger quick food restaurant. The comedic chemisattempt he mutual through fellow actors member Kenan Thompboy earned the duo their very own TV series, Kenan & Kel, which debuted in 1996. In 1997, Mitchell starred in the attribute film Good Burger, which was the only movie to be adapted from an All That sketch. The comedian inevitably left All That, together with Kenan Thompchild, in 1999.

After his run on All That, Kel Mitchell appeared in the feature movies Mystery Men and also The Adendeavors of Rocky and also Bullwinkle. He likewise ongoing to occupational on tv, such as consistently offering the voice of T-Bone on Clifford the Big Red Dog and that of keyboard player Jay Jay on Rob Dyrdek’s Wild Grinders. He auditioned for Saturday Night Live in 2003, but was ironically beaten for the spot by his longtime partner, Kenan Thompkid. Recently, Mitchell returned to Nickelodeon on a brand-new sitcom referred to as Game Shakers, in which he plays a well known rapper called Double G.

3.Gabriel Iglesias

Hailing from Los Angeles, Gabriel Iglesias operated for a cell phone company yet knew his passion remained in doing comedy. Against his mother’s wishes, Iglesias quit his project at the phone firm to seek the risky endeavor of percreating comedy permanent to sustain himself. He shed his residence and also auto in the procedure, however the comedian stayed the course which resulted in his hiring on All That in 2000, starring alongside Amanda Bynes and also Nick Cannon.

Although Gabriel Iglesias spent only one seakid on the series, his work on All That opened up many doors for his comedy career. He has because appeared on assorted TV mirrors, such as Family Guy, The Emperor’s New School,The High Fructose Adendeavors of Annoying Orange, and also even his very own comedy display, Hey It’s Fluffy! He’s likewise had actually duties in feature movies choose Planes, Magic Mike, and Magic Mike XXL. He’s certainly best well-known for his stand-up comedy, yet, having actually released two comedy specials (I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy and Hot & Fluffy). Known for his trademark Hawaiian shirts and continuous recommendations to poking fun at his weight, Gabriel Iglesias can currently be watched performing his stand-up act in comedy clubs all across the USA.

2. Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon is a famous actor, rapper, producer, comedian and TV host, but he obtained his begin in 1998 as a actors member of All That. Cannon starred in the 5th and also 6th seasons of the comedy series, and also as his talent was so obvious, Nickelodeon provided him his very own TV display, The Nick Cannon Sjust how, in 2002. Considered to be a spin-off of All That, The Nick Cannon Sjust how ran for 2 periods and also featured such remarkable guests as Britney Spears, Usher, Eddie Murphy and also Mary J. Blige.

Since All That, Nick Cannon’s crmodify functions in the world of entertainment has actually broadened massively. As an actor, Cannon was checked out in attribute movies including Drumline and also Roll Bounce. His initially rap album was released in 2003 and he consequently began his own record label in 2005. Cannon’s also remained in the headlines over the years, considering his marriage to singer Mariah Carey that lasted from 2008 to 2015, and also his public feud with rapper Eminem that featured the two artists taking shots at one one more in their songs.

Currently, Nick Cannon is still a significant television personality and also have the right to be checked out hosting America’s Got Talent and the rebirth of the MTV series Wild ‘N Out.

1. Keenan Thompson

Kenan Thompboy started acting at the age of 15 by showing up in the school play The Gingerbread Duck. Once he acquired a taste for performing, he pursued it difficult and conveniently found himself cast as an original member of All That. His stardom was obvious to everyone and also it wasn’t lengthy prior to he landed his very own display on the netjob-related, Kenan & Kel, along with All That co-star Kel Mitchell. While performing on All That, Thompchild appeared in many feature movies as well, including both sequels to The Mighty Ducks, Heavyweights, and also a starring function as the lead character in the All That spin-off movie, Good Burger.

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Kenan Thompson’s film career has actually continued because his departure from All That. He starred as the titular character in Fat Albert, and has actually showed up in numerous various other movies consisting of Barbershop 2: Back in Business, Snakes on a Plane, Stan Helsing, and also The Smurfs. However before, he is currently absolutely best recognized for his existing run on Saturday Night Live which started in 2003. Having been on the cast for over 12 seasons, Thompkid is the longest serving African-American cast member in the show’s history and also the senior cast member. He likewise broke Darrell Hammond’s document for doing the a lot of celebrity impersocountries on the show.