Sid Sivakumar & Brooke Husic’s brand-new York times crossword—Amy’s write-up

Hey! It’s Sid and Brooke! ns was just scraping the rust turn off this site’s “Crossword Links” page the various other day and included links come their particular puzzle sites. The page is still a occupational in progress, wildly incomplete. There are so many world with crossword website now.

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NY time crossword solution, 12 12 20, no. 1212

Interesting net here—it’s acquired an extra row that accommodates a four-pack of long entries in the middle. The totality dang thing is jam-packed with long fill, isn’t it? that the 16 rows, a whopping 14 have entries of 7 to 12 letters. Over there are another 10 Downs in the 7- to 8-letter range. Usually a five-section network with lots of flow.

Some fave fill: SQUALL LINE, “THAT to be CLOSE,” residence RUN TROTS.

It’s list time:

22a. , E-FILING. Doesn’t need a tax return envelope.46a. , stop TIME. I essential the crossings here.3d. , MAUNA KEA. Beloved clue.7d. , SKIN. As in makeup/cosmetics. I evaluate a clue the skews female.10d. , ET ALIBI. This is where we get alibi but I’m not certain I knew this Latin phrase.32d. , PLUOT. There’s a brand surname PLUOT referred to as Dinosaur Egg plums. This are amongst my favorite rock fruits, best behind cherries and Georgia peaches.41d. , UNSEATS. Ah, yes. As in a politics race.50d. , CROP. Ns absolutely slowed myself under by filling in car here, and additionally BART for 56d rather of TRAM.

Four stars from me.

Jeffrey Wechsler’s LA time crossword – Derek’s write-up

I always enjoy Jeffrey Wechsler’s creations. This one had a tiny bite come it, but in the end, that wasn’t too thorny. Ns loved this wide-open grid, i m sorry has huge chunks of 6-, 7- and also 8-letter words every interwoven together. I think there are only the 2 12-letter entries longer than 8 letters, but nearly fifty percent the grid has actually words of at the very least 6. Phenomenal, especially because there is essentially nothing uncommon in here. Exceptional, however I am no surprised by this level of skill coming indigenous Jeffrey! We have vaccines on the way (possibly??), so maybe life will certainly be ago to a sembeant of normal over time for the ACPT following spring? ns hope so! 4.7 stars because that this puzzle in the meantime.

Some favorites:

18A RICE CAKE – these come flavored in every kinds of ways now, yet I will take really cake instead, give thanks to you! currently I am hungry …31A STOA – The most glaring use of crosswordese in the puzzle. But as far as I deserve to tell, the is the only one, for this reason we will let the slide!48A NILES – over there is a town named Niles about 20 minute from wherein I live.52A RC COLA – perform they still offer this? I certainly don’t view it in in ~ the regional markets. I additionally don’t drink pop the often, so ns am not actively looking. I will examine today!57A <“Darn it!”> “OH RATS!” – good casual phrase!12D CRAYOLA – ns don’t think ns knew this!13D ACK ACKS – i think I have seen this in a book I read long ago. I haven’t heard this term in a while!20D <“Child’s play!”> “THIS IS SIMPLE!”– Another good casual phrase!34D FLAME UP – like the human being Torch? Or is he “flame on?”35D LASAGNA – i am getting hungrier … !

That is all!

Stella Zawistowski’s Newsday crossword, “Saturday Stumper” – Derek’s write-up

This was a toughie, but I didn’t provide up! ns so want to inspect how ns was law (because I acquire tired!), but as you can see, there are no error marks in this grid! The NW edge absolutely win me up. The SW to be the easiest, but suffice it to say the there were large swaths of white squares in this network for quite a while. Together I discussed on the Boswords stream a couple of weeks back when Stella was getting interviewed, this was certainly a conference of “joyful agony.” By the I mean that, after addressing puzzles because that decades, I know I deserve to solve the puzzle, but the answer seem so elusive at times. Paolo Pasco, in the same Boswords series, offered the expression “vibing” to explain the solving process. His vibes are quicker than mine, and also that was noticeable in this puzzle! I get the exact same “joyful agony” native harder logic puzzles, prefer sudoku or other varieties like loop or shape puzzles. Much more on that an additional day! yet this was a truly “joyful” Stumper come solve, although I do feel contempt weary! 4.7 stars indigenous me.

A few (ok several!) thoughts:

11A <”2010” monogram> ACC – What does this express to? ns Googled it and got audit references. Is the what this is about?14A & 24A HATE & RANCOR – Stella (or the editor) walk this repeat proviso trick an ext than when in this puzzle. This is simply one example. Really nicely done15A RUB RAW – ns think ns felt yes, really pain as soon as I figured this out!30A <”Walking” jazz style> STRIDE PIANO – ns think I an initial heard this in the movie Ray with Jamie Foxx. I can be wrong. But a good entry regardless.33A HONEYEATERS – ns made this harder than it was!41A PILES – This to be the toughest because that me. I don’t recognize marine terms well at all. I think these room the structure pillars because that a pier.1D “OH, SURE” – great casual phrase!2D MAI TAIS – i figured this was a drink, but I had actually some incorrect entries in below at an initial that slowed me down.8D BROMELIADS – nobody should recognize this immediately. This word just sounds vaguely acquainted to me.12D CAVIAR – i don’t treatment for this myself. And that is a an excellent thing due to the fact that I most likely couldn’t afford the anyway!28D BE YOURSELF – “To thine very own self it is in true”: is that the really quote?31D DENTITION – i think this has a legitimate connotation. I beg your pardon is why i don’t know it!

Everyone have a safe and healthy weekend!

Todd Gross’ global crossword, “‘The four Tops” — Jim Q’s write-up

THEME: Phrases wherein the very first word is a synonym for “Top.”

Universal crossword systems · “The four Tops” · Todd gross · Sat., 12.12.20



And of food the themers space aptly placed vertically in the grid, though with rotational symmetry in place, SUMMIT MEETING has actually the unfortunate appearance of gift the low male on the totem pole. Would it be feasible to create this grid utilizing left/right the contrary to place all design template answers in ~ the top? not sure. I’ve just toyed about with left/right symmetry for a brief moment.

Liked the location junxtap of 25D/26D  FACT/LIAR. Though it’s weird difficult, if social media is any type of indication, to get people to believe FACTs and also disbelieve LIARs.

Overall strong grid and solid concept. Great title (which also helps unpack the theme).

3.3 stars.

Matthew Sewell’s wall surface Street newspaper crossword, “Call that a Wash” — pannonica’s write-up


Two revealers in this one. The an initial one come early, in ~ 23-across, and pushes the solver to obtain an idea the what’s walk on: <Pressured, or what 5 squares in this puzzle do> is a solid indication that those symmetrical areas will it is in rebus squares. The prize is PUT on THE SPOT, and also spot would seem to it is in the operative ELEMENT (71a).


These rebussed words can all be viewed as species of spots. Finally, or at least toward the end, we watch the second revealer: 111a <Pollution solution, the a sort> STAIN REMOVER. This educates the under answers intersecting the rebus squares. The crucial to these entries is that they’re two-part clues, the very first with the rebus letters, the 2nd with those letters fully eliminated (ID EST (61d), ~ the ‘stain’ has actually been ‘removed’).

15d. STARLING / SLING (tar removed).31d. SKI TEAM / SKIM (tea removed.58d. BLINKED / BLED (ink removed).78d. DOILIES / DIES (oil removed).93d. MISTRUSTS / MISTS (rust removed).

This is a rather complex theme, including four aspects for each themer: a rebus, an throughout entry, and also two down entries. Because that the most component it succeeds really well. However, ns don’t think the clue for STAIN REMOVER is good, the contrived rhyme relocating it away from the mark—but this is a boy quibble. An ext consequentially, the very first revealer struggles to convey the mechanism; I believe it’s claimed to suggest that the stain remover be applied to the contents of the rebus squares, but is the what “five squares in this puzzle do”? Or, is it an alleged to be saying that those rebus squares “put on” (as one would an short article of clothing) the various species of spots?

Since I’ve invested so long examining the theme, I’ll offer the remainder a family member gloss. One thing I noticed during the solve was a lot of very interesting, clever, or evocative clues. A tiny sampling:

48a HAMSTRINGS.8d BASSINET. I was details this had to perform with plants, perhaps due to the fact that of the top 1a HERB.10d SCORPIO.47d AMERICANA.66d BLOW.

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Some much more stuff:

59a STREEP. That strikes me together glib.44d THAT ONE, 94d <“Which do you want?”> CHOOSE.80d {“Dont go!”> STAY, 82d EXIT.91d ROAR AT crossing 108a ORATORIO means I’m compelled to market an excerpt native this john Cage composition:

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